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Chapter 14

*Blake's POV*

When we pull up to the house, I'm honestly surprised. I was expecting it to be some lame, freshman's attempt at a high school party, but boy was I wrong.

The thing I noticed first was that I've been here before. Multiple times. It's literally fucking Annie's house.

And then I realized, wait, Emory said her sister is throwing this party, and the host is actually Annie, so holy shit Emory and Annie are fucking sisters!

But I can't even count on my hands how many times I've been here for parties and shit, so how come I've never bumped into Emory before?

I hop out of my Jeep and meet Emory as we walk up the driveway.

I turn to her with my eyebrow raised. "So Annie is your sister?" I ask.

She looks a little taken aback by the question. "Yeah... you know Annie?"

"Yeah I come to almost all of her parties," I say with a bright smile.

"But she's younger than you," Emory points out with a frown, still confused.

"So? We go to the same school. We're actually pretty good friends."

Her eyes widen for a second, but all she says is "oh."

I glance at her suspiciously, but carry on. "How come I've never seen you here before? You do live here, right?"

She gives me a half smile. "I live here, but I was in college for a few years and just came back a month ago."

"Oh, that's cool." I wanted to say more, but we got to the door and the music was so loud it was pretty hard to even hear myself.

When we get inside, Emory takes my hand and pulls me to the kitchen. I don't mind, so I let her. Once we're there, she lets go, and for a second I'm sad, but I remind myself that we are not together and I have no right to be sad.

She smiles sheepishly and rubs her arm. "Sorry about that. I just thought it'd be quieter in here."

I just grin happily at her. "No problem. I wanted a drink anyway."

I turn to the island and look all around for my favorite drink. Any vanilla liquor. I find one and pour myself a large glass.

Emory eyes me while I take a sip. "You like that kind?" She asks.

"It's my favorite, so yes," I reply.

She giggles that cute little giggle of hers. "Mine too," she says.

"Well then," I grab the bottle again and another cup, pour a decent amount in, and hand it to her. "Here you go, ma'am."

She smiles with a light blush coating her cheeks and takes it. "Thank you."

"Emory you're back!" Someone yells behind me. I turn around to see Annie walking to us. "Did you get the stuff?"

"Yeah, it's in my car. You can go get it." Emory says, taking the keys from her pocket and tossing them to Annie.

Annie jumps up with a smile and squeals. "Thank you sis!" Then she notices me standing there and her smile gets even bigger. "Blake! You're here! I thought you had work?"

"I had to take over someone else's shift, so I was free to come after," I tell her.

"Well I'm happy you could come! Anyway, I have to go. Bye guys!" She waves enthusiastically, then leaves us alone again.

Emory turns to me. "It's so weird to know that you two are friends," she admits.


"Just because I've never really known any of her friends, or that many people around here at all."

"Didn't you go to school here?" I ask, curious.

She looks away and leans back on the island. "No. I went to Blaire Academy," she says softly.

My eyes widen and my jaw drops. I just stare at her for a while. I know it's probably making her very uncomfortable and insecure, but I am completely dumbfounded.

Blaire Academy is for the extremely gifted students. Not to mention it's hella expensive. Caven went there before he dropped out to pursue a modeling career.

"Damn," I breathe out. "That's impressive."

She just shrugs with a detached expression. "I guess."

Why does she seem so sad? Going to Blaire is something to be very proud of. "What's wrong?" I query.

She doesn't answer for a few moments, and I think shes ignoring me, so I'm about to change the subject when she abruptly pushes away from the island. "I've got to go to the bathroom." She states without emotion.

Now I begin to get worried. "Wait, are you okay? Did I do something?"

She shakes her head fast. "No, no you didn't do anything. You're perfect. I just really have to use the bathroom." She rushes out.

"O-okay," I whisper. I don't know why I'm hurt at her shutting me out, but I am. I know she's hurting and I want o know why, but she doesn't want to tell me. She doesn't trust me.

As she quickly walks away, I feel my face get hot and my eyes water.

I shake my head angrily to get rid of the tears. Great, now I'm in a bad mood.

I finish off my drink before pouring another one. And after that, another one. And another.

All of a sudden I get dizzy and warm and I sway on my feet a little. I decide I don't want to get black out drunk just yet, so I sip on the drink I have as I go into the living room.

Almost immediately, someone appears in front of me, hands on my shoulders. I blink a few times before I can recognize them, but I realize it's Alena, looking at me with a confused face.

"Blake? Why are you here?" She asks. There's something in her voice, something I don't like, but I can't tell what.

"Um... oh yeah. I took Jayden's shift, so I got off early enough to come!" I say excitedly. I'm very conflicted by my sudden happiness, but I think it's because I'm seeing one of my best friends. Or maybe it's just the alcohol, who knows.

"Did you come for any specific reason?" She pushes, like she's trying to telepathically give me knowledge, but I don't think it's working.

"A friend invited me. Why?" I ask.

She furrows her brows. She looks worried. "So you didn't come because of Layla?"

Okay, I'm one hundred percent lost here. What does Layla have to do with anything? "No? Why would you say that? She's still helping out her mum."

She just texted me on the way here that she was still working on her mum's office.

Now it's Alena's turn to make a confused face. "No she's not." She points out as if it's the most obvious thing in the world. I still don't understand this conversation at all.

"What do you mean?"

"Layla's here."

"Wait, why is she here? She told me she was home," I say with a deep frown.

Something seems to click in Alena's mind, as her face goes to one of realization. "Oh my God. Blake, I think Layla is che-"

And she gets cut off by yet another person coming up to me. They grab my arm and pull me away before I can hear the rest of what Alena was saying.

I'm pushed down onto a couch, and the person sits next to me. Like, right up against me.

I finally look to see who it is, and it's none other than Mikayla. "What the fuck?!" I yell at her, but she just giggles and smiles at me.

She completely ignores my annoyed attitude. "I didn't know you'd be here," she says. It was more a statement than a question.

"Yeah, so? You can't just drag me away like that."

Again, she ignores me. Another person hands her a drink, then leaves right after. She hands it to me. "Here. I got this for you. I know you like this kind."

Apparently a side effect of alcohol is instant and often mood changes. Because for some reason I'm not longer mad, I'm just kind of emotionless, for lack of a better term.

So I think, fuck it, and down the drink Mikayla gave me. It's some kind of vanilla drink, but not liquor. It's stronger than that, and I feel the impact right away.

"Woah." I say.

Mikayla giggles again and pushes herself closer to my side. My ability to care about this, though, is gone, because I just sit there.

"So why did you take me over here?" I ask, and I'm surprised I didn't slur my words.

She puts a hand over my collarbone, gently tracing it with her finger. It sends tingles down my body. She stares into my eyes. "Do you remember what I said on Tuesday?" She asks in the smoothest voice. Was it always so pretty?

I rack my memories for it, but I can barely even remember the last hour, so I shake my head, "No."

I didn't even notice that her left leg was over my thigh now and her face is dangerously close to my neck. "I said I'd make you want me. Make you love me," she whispers seductively in my ear. Her breath tickles.

I don't really register her words because it seems that my mind has lost the ability to think or process anything.

And the next thing I know, her lips are on mine, her tongue forcing my mouth open and slipping into it. She moves so that her knees are on either side of my thighs, straddling me.

She starts grinding herself into me while her hands are on my neck. My body heat rises and my heart speeds up.

It's like something snaps. Like I sober up in .2 seconds. My eyes snap open and I push her away.

This doesn't work however, because she gets right back into position. I push on her again and she literally growls at me.

"Stop fighting it. Just let me make you feel good," she pleads. Her one hand comes down to my thigh and up to massage my crotch.

For a moment I'm lost in the movement that's giving me pleasure, but I get my shit together and push her all the way off me, until she falls to her butt on the floor.

She glares up at me, fuming. "Dammit, Blake. I fucking tried to be nice, but no. It's never enough for you, is it?" She yells.

"I don't fucking like you, Mikayla! And I never will, so just stop. I'm not trying to be a bitch, but oh well if I am. Knock it off." I stand over her, fists clenched in anger.

She starts to cry and at this point we're already attracting a crowd. Fuck, I have to get out of here.

Without another word, I run to the stairs. I pass the bathroom on the second floor, and go straight into the guest bedroom.

Bad mistake.

Really, really bad mistake.

Because as soon as I opened the door, I see the absolute most horrifying sight I've ever witnessed.

My own fucking girlfriend is in bed with the monster who raped me.

Layla and Caven are hooking up right in front of my eyes.


Authors Note: I know this is so bad, but while writing this, I had a huge urge to make Blake say, "Well shit. What are y'all doin'? Screwin'?"

*If you don't get that reference, then I honestly feel sorry for you*
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