Broken hearts

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This valentine's day, discover love in a different dimension. 2 characters , both of them are broken. Can they mend each other? Or their love story was just an illusion? Read to find out

Romance / Humor
Tanisha Saha
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Chapter 2

They sat next to each other in the train, still pretending to be strangers. Time was ticking slowly. The bald man was still sitting on Lizzy's place , organising his luggage. He was an aged man, 60 years perhaps or somewhat more. Poor guy, couldn't even gauge about the tension in the air. He was singing to himself while neatly folding his shirts and transferring them to his handbag. Lizzy was getting impatient sitting beside Henry. The mere thought disgusted her. How ironic is it when they met each other under similar circumstances on a train journey ages ago and their love bloomed so easily...almost as easily as it was destroyed....

At one point of time their eyes met and then in a blink of an eye, they went back to ignoring each other. Not being able to control the tension and awkardness anymore, both of them asked at the same time "How much more time sir?," The old man as if realised just then that he was occupying someone else's seat, flushed red and immediately appologised to them. Slowly he returned back to his seat, quickly murmuring another apology to the intimidating woman, allowing her to get back to her original place which was opposite to Henry's. She sat down and sighed, then took out a book -Pride and Prejudice, laid down and started reading it ignoring her surroundings. Seating right on the opposite seat, Henry saw the book in her hand and no matter how stoic his posture was, one could notice if observed carefully, a faint smile that appeared on his face. He knew, always knew how much she loved this book.

"Excuse me miss, you are sitting on my my place, Henry told the woman sitting on the seat labelled 45 , the same as it was mentioned in his ticket. The woman closed her book and looked up. The man took a notice of the book she was reading'Pride and prejidice. " so she is a sucker for romantic tales. Too bad i hate those, he scoffed mentally at her choice of book. But then, when the woman looked up at him, it seemed as if time froze there, not even exaggerating, he was utterly mesmerised. All his previous thoughts regarding this woman went down the hill. "Oh is it now? My bad. So sorry. I'm Elizabeth by the way.", she said breaking him out of his reverie.

Henry shook his head, he was again thinking about the past. He should focus on his future. He was engaged now. Why on earth was he thinking about this vile disgusting woman? "Old habits die hard", he muttered to himself. And just like that his smile disappeared in thin air

The train suddenly jerked, signifying that the engine got attached to it, making both of them flich back-they were both too lost in their own thoughts to observe the surroundings. The train started slowly, all the people standing on the platform started to bid goodbye to the fellow passengers. Slowly the people started to fade away just as the memories started to flash by in both of their minds.

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