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The Kiss

My breathing stopped, adrenaline kicking in. My heart slammed against my chest. I knew I was about to hit the water when the air hit my bare skin. Before I could breathe, I hit the water and sunk in deep. I felt it splashed all over.

It was too late to pinch my nose, it stung, the water already entered into my nostrils. With my eyes still closed, I felt the coldness wrapped around me. My body seemed weightless in the water. I never thought I’d be able to experience it. I was sure this would be unforgettable, and the feeling was extraordinaire.

“You did it!” Sam splashed the water all over me. He was carefree as he laughed out loud. His voice was echoing around. “See? It’s not so bad. You can’t dwell with your fear forever. You have to face it eventually, Audrey.”

“You made me!” I joined him. “I thought I’d freeze to death, but the water is not cold. It’s great. And I wouldn’t have done this without you. Thanks, I guess.”

“You’re welcome. I just gave you a little push, Audrey. You decided and did it yourself.”

I dove underwater and swum far. In a matter of seconds, I was lifted and thrown back. I knew it was Sam. It caught me off guard, and I accidentally swallowed lake water that burned my throat. I coughed out.

“You okay?” Sam asked, wiping my hair off my face. When I got a chance, and he was still distracted, I pushed his head down and swung my legs around it.

As he quickly gathered his stance, he held my legs steady. “Huh! You got me there. You weigh nothing underwater.”

“And you find it funny.” I slid back down and swum away from him.

I found my spirit back. Maybe this was what Amber was trying to tell me about before she threw me to this place. I forgot about what writer’s block meant, or maybe it didn’t even exist. Or maybe, I was just having emotional turmoils because of my last relationship. There were a lot of maybes, but one thing I was right now, I was going to write all about this experience.

Sam was a great distraction and probably a great inspiration, and I certainly started to enjoy his company more than I should.

Sam followed suit, grabbed my leg, and held my waist. When I swirled around, I found myself clinging to his arms as my support.

Even underwater, I could still feel the searing sensation of his touch against my skin. It was ridiculous that I wanted more, and I was enjoying every bit of it.

Sam pulled me into his chest, and I quickly snaked my arms around his neck. “I’ve been meaning to do this.”

Before his words could sink into my brain, he was already crashing his mouth into mine and kissing me so hard and fierce. He took the surprised gasp into his mouth and slipped his eager tongue deep.

Tingles buzzed through me. The sensational heat sent throughout my senses as I pressed my body into his.

A groan slipped from the back of his throat the moment he felt I was responding to his kiss with the same urge. The vibration of his sound made my hands thread through his hair. Every cell in my body revved to life, and the ache in my core intensified.

Sam gripped my thigh, and I wrapped my legs around his waist, seeking something I knew he could give.

Shock spiraled under my skin as his bulge pressed against my sex, and that gave him a chance to intrude his tongue into my mouth further, letting it duel with mine. I moaned, and I even forgot how to breathe as soon as he sucked my tongue. Then he took a chance to wander in my mouth, on my lips as he licked them, nipped my bottom lip, and tugged it between his teeth.

God, it was too much. I clung into him as I felt the unbearable ache and heat between my thighs intensified. I was beyond aroused, and I couldn’t do anything other than grind into his hard bulge.

My body started to tense as the strong indescribable wave of pleasure about to hit.

Before I completely lost my mind in pleasure, I broke the kiss and fluttered my eyes open. Then I met his blazing eyes filled with heat and lust, and what I saw in there, it certainly matched mine.

He muttered under his breathless breath, “Well, that was something.”

Danny approached us as soon as we stepped out of the car. “Ms. King, you have a phone call from Ms. Amber Jacobs. Her message is to return her call very soon. It’s urgent.”

“Thank you, Danny.”

Sam mouthed to see me later. He winked at me before he left. It was crazy that my stomach fluttered in anticipation out of his simple gesture.

I dialed Amber as soon as I got my phone back from the desk.

“It’s about time you call. Where have you been?” she asked enthusiastically.

“I was in town. Any news?”

“We have a buyer.” My body turned cold instead of celebrating that finally, someone got its interest. The last person who wanted to buy the property from my father wasn’t interested anymore when the price was a little bit higher than the previous offer. “Can’t you believe it? After almost two years, we finally have a buyer.”

I bit my bottom lip, ignoring the guilt twisting in my gut. “That was the reason why I called you this morning before I left town, Amber.”

“What happened? You seem not so happy with the good news. I thought you don’t want the bookstore anymore.” I could feel the dismay in her voice because I agreed to give her commissions.

“I changed my mind. Can we email back the agent and tell them to pull it out from the market?”

“It’s too late, Audrey, I already set a meeting tomorrow night with the agent, and she agreed because you’re not here to meet her today. You have to come back right away if I can’t change your mind. I already booked a flight for you.”

My stomach sunk.

“What changed your mind, Audrey? You just stay in that place and you already changed a lot.”

“Now it’s my fault?“I felt offended or maybe I was just acting out of my emotion. “Have you forgotten who threw me out here?”

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean it like that.”

“It’s okay, Amber. I’ll tell you everything as soon as I arrive.”

“Good. See you in the morning.”


“You’re leaving.”

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