Love Hatred

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Sarah's PoV

The view that surrounds me is enough to make me regret my decision of being here in this so-called club at the first place. The foul smell of alcohol and what not, is reeking all over the place makes me want to puke. The sound of loud music is defeaning my hearing ability. This place is jam packed, girls are dancing provocatively wearing slutty dresses. I regret the moment I step in this club. I started having bad feelings.

I have never been a party girl unlike Alisha who literally go crazy at the name of party. We're are here to celebrate my job success, so I can't even think of bailing on Alisha. I really wish that if I had a magic wand I would vanish out of this hell in no more than a minute. But that only happen in Potter series, I wish I live in that world. It would be so cool.

I was walking without any care until I bumped onto Alisha, I step aside from her and took a seat on the closest barstool available. These heels....Ugghhh Alisha.... I groaned internally still eyeing my poor legs.

I looked up from my feet to Alisha who was waving her hand to someone at the entrance. I follow her line of sight and see a handsome blonde hunk who is now walking in our direction. He was wearing a white button down shirt with black slacks and white sneakers. He stood beside Alisha while giving me a lopsided smirk. Damn. He knows I was checking him out. But in my defence, he is really good looking with his starkey grey eyes and dirty blonde hair.

"Beautiful ladies prefers Jackson" he smile flirtatiously

I got confused at first. What?

Alisha slapped him at his shoulder and take his hand away.

"Stop flirting with my friend Jacky" she screamed. Thanks to the music.

"Oww!! woman Keep your monster hands to yourself" he spoke annoyingly with a mischievous glint in his eyes and I just knew it that he love to rile my dearest friend, or atleast that's what I thought.

Alisha completely ignore his presence and turned toward the hot bartender and order herself whiskey on the rock, fruit punch for me and one vodka shot for Mr. Jack.

"You need me to get laid, babes. I hope you remember your promise" Mr. Jack huskily spoke while staring intently at me whereas I on the other hand looking anywhere but at him. I just don't like the way he is staring, it's like he is mentally undressing me. I internally cringed at him, his gaze is making me uncomfortable. Ughhh.... Pervert.

"Yeah I remember jackass" Alisha gritted under her teeth still not looking his way. She don't like anybody boss her around. I don't understand why she invited him here if she despises his presence that much.

"Hmm. I thought so" he bend himself towards Alisha and whispered something in her ear, after listening to which her eyes turned wide as saucers. After a moment She eyed me with a sadistic smirk. Oh.. No. Here goes nothing.

"I knew you'll like it" he chuckled to himself. I don't think I would like to know whatever he likes because you Mr. Not-so-Cool is definitely not going to like what is going to happen now with you. I pity you.

Alisha didn't speak anything but just took a large gulp of her drink only to spit at his shirt intentionally.

I gasped and looked at her face for some guilt but all she was doing was smirking devilishly.

Then Mr. Jerk cursed loudly and start ranting about how expensive his shirt is. And I tuned out after that because I knew till that time why Alisha wants him to be here. He must be her fuck buddy who must have broken her rulebook code and is now receiving her wrath. Cool down dude it's just a start.

I was checking out the bar which is packed with various drinks I don't even know how to spell their name, then someone tug at my hand a little tightly to get my long lost attention.

There is Alisha hand in hand with Mr. Jerkface who still have annoyed expression written over his face. She give me an apologetic smile and mouthed 'Stay here' to me with a little stern look and pull him with her outside the club not before giving me a wink. He is definitely going to have a hard time.

Nobody wants to be on the bad side of Alisha. But what can I do he invite this upon himself. I finish last sip of my fruit punch when I feel someone's eyes on me causing uncomfortable feelings in my gut. I start roaming my eyes here and there looking for the source only to find a man upstairs looking at me or more like staring. He looks awful familiar with piercing eyes and perfect Greek god looks. I stare at him intently to figure who is he. And then that happen.

Oh shit. I cursed loudly and turned around immediately.

It's him

Holy f**king shit

Mr. Hotty

wait NO...

but maybe

Mr. Sexy


Mr. Dangerous territory

Oh!!Yes Yes he is

My heart is thumping loudly even I can hear it. There are goosebumps all over my body I touch my cheek which are hot as hell and I know they would red as well.

Did he remember me? No he won't, he seems pretty busy man to remember me with an aura of high almighty.

And even if he does what is there to be scared of. I didn't do any wrong. I mentally pat myself. I didn't harm him, I just share a taxi with him. His taxi. Oh! God help me.

I feel my throat dry from nervousness and was about to ask for another fruit punch when I feel something pressed at my back. Not something but somebody. The strong fragrance of male cologne hit my nostril and my worst fear come true when a sexy husky voice murmured in my ear

"Hello stranger"

Holy Jesus Christ!!!

A shiver run down my spine when he trace my earlobe with lips and snake his arm around my waist which makes my back more closer to his chest if that's even possible.

"Two whiskey shots" he grunt to the bartender who immediately placed the order with a tight smile like he just want to be out from this man presence. Trust me buddy when I say I do too.

I made attempts to move out his tight grip which grew although more tight with my every futile attempt. Nobody, not even a body whoever looks our way is doing anything to stop this man from manhandling me even when there are many girls I can see staring down on me, but not from sympathy but from jealousy which really shock me. Girls trust me I don't mind being replaced. My body started getting tense with each passing second.

I hear him chuckled lowly. He is treating me like a goddamn child. This man.....

"What's so hurry sweetheart" I feel him inhaling in my hair.

"Mmm.....You smell really good babe. I hope you taste also that good" My face burns with embarrassment at his double meaning phrase.

I inhaled and exhaled deeply to check my anger in check. This man is not a gentleman but a bastard in the cloak of handsomeness, if that's even a word.

I know I'm on my own now. Well, Not until Alisha arrived after chopping that jerkface balls. Only she can do this.

I smile lightly which soon vanished when I feel a light kiss on my neck sending tingles to my entire body successfully distracting me from my planning of getting away from his charms. Oh! My! This man knows how to kiss. My eyes automatically shut from this feeling of euphoria.

"Stop" My voice comes out hoarsely which obviously got unheard, all due to this buzzy music.

This much closeness with this hotty is making my brain go frenzy. I'm biting my lips damn hard to stop myself from moaning. His kisses is making me loose any damn sense of the world. It's like it's only him and me, and no one else.

The touch of this man is very possessive. He held me in his grasp like he is claiming me which is weird because I don't even know him.

He is like a walking attention magnet maybe that's why all the eyes of gorgeous women are on this specimen. Not that I can blame them. But here he is standing with me touching me and don't forget kissing me.

This light feathery kisses soon turns in nibbling, bitting and sucking which is enough indication to send my brain on alert.

This man desires my body to satisfy his lust, his needs, his desire. This is all about him.

No that's not going to happen. I'm not this type of girl. This is not me. I cannot give in to this one time thing. I feel disgusted with me to let myself loose for even for a second. The disgust I feel for myself rises my anger toward this Mr. Dangerous Territory who makes me loose my sanity.

I need to get the hell out of here. Away from this obnoxious place and away from this handsome devil.

But what should I do?

I was searching more like scratching my brain to come up with something.

There is only one thing that come to my rescue. Definitely he doesn't want me to go from the way he is passionately kissing me. If I scream it would go unheard, my plead go unheard. Should I have to wait longer for Alisha. Because only she can handle this mess. But she hasn't arrived in a long time.

So I did what I should have done.

I fist my right hand tightly and elbowed him in his stomach harshly made me lets out a grunt like a man in huge pain. His grip on my waist loosens which gives me enough opportunity to run away. But I have to have to become Black Widow. So, I turn around and punch right at his nose. Ouch...My hand hurts.

The one thing I did right is to not stand there anymore and ran right away with all my might. I can hear fading sound of shouting. It all happens so fast, one minute I was standing there like a victim and next minute I made a victim.

I made my way out of the crowd towards the entrance with my shaky legs and remove death heels to avoid any fall. After holding them in my hand and coming out of that hell hole. I pulled my phone out of my purse to intimate Alisha about my departure.

A hand rest on shoulder stop my hand mid air from typing. Here goes nothing. This is it.

"What the hell Sar" a familiar voice cursed loudly.

And I sighed heavily.

Instead of replying I pulled her hand in mine and drag her towards the nearby taxi.

She tried to pull away her hand to question me and I turn away to request her that it's not the right time. But before I could open my mouth, my eyes flickered from her to the club entrance to her. I'm dead scared. The music stopping inside the club caught my attention and my whole body start shaking with fear. Maybe horrified expressions got me away quickly cause Ali was now the one who pull me inside the cab with concern written all over her face. My daredevil stunt was running in front my eyes made me question my sanity. Ali laid my head in her lap and gently massage my head which soothes my headache for a little while.

I don't know what I did was Right or No??

Graham's PoV

After descending the stairs I set my eyes on my prey's back.

She is a goddess of temptation, I give her that. But the thing is that if I set my eyes on something I would have to have that. And she's going to lucky tonight.

I can see the lingering eyes of men on her but either she is oblivious to it or she is too good in her act of playing Ms. Innocent. Well, good for you kitten we have a whole night to discover it.

My hands are itching to touch her white creamy skin, to kiss her plump lips and to feel the heat of her body. Bloody! Hell! What's this woman doing to me. I always embrace my sexual desires but never in my life I crave for a single woman touch this much. She must be good in bed otherwise there's huge disappointment price she would have to pay.

I can feel her nervousness from the way her body is shaking with anticipation. So, I does affect her. Well, that was easy.

Sitting on the barstool giving me back profile she is still small for my height. The need to feel her is growing every goddamn second. Standing behind her, I pressed my chest at her back, in reaction to which her body tense. I can see her fidgeting hands and slightly open mouth. But then she closed it like a fish caught on the water.

Before I put my hands on her waist to stake my claim I feel the need to introduce myself, so I whispered closely to her ear lowly

"Hello stranger"

I didn't even try but it come out huskily and she shudder. I smirk devilishly at that, No one sweetheart not a single one can refuse my charms. And you're ain't no different.

I feel the need to become a gentleman for my little kitty, obviously I want to put all my right cards on the plate. So, there will be no going.

I placed order for both of us to the bartender I can see lust in his the eye for my prey. Guess, too bad for him. He place our order not directly looking in my eyes. Good he knows what he did was bad, pretty bad. I was still glaring at him when my poor kitten move a little bit in my iron grip to get my attention. I guess she doesn't like being unattended.

"What's so hurry sweetheart" I inhaled her hair. It's mix of vanilla and strawberries. She smells actually good.

"Mmm.....You smell really good babe. I hope you taste also that good" I murmur close to her ear and her slender neck caught my attention. I kiss her soft skin. I got so engrossed in it that I started sucking and bitting on it. It feel so damn good, she feels so damn good. I feel her sweet angelic voice fall into my ear but did that stop me for my mission of marking her. No. It doesn't.

To hell with the games, I want to take her right then and there. My dick is twitching every damn second. And I know she can feel the need pulsing in my veins. I want to kiss her lips and taste that heavenward mouth of hers. But before I turn her around she gives me the suprise of the day.

I got jabbed harshly in my lower abdomen by her right elbow. Taken by surprise my grip on her loosens which she taken advantage of and hit me right on the nose with her small clenched fist after turning around. I was still confused at the sudden turn of events when I feel pain in my nose, though I rub my hand on my nose and what I got is my own damn blood in my hand. Damn she can hit.

Anger flows through my entire body. She hit me. A girl hit me. The audacity of her. I know she ran away, but how far you can run Darling. There's is only dead end for you. Before I can signal the bouncers

"Shit dude what the f**k happen to your nose" Dylan slurred coming in front on me blocking my way. Nice timing.

"Not now" I bark. Dylan step aside after sensing my rise in temperature.

But before I can move to my vision was blocked by another idiot who can't even stand straight right now. I cursed underneath my breath to control my anger so I don't rip apart these two f**king idiots in front of me.

"Who pisses you off now princess, tell me I'll handle it" he joked while I can't control it now anymore. I clenched and unclenched my fist several times. So, I do what I do best. I pick the glass near me and hit it hard to the wall. This calls peoples attention. Well that's just a start guys, you're here for a show. My body is shaking with anger from all the frustrations and tension. The whole day my patience have been tested many times and I need to release this.... The bulging pulses of my neck are enough to give red signal to my idiots friend and they start backing away from me. Wise choice.

I hear people screaming, running for their life out of the club. Dylan and Matt controlling the situation by taking phones of people who are taking videos and calling the bouncers to stop any media involvement.

And what I was doing the whole time, is wrecking the place into one damn hell. It seems a storm has passed with way glasses are broken, tables have turned, chairs are broken and clothes are ripped. Obviously my shirt.

I was counting numbers sitting on the floor shirtless which my psychiatrist have told me to do to control my building up tension. I have blood on my hand, but do I give a shit. Nah!

"Oh! My baby" my mother exclaimed. Her heels were clicking on the shreds of broken glasses laying carelessly on the floor.

I looked up to see my parents standing upfront. My mother have a concerned look etched on her beautiful face as if she's about to cry, whereas my father have blank expressions. His emotionless gesture is enough to tell me silently that I'm going pay hell of a price for this havoc, and there's no denying to it.

Shit! Shit! Double Shit!

What did I put myself into.

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