To Fight Back (gxg)

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Chapter 11

"Great," Emory breathes, visibly relieved. "Where do you want to go?"

I tap my chin in thought. I want to go somewhere romantic, but not too expensive. And it can't be too obvious that it's for couples, like a place that friends go to as well. I think something simple is my best bet.

"We could go to Penny's Diner. The food is awesome and it's right down the street. What do you think?" I suggest.

She nods happily. "Yeah, that sounds good."

I step forward to open the door, letting Emory go first, which earns me a blush from her. I smirk proudly.

When we get to the parking lot, I frown. "Did you drive your car here?" I ask.

She tilts her head to the side, confused as to why I asked. "Yeah."

I hum in response. "Then I guess we'll be riding separately. Do you mind just following me there?"

"Oh," she mutters in realization. "Of course not." With that, she walks off to her gorgeous black Camaro. My eyes widen and my jaw drops in shock. Holy shit, that's one nice ass car. She must be filthy rich.

When I notice I'm just standing there, staring after her like an idiot, I recover and get into my own black Jeep.

On the way to the diner, I grow a bit apprehensive. Coming from a wealthy family myself, I know the heartless ways of people with money. And not just my family.

Much to my parents dismay, they dragged me to a few social gatherings when I was younger, and their hate for me wasn't as all-consuming as it is now.

Everyone is always so stuck up, thinking just because they have money, they own the world. More specifically, that they own people who aren't on their level.

And Emory does not know that I, or rather my family, has an immense amount of cash. Or that I have a lot of experience with others that do, particularly the evil ones. I'm guessing that hers do as well, judging by her taste in cars.

Not that I'm judging her or anything, because trust me I'm not. I'm just worried she'll turn into one of those rich bitches that I'm oh so familiar with.

I know nothing about her previous attitude lends anything to the thought that she might be that type of person. And I owe it to her to trust her once all she's ever showed me is kindness.

But again, I'm not used to it and therefore my mind, however unreasonable it may be, wants to trick me into thinking the worst.

I growl in anger at my damn annoying thoughts, and push them out of the way. Instead, I think of her sweet melodic laugh, her soft kind voice, her affectionate character, and it puts me at ease.

I take a deep breath, calming my brain and my anxieties.

I look back in the rearview mirror, grinning when I see that sexy Camaro trailing close behind me.

I pull into the lot of the diner, Emory taking up the spot beside me soon after.

I wait at the door for her, again letting her enter before me. A waitress behind the bar greets us, "Hey there, Blake!"

"Hey Lisa." I say with a smile. Emory glances at me curiously but I ignore it for the moment.

Lisa grins up at me as she wipes down the bar with a wet cloth. "I didn't think I'd be seeing you here today. Do you got yourself a new little girlfriend?" She teases with a wink at Emory, who's face reddens.

Lisa's in her late forties and she's like a mother to me. She knows I'm not the nicest or most respectful person, but she jokes and chats with me all the same when I'm here.

I chuckle, shaking my head. "No, we're just stopping by for a late dinner."

Despite having just embarrassed me and Emory, she laughs loudly. I'm not sure how what I just said was funny, but she's a bit of an odd cookie. "Oh well you two can just have a seat. We'll be with ya in a moment."

I lead Emory to my usual seat, a big red booth in the far corner, right against the large windows. She slides in across from me.

"You know her?" She asks, referring to Lisa.

"Yeah. I met her back when I started working here. She's an awesome lady, you'll like her." I say.

Emory rests her chin in her palm and gazes at me. There's something about the way she's looking at me, but I can't put my finger on it. I'm not gonna lie, that fact unnerves me.

"Wait, you work here? I didn't know you had a job." Her eyes widen in intrigue.

I blush at her interest, though I enjoy it. "Yeah, but only on weekends. And it's usually the night shifts. It's a twenty four hour diner."

She was about to say something, but our waiter, Desmond comes over, placing two menus in front of us. He's got a red apron over his clothes, and a matching hat on top of his dreads. His caramel skin and round eyes go well with the uniform, making him look even younger than he is, and he's only a junior.

"Hey Blake" he says, then when he notices Emory, his eyebrows go up and he smirks. "And Blake's hot friend. Shit- sorry, I didn't mean to say that!" His face gets all flushed as he covers his mouth with his hands, eyes huge.

Emory looks down at her hands in her lap, an awkward smile on her red face. "Uh, i-its okay." She stutters, stealing a glance at me. I just laugh at her.

"Oh God," Des says under his breath. "So~, what do you guys want to drink?"

"The usual for both of us." I grin, before Emory can say anything.

She just raises an eyebrow. "Well okay then. Are you going to decide my meal too?" She pouts, but I can tell she's holding back a laugh.

"If you don't mind, yes. You are making it up to me, aren't you? And besides, choosing your food will make me happy." I bat my lashes innocently, giving her a nice big smile.

She playfully glares at me for a moment, before giving in. "Okay, okay. You win." She sighs dramatically, but the shine in her eyes tells me she likes the idea of me ordering for her.

"Yay. So we'll both have my usual, Des." I grin triumphantly. Damn, with all the smiling I've been doing lately, my cheeks are starting to hurt. But that just makes me want to smile more.

Desmond suddenly turns to Emory, "Man, I don't know what you're doing, but keep it up. Blake hasn't smiled like that in ages." He says before spinning around and walking away.

I gasp from shock. "Desy!" But he just looks back with a wink, then disappears into the kitchen. I snap my head back to Emory, eyes wide, face flushed. "I-ignore him," I plead.

She giggles, "Why? I'm flattered." Which only makes me blush deeper. I run my hand down my face, groaning. "Why are you so embarrassed?"

That question caught me off guard, and I blink. I'm not really sure. "I'm not." I whisper, pouting.

She rolls her eyes, smirking and I glare at her. I decide to change the subject to take the attention off me. "I like your car." I blurt suddenly.

She gives me an annoyed look for being so cold, but speaks anyway. "Thank you. I got it for my twenty first birthday from my parents."

I frown, "How old are you anyway?" I ask.

She smiles, "twenty two. What about you?" She tilts her head to the side.

"Eighteen in a few weeks." I say. Something like disappointment flashes in her eyes, but it's gone after a second. She hums in response.

Des comes back out of the kitchen with two glasses in his hands. He sets them down in front of us. "Your food will be out in a few more minutes," he tells us before leaving again.

Emory stares down at our drinks with wide eyes. I snicker, taking a sip of the citrusy liquid.

It's a mixture of Mountain Dew, 7 Up, and Surge. It has one strip of airheads extremes strips hanging on the edge of the glass, and a lemon slice on the rim.

"It's Penny's signature Citrus Time Bomb." I say, and watch as she puts the cup to her lips, then gasps.

"Oh my God, this is amazing." She exclaims, drinking more.

I laugh at her reaction. "I know. I have great taste," I smirk.

She giggles again, "You really do. I can't wait to see what we're going to eat."

I run my hands together with an evil grin, "Oh, trust me. You'll love it."

"I don't doubt it," she says.

Just then my phone buzzes in my pocket with a notification. I take it out and read it.

Layla: can u come over tonite? I'm lonely :'(

Shit. Heat rises to my face as I frown at the message. I glance at Emory who's swirling around her straw in her cup with her other hand on her cheek, smiling softly, looking down at the table.

I can't just leave. And more importantly, I don't want to. It hits me then that I would rather be here, eating and talking with Emory than be with Layla. Hell, I even like it better here than sex, which is really saying something. Though I wouldn't mind both.

I look back down, typing, then I send it.

Me: Sorry babe, I can't. I'm busy. Ily tho <3

I put my phone away and turn back to the girl sitting in front of me with a grin. "Sorry about that. Now, where were we?"

"Oh, you were just telling me that our food will be great," she pauses, looking behind me, her face lighting up. "And it looks like we won't have to wait any longer to find out."

I turn around to see Des walking towards us with our plates. He sets them down and I almost start drooling.

We have identical plates with waffles drowned in chocolate chips, whipped cream and chocolate syrup. We also got juicy bacon cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries to share between us.

I sniff deeply, inhaling the lovely aroma. "Mmm, freshly cooked heaven," I purr with my eyes closed.

Emory snorts then bursts out laughing, and I can't help but laugh as well.

"Even though I think your exaggerating just a teeny bit, I have to say I kinda agree. This looks delicious."

Des smirks proudly, bowing. "Why thank you ladies," he laughs. "If you need anything, let me or Lisa know." And then he's gone, leaving us alone with our precious food.

I immediately dig in, savoring every flavorful bit. I save the waffle for last, and it's still so warm and gooey.

Emory chuckles softly, and I look up at her as I finish my meal. "What?"

She points to the side of her lip and smiles, "you've got a little something."

I reach up and wipe off my mouth with my finger. "Did I get it?"

"Other side," she laughs.

I move my hand to the other side, looking at her expectantly.

She shakes her head, smiling. "Here, let me get it." She leans over the table, and slides her thumb over the corner of my lip, looking me straight in the eyes.

Her hand lingers for a moment before she pulls away, looking down with a blush.

I just smile happily, "Thanks."

"No problem." She mumbles, face still red.

I motion at her empty plate, "Are you done?"

"Hmm? Oh, yeah. I'm done."

I stack up our plates and glasses and set them in the bar for Des to put in the wash. Most people just leave their dishes on the table, which is honestly so annoying.

I go to the register, and am about to pull out my wallet to pay, when I'm stopped by Emory. She puts her hand on my arm and gives a bill to Lisa, who rings us up.

"You know I could have payed for that. After all, I'm the one who kinda forced you to eat." I say.

She smiles sheepishly. "No, it's fine. I wanted to pay."

I huff, but let it go.

We leave the diner, and go out into the chilly parking lot, the sky dark and lit dimly by stars.

"I had a really nice time." Emory says, standing next to me.

"Me too," I say honestly.

Before I get the chance to react, Emory gently puts a hand on my cheek and presses her lips to mine. I don't even have the time to kiss her back before she pulls away with a smile.

"Bye Blake." And she turns away, getting into her car, and drives off.

I stand there frozen, staring after her in awe.

Only one thought was running through my mind, and that's 'why couldn't it have lasted longer so I could kiss her back?'

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