Rain drops on the hill

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There were just a couple of things Maggie knew in her life, one of those things was that she loved unconditionally her best friend Nick. Everything seemed fine in their lives till one night changed everything, Nick and Maggie went to different paths and their promise of never fighting and leaving each other was broken. 15 years later destiny decide to play with them one last time. Sometimes life is about forgiving the ones who brings us sadness.

Romance / Children
Lierri Camargo
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The promise

Hello everyone I’m Li and I am here to say and express how happy I am to finally publish my story. This is the first story I write so i am not an expert. I am also not from North America what means English is not my mother language, so there are probably mistakes on my book, so don’t fell ashamed of pointing them out for me, i would be very grateful if you guys could help me with it. I hope you guys enjoy ″Rain drops on the hill ″, and if you like the book don’t forget to give it some love. Thank you sweethearts and have a nice day.

Empty. That’s exactly how our house felt. Empty, dark and lonely. I would love to be back from work and hear you laughing with the girls, playing with them while I complained that it was too much noise for a Monday night. But there was nothing here, it felt so big now, nothing like the small house I would always complain about, and you would hear all my complaining’s and calmly solve all of them in a manner I would never do without you. I picked up the last bag from the ground, looked around and for the first time in a year I genuinely smiled, and all the sorrow that have been consuming me fell off my shoulders while I turned my back, pick up the keys and closed the door of our beautiful house.


15 years ago

First day of school, funny how time flies when you do things you love, I wish I had more time on holydays to enjoy myself, I loved going to school and see Nick and the girls every day, but having time to myself is enjoyable as well. I had everything planned for the day, first I would get dressed in my best outfit for school, then Nick would park in front of my house to pick me up and we would talk and sing along to all our favorite music’s. Unsurprisingly that’s exactly where I stopped writing about my day, for some reason I knew very well I couldn’t think about anything when Nick comes to my mind, its likes he blocks all of my others thoughts, all I can think about is the fact that Nick is going to pick me up, and I need to look cool and give a good impression. I was putting away my diary when I my mom knocked on my door saying Nick was waiting for me downstairs. I throw my diary on the ground grabbed my bag and run as fast I could bumping into my brother on the way.

— Careful honey- he said in a ton of irony- is not like he is going to disappear in the thin air before you can declare your deep and sensual love for him- said mike laughing and walking away.

— Shut up mike why don’t you go bother Anne? I don’t know how she deals with you bullshit every day- I said while walking downstairs. You see I love Nick for as long as I can remember, I don’t know very well when it started but suddenly all I could think about was him, I loved him as a friend but then when we started to grow up I saw that I loved him as a men as well. Then in the moment I realized this everything made sense to me, the way I felt jealous toward others girls, how everything Nick did was funny, cute and so cool. The way my heart would bump faster and I would breath so hard it was like my lungs were not doing their job right. But the big problem was that I would never tell Nick that. Why? Well you see we have been friends for all our lives, we know everything about each other, never keeped secrets from each other, but this is something that could ruin everything we had built up. what if I told Nick and he doesn’t feel the same about me? Our friendship would never be the same. We would always have this weird feeling around each other. And I prefer suffering loving Nick and keeping his friendship then not having anything of him at all.

When I arrived in the living room Nick was sitting next to my mother in the couch, and even if I had seen him most part of my holidays seeing him there in front of me was like seeing him for the first time, it always felt like this. My heart was beating so fast that I was afraid it would slip out of my mouth. And I was breathing so hard I thought I was going to have a panic attack. I could feel mike behind me, and I could listen to his little laughs.

-Wow Maggie I never thought you were so impolite, why don’t you say hi to Nick? - said Mike passing by me and going over to Nick to say hi.

-I am not impolite shithead I was just waiting for you to say hi first- I said the first thing that came into my mind, hoping Nick would buy it and not how I was shacking in his presence.

-Go ahead tell me what’s bothering you – said Nick while driving the car to our destine.

-Nothing really, I just feel like everything is going to change this year, and I’m still trying to understand if that’s good or bad- I said while looking to the streets.

-Well I hope this big change you are talking about its good, I mean can you imagine how bad it would be if something happened to us for example? - said Nick with an expression I couldn’t really figure out.

-What do you mean?

-What I mean is that changing is good, but if one of us change I don’t want us to be affect by that. We are Maggie and Nick we have always been together no matter what. Do you remember our promise? - he said turning his head to look at me.

-Of course, I do Nick. - Our promise was simple, we promised to stay friends no matter what happened, even if the destiny decided to put us apart. Every year in a rainy day, Nick and I would go to a hill, take just a pen and a piece of paper and write something, we would write wishes, secrets, things we wanted to happen in the year, we could even write to our older selves. But last year was different, Nick had the idea of writing a promise, we wrote that we would stay friends and never fight or stay away from each other. After writing we would put the piece of paper inside our secret box and put this in a hole we had on the ground, we would sit on the ground and watch the rain drop by the hill. We also promised to each other we would open the box in 15 years.

School felt and looked the same for me, same kind of mean people who would look at you from the tip of your toe to the top of your head. I had this little problem with people who are mean to other people, I just feel annoyed with people that are so unhappy with themselves that they have to make other people sad to feel a little bit better. Unfortunately, life was full of people like that. Nick went with me to my first class, we sat side by side, talked and did all the homework we had to do. Everything was going great till the moment nick start to speak.

-You know John has been asking about you- said Nick with an expression I couldn’t really read. John is Nick’s older brother. He is a really cool guy, a person you can always count on. The kind of guy you would look at and say ‘’ yeah, this guy is totally boyfriend material, no doubt every girl type of guy’’. This how I can describe John the most loving, funny, beautiful and hot man my path has crossed. Unfortunately, my stupid heart didn’t fall in love with him.

-Really? Wow I never thought he paid attention to me- I said surprised by what he said.

-Are you kidding me? - he said in a very angry tone I didn’t thing that could come out of his mouth- John is always talking about you, is seriously annoying, he looks like a mad person talking about you, he is like ‘’ hey have you seen Maggie ? She is wearing a new shirt today, and she looks beautiful in that’’ or he goes to ‘’ gosh did she had a haircut, her hair looks prettier today’’.

-I would never guess he talks in such a way about me, I mean he have always been gentle and cool, but I seriously would never guess. - I said extremely surprised about what I heard.

-Yeah well now you know so can you please just talk to him so he can shut up and stop talking like that about you? - he said not even looking at me. And all I could think was ‘’ come on Nick are you really going to let John take me away? Are you not fighting for me? Will you let he take me that easily?’’ and after my thoughts I looked at Nick and figured out that he didn’t see me the way I could see him, and in his mind, there was nothing to fight for.

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