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The Buyer

I froze, feeling my face heated with embarrassment. I would feel so humiliated if I slept with him without knowing who he was. Did it matter? People had a one-night stand without knowing their names, Audrey.

“Did you sleep with him?” she rephrased nicely.

“No!” I sounded defensive. “We just kissed.”

“Oh, my god! You kissed him! How did it feel? Is he a good kisser?” You have no idea.

Amber gripped my arms and nudged me. “You. Lucky. Bitch. Don’t you know he’s like Jamie Oliver? His books sold a million copies, despite his ex stole some of his recipes. I can’t believe you don’t know him. He’s freaking hot. I have every single copy of his books, Audrey.”

“Really?” Oh, my God! I trusted the wrong person. “I bet you bought them because he looks hot, and let me guess, you haven’t read or tried a single recipe from his book, am I right?”

Amber grinned sheepishly. “At least you agreed with me that he’s hot. Their breakup was all over the news. You probably didn’t know it because you were too busy mending your broken heart because of your asshole ex.”

“Well, we just kissed and nothing more.” I rolled my eyes and sat on my couch. I swore my emotions were in chaos now that I knew who he was. I still kissed him though. Well, he kissed me first.

“Audrey, what else are you not telling me?” I ignored her.

No wonder he didn’t even try to tell me who he was. He was a freaking celebrity chef, and it would probably take months to book him just to get him to agree for an interview for my not so well-known blog. I felt so small and unimportant all of a sudden. “Don’t post it.”

“Oh, there’s definitely something more if you suddenly changed your mind. We will just remove his picture.”

“No. Hold it for a while.” I looked at Amber. “Don’t tell me you set this all up.”

She shrugged, crossing her arms over her chest. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Wait, you’re here because?”

“Because of Samuel and our meeting later.”

I curled further on my couch. “I can’t sell it.”

“We only need to meet the buyer before the agent shows off. Then we can tell the agent that we are not interested in selling your property.”

“That’s your brilliant idea?” I asked her in disbelief. “You will convince the buyer to back off?”

“Do you have one? Care to share it now. Let me guess, he convinced you not to sell the bookstore, did he?”

“No.” I narrowed my eyes at her. “He doesn’t know. It’s just, he made me realize how the legacy of his ancestors meant to him. I think that was what Dad was trying to tell me all along.”

“You’re a good person, Audrey.”

Everything was falling apart. Our idea of meeting the buyer didn’t go as we planned. The asshole of a buyer was late.

Being here was like walking down the memory lane. I finished college because of this shop, and here I was, ready to get rid of the only thing that reminded me of my father.

The door chimed of the King Bookstore as agent Emma, Amber and I entered. The smell of books and memories hung thickly in the air.

Emma turned the lights on. “There’s a slight delay in his arrival. He’s kinda a busy person, but he will be here in a moment.”

I wandered around, every shelf, including the display table, the magazine racks. I remembered my first freelancing as a writer was printed in the magazine. My dad was still so happy with just a simple thing I’d achieved.

“He’s here,” Emma announced.

“Good evening, ladies!”

My breathing caught in my chest. My heart pounded hard, and I thought it would jump out of my rib cage. My skin was like on fire. I couldn’t be wrong with that voice. I could still feel it in my bone with the way how he first called my name, and it still had the same effect on me.

With weakened knees, I turned around, and he instantly met my gaze. My eyes were sure enormous as shock rocked me so deeply, I could barely breathe.

Light streaked across the room. The feeling was like a déjà vu.

He smiled. One thing I noticed was it didn’t reach his eyes. “Audrey.”

Oh god.

“Sam.” My voice was barely audible in my ears. I didn’t even know if someone heard me. I slightly nodded in acknowledgment. Wait, why is he here?

“I wasn’t aware that this is the reason why you left. Not until this morning when my assistant gave me the details,” he explained as he took steps closer to me. “Is this what bothering you?” Assistant. Wow! Now he sounded like a different person to me, not the same man I kissed and laughed with two days ago.

“No. I thought I made the biggest mistake. You made me realize something. I saw how that place meant to you. Your family legacy. I want to do the same thing if it’s not too late.”

“You can have it in one condition.” He stopped just a few inches away from me. I could feel his presence that swirled in the air. I could smell his manly scent as it assaulted me. I could see his eyes dancing wickedly as if he was about to say something naughty.

“What is it? You haven’t bought it, have you?”

“I’ll buy the half.”




“You have my heart. It’s collateral, do you agree?”

My mouth fell, and I heard the two giggled while I was staring at Sam with wider eyes.

“I’m sorry if I didn’t tell you that I—”

“It’s alright. It happened on a first date.”

“I’ll start preparing the papers then,” Emma interrupted us and grabbed Amber’s hand. “With her.”

When the door closed, I looked at his blazing naked lust eyes.

“So let’s seal the deal?”

I tiptoed and grabbed Sam’s head and kissed him hard, deep, and fierce, pouring all those emotions I kept unlocked when I left. I took his gasp in, and he instantly moved his lips and kissed me just the way I did.

We sealed it with a kiss.

When he wrenched his mouth free, he grinned. “I missed you, too.”

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