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Kim Na won a Korean teenager leaves her country to stay with her mother and look alike twin sister in the city of yountville. A city filled with beauty and wine, with warm and sweet people. She enters into yountville high, to find out why her sister comes home with hidden bruises. There she catches the eyes of yountville high famous uncrowned kings. Boys that we're charming and seemed perfect but unknown to her not all that glitters is gold....... First book in the yountville series...... One look and you are hooked......

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

"Na won we are getting late! "Ha won hollered at her sister, from the pavement of their front door.

"Coming.... "Na won rushed outside,she was struggling to fit her medium sized lap top into her green woven shoulder bag. A slice of brown toasted bread between her teeth.

Ha won shook her head and grumbled, " who gets late on the first day of school.. and do you know you eat too much? "

Na won rolled her eyes as she trailed after Ha won to their bicycle at their small garage. "I eat because I'm hungry"she answered in defense.

"Food goes to your boobs alone. Don't you see you have big boobs.. "

Na won laughed in disbelief at her elder twin sister's words"That means you eat too much too, because we have same bra sizes".

The two sisters laughed at their ridiculous bickering. It was Ha won's turn to ride the two persons bicycle they used since it was Na won's early days at yountville valley and her first day of school.

Back in Korea, when their parents had ended their marriage in an amicable divorce. Their mother had accepted the job she had gotten from the states. Ha won had followed her mother to America, while Na won had stayed back with her father to keep him company.

But it did not take long for her father to marry a co worker from his workplace. Angry but still happy for her father, Na won had stayed for his wedding and she come to California despite her fathers insisting her to stay longer, to live with her mother and twin sister.

Her eyes fluttered close, her full pouty lips stretched with a smile as the sweet smelling breeze blew her hair. The valley was truly, God's paradise to humans, the air had the smell of wines and flowers, the clean stone gravelled street way and elegant houses with unique architecture.

Even though smaller houses and bigger houses we're not at same sides it was still a perfect symphony to Na won.

Na won stared at houses as Ha won drove swiftly through their street mulberry street. Houses disappeared as they rode into finnell road and went upwards.

wide endless fields filled with each side of the road, filled with tall wide trees, thick green wide bushes and shrubs with wide flowers.

"Aleumdaun.... "na won praised the beauty of the surrounding vallies in her mother tongue.

In few minutes time, Na son's mouth fell open as they crossed, yountville cross road highway into a region of well grown trees and bushes.

"This is Napa river trail" the sing song chirpings of birds and the cool damp air that carried the promise of a river nearby.

The road led to a gigantic building made of unique brownstones like a tower with arched domes and narrow tall windows, a thick brown wood at the entrance field read. "Yountville high academy "

"Wow this is just... Wow"Na won commented spellbound and speechless.

Few luxurious sports cars and motorcycles drove into the field, a pink Lexus horned dramatically behind them. "Move that shit outta my way, I wonder who still drive bicycles to school"the Lexus sped forward. Na won glared at the blonde haired girl wearing designer sun glasses as she drove pass them.

Na won noticed as her sister began to shiver and titled her head down, making her long bangs to cover her eyes completely. "Ha won kwin chana? " na won asked her sister if she was alright in their language.

Ha won nodded her head vaguely and they walked into the hall alongside other students.

Yountville high was like a castle right out of a fairy tale novel. The high dome ceilings, brownstone walls that we're smooth to touch.

Students walking on the hallways reeked of money and a grandeur lifestyle and family background. Their mode of dressing, some casual others dramatic but they all had designer labels.

Na won felt as if they had into a painting, they had no part in. Luckily, Na won was in the same homeroom class same as her sister at the third floor, on the westwing side.

Na won was surprised when she saw Ha won sitting at a window desk. Ha won had always been afaird of heights and hated window seats back in Korea atvyheir high school, Na won had always been the one that sat at window seats.

"Ha won why are you sitting next to the window"Ma won asked.

"Nothing... "Ha won muttered simply and went about pulling out her laptop. Na won decided to leave the matter.

"Sit at my desk, I will seat here"

"Na won please just let go". Ha won protested with a panicky frown. "You know me I never let go".

Knowing her sister's strong headedness, she moved to the seat next to the window seat.

Na won settled down in her seat only yo realize that some students were Staring at both her and her sister.

"Ha won did your classmates know you have a twin? "

Ha won shook her down casted head, Na won knew her sister was behaving strange but she said nothing.

Few minutes later, someone entered the class, expecting to find a teacher, a tall slim auburn hair girl sashayed into the class. The girl was surprised to find two Korean lookalike girls sitted next to each other.

Now which was them is the Ha won she already knew? She pondered with amusement as if it was an identity game play.

Gotcha! The girl thought. Ha won was surely the one who was tilting her head down and shivering like a scaredy cat.

The girl walked to the twins desk and smiled sweetly.

"Small eyes it seems as if you forgot your morning devotions"

Na won looked up at the slim green eyes girl beautiful in an all American way as she spoke to her sister Ha won in a playful and sarcastic manner.

Ha won instantly stood up, her hands shaking slightly.

"I'm sorry I came late today.. "Ha won whimpered in a low shaky voice.

The girl's smiling face changed to a scowling mask. "Tell that to her not me. Let's go!"the girl snapped angrily.

Na won bolted up, when Ha won began to follow the girl. "Where you are you going"Na won grabbed he sister's hand.

" Na won chelba ka ji ma"Ha won pleaded in their dialect, begging Na won not to interfere.

"Oh I thought the other twin is dumb"the girl snorted sarcastically.

Na won ignored her sister and asked the girl. "where are you taking my sister to? "

"She forgot to do her job and I just want to remind her not to forget next time or you wanna tag along?"the girl taunted with a smirk.

Na won smirked back to the girl's surprise and answered"why not? "

The class had watched the exchange and some students trailed behind them.

The girl took them to the fourth floor at the east wing of the school.

Tension could be felt in the air as they entered into a larger and well equipped classroom with students sitted and going about their business buy everyone turned silent as the girl walked to a blonde girl sitting with arms folded.

No one could denial the flawless beauty of the girl. Herlonf shiny blonde hair like a product straight out of a hair shampoo commercial.

She had glassy ocean blue eyes, her chest region was plumb and she was surrounded with an air of aristocratic grace.

"Are you kidding me, small eyes got a twin sis"the girl's small and melodious voice mocked hauntily. She sat, laid back in her seat like a queen talking to her subjects.

"Why didn't you tell me she was coming to join you too here, we would have prepared a welcoming party for her.... right girls? "

The two girls beside her snickered and laughed as if it was funny.

Slightly annoyed and confused by the girls behaviors, Na won asked. "And what is the so called daily devotion my sister forgot to do"

Madison the obvious leader of the girls trio was shocked and taken aback at the other twin's straight forward question.

Madison slowly stood up and laughed. "Wow....... One is a scared cat and the other has little claws".

Madison's smiling face turned dark. "Hold her"two girls immediately grabbed Na won's arms in a firm grip.

"P.. Please le.. t her go... "Ha won pleaded weakly stuttering with tears on her cheeks. Madison laughed and moved closer to Ha won, "why should I? They say two heads are better than one... Was it because of her, you forget my morning coffee?"she pushed at Ha won's chest and Ha won stumbled backwards with tears and her hands shaking.

Madison continue to push her backwards, Ha won tripped backwards and fell hard on the floor.

Some students snickered with laughter, while some shook their heads in pity. "It was you wasn't it? "Na won spoke out loudly, the class turned quiet.

Madison turned to stare quizzically. "What are you shitting about? "

In a flash, Na won twisted one of the girl that held her arm's hand and pushed her. The class gasped and some brought their cellphones.

She grabbed the other girl by her hair, and twisted her arm, the girl cried out. Na won lurched at Madison with a Speed of lightning, grabbing her hair, she cried out in agony. In one move Na won pressed her face on the desk.

Students murmured with excitement and awe, as some recorded and made videos of the incident.

Na won blew the strands of her hair that had fallen on her face. "I hate girls that talk unnecessarily. You are the reason right? The reason my sister comes home with bruises everyday! the reason she hardly eats! you sick pieve piece of shit!"

Na won turned to a random girl, she stared at Na won with admiration and fear.... "Get me that cane"

The girl eyed the stick, lying on the floor beside her. The girl was torn between obeying the new girl or Madison who was a public figure of the school.

She at last took the gave it to Na won"stand at the door let no one come in for now "she gestured with her head at the students close to the door, two Boyd moved closer to the door and stood.

Na won turned back to Madison who was struggling and whimpering to break free. "For all the things you did to my sister, I will payback. Three of you kneel down"she ordered the minions and they quietly did so.

Na won raised the cane in the air, she did not stop at the sound of the doors flinging open, someone grabbed her hand in the air. Na won struggled"let go! "She screamed in anger wanting to torture Madison.

Swiftly the person carried her in a bridal style and flung her over a muscular shoulder as if she weighed nothing. Murmurs and flashes of phone cameras taking pictures, Na won struggled, still her captor walked out of the classroom with the fuming Na won.........

"I would give anything for him to even touch me"a girl exclaimed dreamily........

Please this purely a work of fiction, places are real but characters and school is made up by me for you my readers. Please no stealing of my hard work.........

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