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Chapter 15

Authors Note: First off I just want to say that I'm very very sorry about how long it took me to update, but my online learning was really overwhelming and took up most of my time. All in all it's been a stressful time but my classes are finally over for the year and hopefully I'll get back to updating at least once a week. Love you guys and I hope you like the story! :)

A startled jolt goes through me when I realize what I'm seeing.

I recover quickly, however. My eyes darken and I clench my fists, absolutely furious. I used to think it was stupid and cliche when people say that they see red when they're mad, but I get it now.

All colors in my field of vision dulled by several shades and I stood there for a second, my whole body tense and unusually hot.

It was like I was frozen, but I wasn't scared or confused or anything really. Just pissed as hell. I didn't care why this was happening or who I should be mad at, I just knew I wanted to kill someone but I couldn't move and it frustrated me to no end.

Neither Caven nor Layla seemed to notice me fuming in the doorway. Until Layla finally opens her eyes and screams my name when she sees me, causing Caven to turn around with an annoyed look.

As soon as me and him make eye contact, it flips a switch inside of me. My muscles relax again and I stop the trembling I had started, now totally calm, no thoughts clouding my mind at all.

My feet move on their own and begin walking towards them. My face has no expression whatsoever and I don't know exactly what I'm going to do, but I do know that I will raise hell.

Cavens face scrunches up when I move to them and he gets off the bed, fully naked and stands in front of it, looking angry. "What the fuck do you think you're doing you little shit?" He snarls at me.

I don't stop, I just keep walking until I'm right ahead of him, still showing no emotion. It's like they got cut off, and I can't say I don't like it right now.

I throw a hard punch right to his nose without thinking and knee him directly in his exposed crotch, that was still semi erect so I imagine it's extremely painful.

He was not prepared for that at all, being as I've always just let him walk all over me without physically fighting back because I was too scared and I lacked skill.

But I've changed, hopefully for the better, and I will not stand for this shit any longer. I will finally fight back like I should have done the first time he screwed me over and all those after it.

As soon as he doubles over, blood flowing out of his broken nose, I move behind him and aggressively push my knee into his spine until he's forced to lie flat on the ground, where I take both of his arms and twist them behind his back, satisfied when I hear two identical pops.

Layla is yelling something at me in the background but I can't understand what she's saying nor do I give a shit at this moment.

I grab a nice fistful of his hair and lift his head up, leaning down to whisper, "now you're my bitch," in his ear, which he referred to me as fairly often. Then I slam his face onto the floor, and two more times after that for good measure.

He attempts to struggle against my hold and tries to turn over, but his efforts are futile and only annoy me more. I growl at him before replacing the hand that was on his wrists with my knees and instead wrap both hands around his neck, squeezing tight.

He gags and wheezes and bucks against me for a few moments before his eyes start to flutter and his breathing gets real shallow, then he goes limp and passes out. I remove my hands and get off him to prevent choking him to death.

Believe me, I wanted to fucking murder him then, but that'd only cause more problems and I don't have the mental stability to death with that shit.

Before I have time to crash from this adrenaline rush, I swirl around and grab a frightened Layla by the wrist and drag her downstairs and out to the backyard where there thankfully isn't many people cuz it's pretty chilly tonight.

I stare at her with a blank face and grind out the word, "Explain."

She looks at me with wide, tear-filled eyes, in only her bra and underwear which I guess she put on while I was dealing with Caven, visibily shaking, biting her lip, and overall acting guilty as fuck.

"I- I... I h-have to t-tell you s-s-somet-thing." She manages to stutter out.

I flare my nostrils, already over this conversation. "No shit, now get to telling me," I growl.

When she silently rubs her arms with her hands and gazes to the side, obviously uncomfortable and nervous, I step in. "Did he hurt you? Did he force you to... do that?" I ask, trying to get some sort of info out of her.

That seems to get her attention good enough because she snaps her head to me and shakes her head vigorously. "N-no! That's n-not it at all! H-he would never do that! To anyone, especially not me! He loves me!"

As soon as those last few words leave her mouth, you can see the instant regret on her, her hand covering her mouth. "The fuck do you mean he wouldn't do that to anyone, he fucking raped me on a weekly basis since I was thirteen and beat me long before then, and you know that! And what the fuck is that about him loving you!?" I scream, all logic and calmness out the window.

Now she's getting defensive. "No! He wouldn't do that! You're just lying because you don't like him!" I'm astonished that she's taking his side. That sadistic fucking prick who abused me to where I wanted to kill myself so many times, and she's choosing him over her own girlfriend who did nothing but love her unconditionally.

"Why the fuck would I lie about something as sick as that!?"

"I still don't care what you say about him! I was gonna wait for a while until I told you this, but I might as well get it over with now. I'm in love with Caven, and so is he and we're together and have been for a while now." She says. Her voice quieted considerably from the beginning of that speech.

I stand there, shocked, mouth open and a disgusted look on my face. "You were cheating on me with that abusive bastard!? The one who made my life a living hell!? Wait, are you breaking up with me!?!"

She stands up straight and stares straight at me, determined. "We're officially over. I'm with Caven now. I'm sorry it had to be this way and I never meant to hurt you, but I can't let you just disgrace the love of my life like that."

"Really, you're going to drop me like that, just because he fed you some shit about me lying which you know I would never do? After all the shit we've been through, all the happy memories, thrown away? I- I thought you loved me..." All the anger and adrenaline slowly seeped out of me and left nothing but raw, rough, devestating emotion.

"I did. But I stopped. And meeting Caven and learning about all of your lies didn't help that fact. I'm sorry but I don't love you and I can't be with you anymore." It wasn't until I saw the tears escape her eyes and roll down her cheeks did I really break down.

I dropped to my knees right at her feet, letting the waterworks go, tears suddenly dripping steadily and heavily down my face and neck, my spirit shattered.

I tilt my head up to her, crying my heart out for the loss of the one love in my life, the only happiness I've had for years. "P-please... I can't lose you. I can't. I-I don't know how to l-live without you. I can't live without you. Please don't leave me. Y-you know y-you're the o-only thing keeping me al-live. Please," I beg her, admitting things I'd never thought I would have to, and it kills me to say it out loud.

But it seems my heartfelt words have fallen on deaf ears because Layla abruptly turns away and runs away, crying.

And that's it for me. I have no hope left, no little string of love to hold on to. My heart hurts so bad and is broken beyond repair. It all happened so suddenly. I felt so empowered when I was fighting Caven, and now I'm so so low.

I hold my face in my hands and I lean forward to rest my forehead on the grass, crying uncontrollably and shivering harshly.

I feel like I'm drowning, sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss as it gets darker than it seems possible. Just a few hours ago I was at the top of the world and now I'm at the absolute bottom.

I really don't know how to deal with this. I don't care about anything, like at all in life, except her. I could even lose all my friends, all my 'family's' money, fail school and end up homeless and I'd be relatively fine. I could get beaten within an inch of my life by my parents and need months of recovery and be okay afterwards. But not this. Losing her is the worst possible thing that could ever happen to me and I have no clue how to cope with it.

Even dying wouldn't be worse than this. But that's not really saying something since I already want to die.

I could do that. I could just slit my wrists real quick and it would all be over. The pain, the suffering, the stress, the abuse, the family and school issues, the new absense of any sort of love in my life. What I said before was one hundred percent true, I really don't know how to continue living without Layla with me to keep me grounded and stop me from doing something stupid, like killing myself.

Aaaagh, I don't fucking know what to do! I just want this to be over, all of it, but I can't find the strength to do anything, not even move from my spot on the now wet grass.

But luckily, I don't have to do that myself. Little did I know, a certain someone was watching the entire interaction between me and Layla and is now making their way towards me.

I don't even startle when I feel two arms slide under me and turn me around, then lift me up bridal style and proceed to carry me to the house.

The events of the day have drained all the energy I had and then some, and I could hardly stay awake. I managed to open my eyes for a split second before I was forced to close them again.

But for the short moment that they were open, I saw Emory smiling gently down at me, and a teeny tiny bit of warmth flooded into me and eased my scrambled consciousness enough that I ended up falling asleep in her arms before we even got to wherever we were going.
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