To Fight Back (gxg)

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Chapter 2

I put the music in my Jeep up to full blast, playing my favorite song, 'Violent Crimes' by Kanye West. I chuckle darkly at the irony.

Tears stream down my face, making my vision blurry so its hard to see.

After I had attempted to choke Caven out, he got right back into position. But it was worse. I know there's probably bruises on my hips where his knees dug in as well as on my jaw.

I'm trembling so badly that I pull over into the parking lot of a building, not wanting to get into an accident.

I sit in the front seat, my hands clutching the wallet in my hands so hard my knuckles are turning white. After he got a call from his girlfriend, saying that she wanted to see him, he let me go. I noticed my wallet on the floor as I ran out, so I quickly grabbed it before I left. He must have threw it down and forgot about it after kissing me, because there wasn't any cash missing.

It feels like there is a hurricane battling out in my stomach. I double over, wincing. A bead of sweat rolls down my forehead. I'm going to puke.

I open the door, almost falling out. I stumble to the building I parked in front of. I realize it's a fricking gym and curse myself. But I wander in, managing to ask a lady where the bathroom is, and heading there.

I fall onto my knees in front of the toilet, retching the contents of my stomach into the bowl. I continue to dry heave for a few minutes, but it's no use since there's nothing left in me, so I force myself to stop. I rest my head against the side of the stall, it's cool surface making me feel a little better.

Even though I'm still pretty queasy, I know I won't be vomiting any more, so I decide to leave the bathroom.

The gym is surprisingly not that busy, only two people up on the boxing mat, sparring, and one person at the desk at the front.

I stand there, watching the people fight. It's a girl and a boy. The girl is short, with dirty blonde hair in tight french braids. She's in a sports bra and shorts, her toned muscles flexing with every movement she makes. The guy isn't as great to look at as her, but he's not bad, either. His black hair is in a buzz cut, and he's a little taller. He's got nice muscles, especially in his shirtless core.

But my eyes keep getting drawn to the beautiful girl in the ring. Every time she hits him, she makes this cute little grimace, showing how focused she is. I watch her move almost effortlessly. The guy barely ever gets the chance to even try to strike her, but when he does, she dodges. She gets in plenty of nice hits though.

Suddenly she swipes a leg out, and his knees buckle as he drops to the mat. She laughs at him, but it's a friendly one. She offers one of her wrapped hands to him, and he takes it, getting back up.

"Alright, Em, that's it for me today. I gotta get back home." He says, giving her a hug. I involuntarily scowl at this, not really sure why, but seeing him do that makes me jealous. But I don't even know her, and besides, I have my own girlfriend.

"Home to the wife?" She jokes back.

"Yeah, were going out for dinner tonight and I don't want to be late. See you soon though." He bends down to grab a bag, then heads out the door.

Oddly enough, relief flows through me when they mention that he has a wife. Dammit Blake, Layla is your girlfriend, and she's the only person you're allowed to get jealous about, I remind myself.

As I'm thinking all this to myself, I don't notice it when someone walks up to me until they speak.

"May I help you?"

Startled, I look up with wide eyes. It's the girl that was fighting up there. From this close up I realize that she has the most beautiful shade of green eyes, like pure emeralds glistening in the light.

I then realize that while I was standing there I did what I usually do when I'm nervous or just thinking, which is biting on the piercing in my tongue. It's a little embarrassing, so I stop and straighten up.

"Oh, um, I just came in to use the bathroom. But I saw you up there. That was pretty cool." I say. I put on a smug grin, but inside my heart flutters against my chest. Again, I try to tell my heart that I don't like her, but it doesn't listen.

"Thanks. Are you in MMA?" She asks, her head slightly tilted to the side.

Suddenly I get an idea. It's probably beyond ridiculous, but I don't want to repeat what happened earlier ever again. I want to be able to stand up for myself, to not be afraid. I don't want to just deal with it, I want to do something about it.

"No. But actually, I was wondering, do you have classes on that or something, or know anyone that does?" I quickly say before I talk myself out of it.

She puts her hands on her hips, and smiles at me, making butterflies erupt in my stomach.

"Well, I don't really have classes, but if you want to learn some stuff, I'd be glad to teach you." She offers.

"Wow, thanks, that'd be really great." But then I realize that I'm probably going to have to pay for her teaching me. And that's not really an option unless I want to explain to Caven on why I have no money.

Honestly though, he has absolutely no reason to take my money anyway. I mean, his mom and my dad are filthy rich, and he's raking in a good bit of cash as well, being a model and all. He just does it to make my life a living hell, which he succeeds at. God, I hate that boy so much.

"But, uh, how much money do you suppose that would cost? I mean, I don't know exactly how often I'd come here, but is there like a monthly fee or something?" I ask, rubbing the back of my neck and looking off to the side, embarrassed.

She shakes her head in response. "No, this gym as well as its employees are funded by some rich guy since his father built it or something like that. But we don't charge people for the use of equipment or training or anything."

I let out a breath, relaxing a little. "Sounds good. So what times are okay for me to come, then?"

"Well I'm usually here from three to eight every day, so I guess you can just drop by when you want to."

I smile a real, genuine smile. It feels like such a long time since I've done that. " Thank you. I really mean it. You don't even know how much this means to me." I say.

"No problem. I'm happy to help." She says, and for some reason I believe that she truly is happy to help me out. I know we just met, but still. She seems like such a nice person.

When my phone buzzes in my pocket, it catches me off guard and I jump. I take it out and see it's a message from Layla.

Layla: Hey, are u still coming over 2nite?

Crap, I totally forgot that I was supposed to spend the night with her while I was making googly eyes at... Actually I don't even know her name.

"Um, I have to go now, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to come down tomorrow. Oh, and I never did catch your name." I say to the beautiful green eyed blonde standing in front of me.

"It's Emory. And I guess I'll see you tomorrow." She says with a friendly smile.

"Cool. My name's Blake, by the way. Bye." I say as I walk to the door. She waves as I leave, and I can't help the goofy smile that makes its way into my face as I look back at her.

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