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Chapter 17

After drying and changing, I grabbed my dirty clothes, setting out to look for Emory so I can put them in the wash.

I frowned when I saw that she wasn't in her room anymore, so I decided to check out the downstairs.

As I walked down the hall, passing the guest bedroom where I fought Caven, I found myself wondering what had happened to him after I left him alone.

Briefly glancing into the room, I sighed in relief seeing that he was gone. I mean, I had guessed as much, but it was still comforting to see. I noticed the blood from his nose had also been cleaned off of the floor. I was grateful for that because if it had permenantly stained, I would feel even more quilty than I already do.

While in the bathroom, I had made a promise to myself not to think about Layla or Caven, or any of the negative emotions that were tied to them.

If there's one thing that I hate with a passion, it's pity. From others or myself. So I forced all the bad feelings to the back of my mind, and focused on being positive.

Besides, I didn't want my sulking to put a damper on Emory's mood. Seeing me like that would bring her down as well, and I want her to be happy, so if me being cheerful-ish achieves that, I'm okay with it.

I've also been thinking of a way to return her favour of letting me stay and all, although I'm a little caught on it since I don't know what exactly I have to offer.

I just want to do something for her to show my thankfulness. To be honest, it's more for my own sake, trying to appease my guilty concious, but I just feel the need to pay her back.

With this in mind, I continue down the stairs, scanning the living room at the bottom.

She's not in there either, so the next stop is the kitchen.

When I enter, I notice Emory sitting at the island that held all of the drinks last night.

Come to think of it, compared to the mess the house was in then, everything seems to be in its place now. I wonder how they got it cleaned so fast. Knowing Annie, she probably had people paid to do it.

Emory greets me with a smile, her gaze going to the clothes in my hand with a knowing hum. She points to a small hallway passed the pantry, "Laundry room is back there."

"Thanks," I say, quickly heading to put my laundry in the washing machine and turning it on, before returning to the kitchen.

Emory is now standing in front of the open fridge, her finger to her chin in a thoughtful manner.

I take a seat at a barstool on the opposite side of the island, observing her in silence.

"Are you hungry?" She asks after a moment.

It's only then that I realize I actually am quite hungry. I haven't eaten much since I was at the diner yesterday, and it's around- I look over to the microwave, at the neon digital numbers glowing brightly- half past five in the evening.

Damn, I mean I know we went to sleep late, and then went back to bed after waking up the first time, but it's a lot later than I guessed it would be.

"More so than I thought," I reply with a light laugh.

She takes a little longer to decide what she wants, but when she finally does, she starts pulling out ingredients and placing them on the counter.

"You up for sandwiches for dinner?" she asks hesitantly.

I shake my head with a grin, "I don't really care what we have, but yeah, sandwhiches sound good."

"Good," she sighs, smiling to herself, and gets to work making them.

I decide now is a good time as any o ask a question. "Do you know what happened to Caven? Like after he woke up maybe?"

She looks up, surprised by my random interest, but continues working. "Layla ended up dragging his half-conscious self out to her car, and I'm assuming she took him home or something after that." When she sees my frown she adds with a gentle smile, "Neither of them know that you're here, so you don't have to worry about that. You're safe for now."

I knew she was mostly referring to how when Caven most likely involved our parents and they found me, I would be far from safe, but her comment relieved some of the tension in my chest.

All of a sudden, I feel a surge of gratefulness to her and before I know it, I'm abruptly standing up and walking around the island, hugging her tightly from behind, my chin on her shoulder.

She stiffens at first from shock, but then she relaxes into my embrace, resting her hands over mine that are wrapped around her waist, giggling.

"And what did I do to deserve this?" She asks, her voice light and playful.

"Everything," I whisper, my cheek against her neck. "I'm so thankful for everything you've done for me, from letting me stay here and making sure I was okay last night to comforting me and caring so much and just for being such an amazing person. So thank you very very much and I know my word isn't enough, but I mean it," I rant, pulling back slightly to look at her.

"I really want to pay you back some how, but I'm not sure I can offer much. But if there's anything you need from me or for me to do something for you, just ask and I'll do it. All I can give is a favour, so I hope that'll do."

I bury my face back into the crook of her neck, my cheeks flushed, embarrassed. I'm not used to giving non sexual affection too often, so naturally all I can think of while in this position is pushing her against the counter and gently biting her neck, which only makes me blush more.

She turns around in my arms, reaching up to cup my face with both hands, gazing at me warmly.

"You don't need to pay me back in any way. I'm helping you because I enjoy it. All I ask is that you stay here with me as long as you need, even if it's longer than you intended," she says just as softly.

I sigh, giving in. "Okay, I promise I'll stay until I'm sure it's safe to leave."

"Great. I like having you here as much as you need to be here anyway, so it's a win win."

I chuckle a little at that, before turning serious again. "I still want you to tell me whenever you need a favour. Anything, anytime. If only just for the sake of my pride. Please?" I plead with her, my eyes wide and begging.

She runs her thumbs across my cheeks soothingly. "Fine."

I grin at that, satisfied by our conversation.

After a few seconds, I realize we're still just standing there, hugging and smiling like idiots, so with a blush I return back to my seat.

A few hours later, having finished our delicious meal, we settled down to binge watch a few episodes of Supernatural after learning we both shared a soft spot for the show.

It was only 10:30, and being as I usually don't go to bed until past midnight, I wasn't all that tired. Emory, however, had fallen asleep with her head in my lap about an hour ago. I was absentmindedly running my fingers through her hair while I watched the tv.

I felt her heart rate picking up, so when it went to a commercial break, I glanced down at her. She was staring up at me with wide eyes and was biting her lip.

I raised my brow at her when she didn't move after a while, still brushing my fingers in her soft blonde hair.

I was about to let it go and refocus on the show when she spoke up. "You know how you said I could ask you for anything and you'd do it?" Her voice was barely audible, but strangely monotone.

"Yes, did you need something?" I queried.

She seemed to mull over my words, her stare unrelenting. I thought she might want me to get her a drink or snack or something simple like that, but I didn't understand why that would warrant her odd behavior.

What she did ask, though, was far from what I had imagined. "Can you kiss me?"

"What?" I blinked, confused.

"I asked if you would kiss me," she deadpanned, as if her request was normal and obvious.

I still didn't quite understand why she wanted a kiss, but I was happy to comply, seeing no real harm in it.

So I leaned down and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. I went to pull away, but she had other ideas in mind as she snaked her hand around my neck, using her other arm to lift her up.

I wasn't in a place to argue, of course. I reached over to move her hips so her whole body was facing me. I licked her lips, asking for permission that she granted by opening her mouth enough for me to slip my tongue in.

I lightly pushed her backwards until she was lying on the couch, positioning myself in between her legs, nudging them open. I slid one hand under her thigh, the other on her waist as both of hers went around my neck.

She sucked on my tongue piercing, making me moan and press our bodies together more.

Wishing to fulfill my previous fantasy, I moved my mouth to her neck, kissing a sensitive spot before gently biting down, eliciting a sharp gasp from Emory.

I licked the same spot, repeating the action a few more times before sucking on the area where her neck and shoulder met, causing her to moan which sent delightful shivers down my spine.

Emory wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling my mouth back to hers, claiming me in a kiss once again. I savored the feel of our lips together, our tongues dancing, tasting her perfection.

Every time I did something she liked, her thighs would tighten against me, low moans escaping my throat as well at the pleasing sensation.

I sensually licked her lips with my pierced tongue, enjoying teasing her. I pressed myself deeper into her, slowly running my fingernails up and down her thighs, her ragged, breathy sighs my reward.

God, I loved this. I can't believe I hadn't kissed her sooner, it felt amazing.

Wait a second. I regained my senses enough to realize I didn't have a clue why this was happening, and as much as I desperately wanted to keep going and I'm sure Emory felt the same way, I wanted to know why she asked for a kiss before this went any further.

So I pulled away with a determined look that almost crumbled when Emory whined softly, looking curious and disappointed, but I forced myself to stay strong.

"As fun as this is, I think we should talk about some things before we do any more," I say with a frown.

Surpringly, she just sighs and sits up as well. "Yeah, I guess we should talk first."

I expected her to be annoyed or confused or something like that, but she looked like she had expected this, which honestly caught me a bit off guard.

"Um, okay, yeah," I stammer out.

And so we talked.

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