Bound by the Mating Call

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Chloe was found at a Fire Station only a few days after after she was born with 2 letter that 1 that says her name and 1 that says, do not open until her 17th birthday and blanket with initials C.M. On it. Know almost 17th years later, Chloe is living with a nasty family that doesn't care for her and treats her more like a servant than a daughter. She is excited to read the letter her birth parents and once she opens and reads the letter her life is changed for ever when she finds out she is a full- blooded werewolf that was given up and hidden to protect her from an Alpha that is wanting to claim her even though they aren't mates. She is thrust into the world of werewolves when she shifts in to a werewolf and and meets Alpha Conner and seems to be his mate. Will she be save in time or will the past come back to haunt her before then.

Romance / Erotica
Kelli McPherson
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Once there was a pack of werewolves that lived in a small town near the national forest in Georgia. In this pack, there were hardly any children born or mates being found and after a long time, the alpha of the pack, Kane, started to become restless, began killing and doing horrible things. He realized that if he could mate then he could stop, but everyone in the pack was already mated or the babies were male, so he swore that the next female born would be his mate when she became of age. He did not care if she was not his true mate he had gone crazy and was in need to feel something. But the thing is he needed to be with his true mate or what's the point of mating and right before this declaration had been formed the Beta, Paul, and his mate, hope had found out she was expecting a baby.

After they heard what going to happen they became worried that if it were to be a girl then he would have her so they kept the pregnancy a secret for the safety of their unborn child. After a short time, their worries and nightmares came true, when they learned it was a girl. The beta's mate was able to be kept away from the alpha because of simple lies here and there. As three months turned to five then to seven months they became more worried so they came up with a plan to hid their daughter far enough away that he would never find her. Instead of putting her up for adoption they decided to leave her somewhere that they knew she would be put outside a fire station in Monroe, Tennessee. Which was far enough away but still that he would not know and when it got closer time for the birth, they prepared vigilantly for the baby to be kept save and quietly be brought out of Georgia without being caught

When she gave birth to the child, everything seemed fine for a short while. But they knew they had to do what they planned on doing no matter how hard it was going to be. So they named her Chloe and 2 letters, one for whoever found her and one for her. It was a letter explaining what would have to her on her 17th birthday all the things that she needs to know about werewolves and said there are plenty of packs in the world and one would be happy to take her into the pack where ever life takes her. They also apologized and explained why they had to give her up and told her they loved her very much. They put the letter in an envelope and sealed wrote, For Chloe on her 17th birthday! Please read only then. Hope slips into a rented car and took off and went to Tennessee then dropped Chloe off at the local police station and said goodbye one last time and left and back to the pack. But once she gets back, she runs into Kane who realizes that she has recently given birth and when he asks her about the child. She tells him that the child doesn't make it but he does not believe her because she does not seem to be grieving with her mate. But he starts to watch them and soon investigates what is going but comes up empty. So he continues to search what really happens to this child no matter the cost.

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