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Being the most popular guy in willow town sure has its advantage when you are the son of the richest man in the city. It means everyone one knows you and that also has it advantage but it also has its disadvantages such has being befriend not for who you are but what you can do for them. Ben is the son of popular and rich philanthropist Carmichael Carter. Being rich has taught him a lesson about people's behavior towards money, so Ben doesn't let anyone in, he might have a lot of friends who may claim to know him but they don't know the real him. Only his best friend Clyde understands him. For him life is gloomy because of his past but the only source of light in his darkness is May Sheridan who doesn't know he exist. Or so he thought. Comes in May, being twin to one of the most popular cheerleader doesn't have its advantage when you are opposite to everything your twin is ; April is a brunette while May is blonde, tall and skinny with a sizeable bust and has forest green eyes, where as April is of average height and a little voluptuous in all the right places and has brown doe eyes. Even with all their differences they are as close as sisters could be. What happened when Ben and May fall in love?

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May's point of view

Looking around the cemetery I try to imagine how today would have been if Karen hadn't been murdered. From where I stand with my family I try to summon emotions within me but I just feel numb. Maybe its because I don't believe she's really dead but I know she is. Or maybe it because I don't care anymore.
I wonder how we got to this particular place in time, everything just feels surreal.
I can't believe this, I just can't, I mean how is she dead?. I talked to her face to face on Wednesday just two days ago.
Looking back I realised it was all my fault I should have done something, I should have said something earlier. If I had then all this wouldn't have happened. Karen would still be alive. It was all my fault. I killed Karen.

Pls don't be put off by the proluge
The first few chapters are going to be kinda rough because of the introduction after that the real story will begin. And it will definitely be worth reading.
Pls vote and comments your thoughts. But no insult but I will accept correction. Thanks.
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