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Chapter 13

*Layla's POV*

As I set the last box of junk down, my phone buzzes with a notification. I take it out of my pocket to see that it's from a hidden number.

Immediately I blush as I put in the password to unlock the text.

Hidden: meet at Annie's party @ 11

I grip my phone tight while glaring at it, but at the same time that familiar heat courses through my body.

I huff and throw it on the office chair. Even though I'm excited to go and see them, it'll cause problems. I might run into my friends, and then I'll have to explain why I'm there. And I really don't feel like telling Blake I'm going, but if I don't and she finds out from someone else, she'll get mad.

I could always just tell all of them that I'm finished helping my mom, which I am, so I decided to come for a bit. But then when I sneak off at eleven, they'll get suspicious. After all, I only ever sneak anywhere when I'm with Blake, and for obvious reasons.

But if we're being real here, it's not like I have a choice. And I do really want to go. Okay, okay. My mind is made up. I'm going.

I have about two hours until I have to leave, since I wanna get there early to deal with the triplets before I have my fun.

I hurry up and take out the binders and notebooks from the box I just carried in, and put them in the filing cabinet.

I didn't lie when I told everyone I couldn't go because I had to help my mom organize her office.

She just started working her CPA job from home, and she decided she needed her own private office to do work. Why she can't just do it at her desk in her room, I do not know.

But anyway, she enlisted my help in getting everything ready, which is what I've been doing most of the day. Ugh, sometimes I hate her so much.

She's just so controlling. I can't go out unless I tell her where I'm going. She has to know all of my friends and their numbers before I can do anything with them. She even forbids me from being with Blake because she's a bad influence.

That last one used to really put me over the edge. I mean, it's my life, who does she think she is, telling me who I can and can't date. It killed me not to be able to gossip about our relationship to my mom like most teenagers do.

But now, I don't really care. It gives me an excuse to tell Blake whenever I don't want to hang out. It's honestly getting harder and harder to be around her.

Every time she shows me affection or tells me she loves me, it drives that guilt knife just a little deeper.

Ever since I fell out of love with her, I can't stand it when we're together as a couple. It makes me feel so bad.

I want to love her, I really do. She deserves all the love in the world, with what she's been through. But sadly, that person isn't me.

I'm in love with someone else, and as much as it hurts to know that I'll break her heart, I can't help it. It would be so much easier to just be with her and be happy, but I can't make myself love her.

And what's even worse is knowing how she'll react once she finds out. Part of me wants to never tell her and not face it, but the other part knows I should get it over with.

But every time I try to come clean, I think about how she'll feel. No doubt she's going to be devastated. I'm the only person who gives her the love she needs, and if I take that away, there's no telling what she'd do.

She's told me before I'm literally the only thing keeping her alive. If she does something to herself because of me, I won't be able to live with that.

But I also just want to leave everyone in the dust to be happy with my new love. I'm truly and deeply in love with him, and he loves me too.

Although I'm hesitant to be with him because of the horrible rumors about him, I know those could never be true. He could never hurt a fly, much less do what he's accused of.

After all, it's only one persons word against his. And that person has been known to lie and hide their life a lot. And God it kills me to think these things about them, it's the only logical reason. He'd never do what they said hes done.

He's a good man, and I trust him with everything I have. He does seem a bit sketchy right now, but only because we have to hide our relationship, so we're taking certain precautions to make sure no one finds out.

Hence meeting up at a party instead of either of our houses, and having his contact hidden on my phone.

Hopefully soon we'll be able to go public, but until then, this is the best we've got.

A voice calling me breaks me out of my thoughts. "Layla, are you finished yet?" My mother yells from the living room.

I sigh, grab my phone, and walk out of the office to the living room with her.

"Yeah, I'm done," I say. "Hey, since I'm all done for the day, could I go out for the night please?" I ask sweetly, batting my lashes with my hands folded behind my back.

She narrows her eyes at me and puts her hands on her hips. "And where would you be going?" She queries.

I take a few seconds to come up with an answer. "Annie is inviting a few girls over for a sleepover. You remember her, right?"

She raises an eyebrow, "The little slut? Yeah I remember her." As I'm about to say something to deny that, she turns away. "Yes, you can go. But text me when you wake up."

I gasp and smile even though she can't see me. "Thank you, I will!"

I run upstairs to get ready. First, I take a nice long warm shower. Then I throw on a robe and do my makeup. I go all out with gold eyeshadow, and I curl my brown hair to perfection.

I choose a short navy blue dress with a v neckline and a flared skirt, and black heeled boots.

After everything is in order, I quietly make my way down the stairs. Mum is most likely sleeping by now, so I tip toe out the door and to my car.

As I'm driving to Annie's, I feel a pit in my stomach. I'm not sure if it's anxiousness, nervousness, or excitement, but I don't like it.

I brush off the feeling as I pull up to the house.

It's in a secluded area of the high end community it's a part of, ensuring no one will be pressing noise complaints. And so naturally, music rumbles out from the open front door with a loud, steady beat.

I take a deep breath, then get out of my car, locking it as I walk up to the door.

As soon as I step inside, I notice the whole house is lit up by red lights lining the ceiling, and that there are a lot of people here.

The scent of alcohol is so strong it burns my nose, but I enjoy it. I take a quick survey to see if my friends are here, but the room is too packed I can't see much of anything besides random bodies.

So I decide to go to the kitchen to get some drinks, and I wiggle my way in between all the horny drunk idiots.

I sigh in relief when I approach the island holding the refreshments. I take a moment to figure out what I want, and when I do, I pour myself a glass of strawberry vodka.

I am in no way a lightweight, mostly because Blake takes me to parties a lot where we both end up wasted and calling someone to take us home.

So I take a big sip of my drink and go back out into the living room.

As I'm swaying my hips to the music, waiting for the time to go by, I hear my name being called from somewhere behind me.

Immediately I flinch, recognizing the voice. I slowly turn around and am met with the faces of the triplets who are coming towards me, grinning happily.

I force a smile as they reach me. "Hey guys!" I greet.

Alena narrows her eyes at me, but Alexis, Alen and Darren smile and wave.

"Hey girl! I didn't know you were coming," Alexis says.

Alena crosses her arms. "Yeah, weren't you supposed to be helping your mom with something?"

My face heats up and my smile falters. "I finished so I figured I'd stop by for a while," I answer.

"Yay, I'm so happy you could join us!" Alen squeals from his spot firmly tucked into Darren's side with their arms around each other.

This still doesn't seem to satisfy Alena though. "You don't usually come to parties unless Blake is with you." She states.

I roll my eyes. "Its not like I have to be with her 24/7. I'm allowed to hang with you guys even if she's not here." I point out, a little too harshly.

Alena puts her hands up in surrender, taking a step back. "Woah, woah. Chill out babe. I'm just looking out for my girl."

I give her a glare while putting my hands on my hips. "What's that supposed to mean, huh? You think I'm doing shit behind her back? Because I'm not."

She snorts with a smirk, "Hey, you said it, not me." True, I did kind of out myself there. But I can't help being paranoid.

I huff, and get ready to say something back, but Alexis cuts me off by stepping in between us and lightly pushing us away.

"Guys, relax. We're here to have fun. No bad vibes. Got it?" She asks.

We both mumble yes's while pouting and looking to the side.

Alexis sighs and rolls her eyes, then grabs us by the arms and pulls us toward the dance floor. Well, it's really just the living room, but same thing.

"Now, let's dance!" She yells, then begins bouncing around to the beat. I chuckle at her lame dance moves, but eventually join as well.

Alen and Darren end up going off someplace together, Alena starts to grind up on some jock that is obviously enjoying the attention, and I continue to dance with Alexis.

Alena and Blake have always been super close, just like me and Alexis. Alen is kind of just that cute little teenage baby gay boy that everyone loves. Yeah, our friend group is weird, don't judge.

Anyway, a while into the party, I get another text. I inconspicuously sneak off to the side to read it.

Hidden: I'm here. Upstairs, 2nd door on the right

Me: Ok c u in a few

I quickly put the phone away and look for Alexis. Shes still dancing and she doesnt seem to have noticed that I'm gone, so I just leave without an explanation.

I go into the kitchen and set my drink down, then climb the stairs to the second floor. Once I'm up, I pass the first door and stand in front of the next. I take a deep breath before turning the knob and pushing it open.

I quickly step in and shut the door behind me.

I flush when I see my boo sitting on the edge of the bed, shirtless. He looks me up and down with an eyebrow raised and a half smile.

Then he gets up and walks to me, pressing a quick kiss to my lips before spinning me around and pushing me back on the bed.

When he leans down on top of me I wrap my arms around him and pull him in for a deeper kiss.


Authors note: So, who do y'all think Mr. Mystery Lover is? Comment with your thoughts!
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