To Fight Back (gxg)

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Chapter 4

As I stand there waiting, I play with my keys, my eyes anxiously darting back and forth. I know I have nothing to worry about, since Layla obviously doesn't know where I just was, or who I was with. Not that I even did anything bad, but still. I always feel like she can see right through me.

Even so, when the door opens to reveal a girl with long brown hair and ice blue eyes, my expression melts into one of self-assurance and ease. I smirk, stepping in and throwing my things to the floor, then I push Layla back against the wall.

I lean down, giving her neck little kisses as my hands trail along her waist. She moans softly as her hands find my hair, entangling in the dark locks. I pull my lips away from her neck and press them against hers.

A clanging noise from the kitchen makes us break apart just as I attempt to deepen the kiss, making me growl in frustration.

Layla giggles at the face I make. "Oh, right. Mums home today. I was going to tell you when you got here, but, you know..." She tapers off, assuming I got the idea, which I did.

I narrow my eyes at her, but grin all the same. "Care to take this little rendezvous upstairs, dear?" I ask in a formal tone.

"Wouldn't you like to say hello to mum first?" She counters with a smirk, knowing all too well that I want nothing to do with her mother.

Not that her mum is a bad person or anything, she just doesn't like me. At all. In fact, any time she sees me, she threatens to kill me if I ever touch her daughter again. Apparently I'm a bad influence, which I can't really argue with. But because of her obvious hate for me, Layla and I have to sneak around together like Romeo and Juliet. But I have to admit, it is kind of sexy.

"I'd rather not." I say. Then I lift my giggling little Juliet in my arms and carry her bridal style up the stairs and to her room.

After entering, I kick the door shut behind me, and walk over to her bed, where I lay her down before climbing on top of her.

I rest myself against her body, savoring the warmth. I grin micheviously at her, and she bit her lip, also smiling. "How was your day, love?" I ask.

She laces her hands behind my neck. "Miserable. Nothing to do while waiting for you to show up." She replies.

I nuzzle my face into her neck, softly biting her skin. "I'm sorry baby. I got... caught up. At home." I tell her.

She hugs me tight, knowing what I mean without me having to explain myself. She knows all about the way my family and Caven treat me. "It's okay. You're here now. I love you."

My heart flutters at her words, and I smile brightly, even though she can't see my face. All thoughts of Emory and Caven and anything else disappear as I kiss Layla with passion.

I let my hands explore her hair and hers rest on my waist. She pulls me down even more and my body is pressed flat against hers. I tug on her bottom lip with my teeth, and she gives me access to her mouth immediately. I slip my tongue in, deepening the kiss. She sucks on my piercing and I moan in pleasure.

My hands slide down to her waist and I play with the bottom of her shirt until she gets the hint, and she pulls it up over her head. I do the same, then lay back down onto her, shivering when our bodies touch. I run my fingers along her bare skin, moving down to kiss her chest, then her stomach. I slowly pull the waist of her pants down to her underwear line, planting kisses along it.

She moans, squirming a little as I quickly pull her jeans all the way off. I bite my lip as I look at her prefect body, want taking over my senses. I lean down to press my lips to her inner thighs, which she raises so her feet are flat on the bed.

I can tell she wants me, bad, because her body is slightly trembling. But I'm not ready just yet. I crawl back up, straddling her small hips as I nibble on her ear. "Blake, please," she moans to me. Her voice drips with passion, and even though I wanted to tease her, I can't hold myself back and I give in, pleasing her to the best of my ability.


A while later, when Layla and I were resting, cuddled up on her bed, we hear her mother's voice from downstairs.

"Layla, sweetie, it's time for dinner!"

I sigh, holding onto her tight. "I really wish your mom liked me. Or at least didn't hate me as much. Then we could hang out and eat together at home like a normal couple." I complain.

She smiles sweetly at me, caressing my cheek with her hand, and I lean into her touch. "We're not a normal couple. We're special. And I wouldn't have it any other way."

Well, there goes my heart. "Damn Layla, I love you so much." I say honestly. Because I do, I love her more than I thought was possible. I'm so lucky to have her.

She laughs, getting up. "I love you too. But I do have to get downstairs before mum has a complex. I'll see if I can sneak dinner up here to you." She leans down to give me a peck on the forehead, then she makes her way out of the room.

I have nothing to do while I sit there and wait, and I assume it will take a while since she has to eat, so I think back on the day. But when I do, I immediately feel guilty. I mean, literally right before I came here, I was ogling another girl, then I make love to Layla. I feel like I'm betraying her. I know that it's really not a big deal, because I'm not going to cheat on her or anything, but I still feel bad.

Even so, once I start thinking about Emory, I can't stop. My mind just goes over her athletic body, those beautiful shining eyes, her soft voice, her graceful movements. I think about what kind of person she might turn out to be once I get to know her. I'm guessing she's confident, and I'm hoping she's sexy. Damn, I curse myself, I'm not supposed to think like that.

Just then, Layla decides to make an appearance. I quickly sit up, greeting her with a smile. "Back so soon love?" I query.

"Yeah, I asked to bring my food up to my room, and surprisingly, mum let me. I got double the tacos I usually get so I could share with you." She says, walking in and locking the door, then setting the plate on the bed between us.

"You're the best." I say, grabbing a taco and taking a bite of it.

She flips her hair dramatically, grinning. "I know." I just laugh at her, and continue eating.

We finish and she brings her plate back down to be washed, and when she comes back, we just talk about simple stuff. She does her homework since we have school tomorrow, and I've decided to actually go for once. I do go to school sometimes, but only two or three days a week, and I usually end up skipping most of my classes when I do show up anyway.

Layla gets pretty mad about me doing that, because I'm actually extremely smart. I just don't feel like wasting my time learning things I don't need to know. I have better things to do. Like spend time with her, go to parties, get high, y'know, anything thats not related to school.

Anyway, when it starts to get pretty late, we get ready for bed. We take a shower together in her private bathroom, where we take the chance to fool around a little bit. Yeah, we aren't exactly the most innocent couple our there.

After drying off and getting into our night clothes- which is almost no clothes- we get into her queen size bed. I pull her back into my chest so we're spooning, and I wrap my arm tightly across her waist. She falls asleep quickly, and even though it takes me a little longer, I do as well.

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