Love Hatred

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"Who the fuck you think you are. You. are. nobody. to my son." burst Graham angrily. He had enough of her "No" Sarah answered straightning her shoulder. "I'm not nobody. I am his mother." she replied with equal anger not thinking twice the outcome of her unanticipated declaration. Graham stood in shock looked straight in her light blue orbs and take a step closer to her "w-what did you just say" he asked in his low deep voice, still dangerous enough to make her whole body shudder. The look on Graham face was enough to make Sarah stop in her steps. She realised what she had said. But now it's too late. Her legs got freeze, her face look pale, her hands are sweating profusely, her heart is pounding..... hard ready to burst out of her ribcage. She is scared. Very. Scared. Tears are threatening to pool in her eyes. But.......Can she let herself a breakdown No... No... No... She's not going to cry. Definitely Not now, Not ever,.... Never in front of this.....this monster. She thought determinedly. But now Her secret is out. What is she going to do now?? What is going to happen now?? Why don't you read it And found out.............. yourself.

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Sitting on the bench Sarah is looking at the play ground where her son is playing football with his friends. She had a book in her hand but instead of reading she fell in deep thoughts looking somewhat afar.

She realised how happy and content she feels with her life. She found her own small world of happiness. It's not a dream life a normal girl would want but it surely does have its own fulfillment. She is blessed to have a 6 year old son Ryan whose beautiful blue eyes lit her world like no other thing can. Just the mere thought of her son bought a huge smile on her face.

She remembers the struggles she faced from the past 7 years. Moving from London to Chicago settling in this new country, giving birth to a son and raising him all alone, definitely was not an easy task. Well, if it's not because of her son she don't know if she could ever had survived. He is her strength who keep her together to face the world for the better as well as for the worst.

She had a past which still hold the capacity to haunt her nights, even after this much long time. There are many sleepless nights she had spent staring at her son's face beside his bed. She thought she could get over it. But It's those bad memories she had lived who always found their ways to creep back in her peaceful life.

She always tried to keep her mind busy by occupying it with some sort of work who happens to always comes handy in her life because with Ryan there's no chance to avoid them. He always comes first for her.

So she spent most of her time paddling here and there meeting the needs of her small family by working her ass off.

Thinking about work reminds of her some good old memories of a place where she used to loved to work. Old memories.

There is always a piece of yours you left behind with the place and people you spend your time with which you store as memories some were great and some meant to be just silly but beautiful.

Sarah also had left behind a naive silly plain young stupid girl who enjoys life to the fullest who believes that everyone is innocent, trust them easily at the back of hand. Thinking about her old self fills her eyes with tears not knowing how she should feel about things happened with the passage of time. Happy or sad.

She still remembers the moment of mixed emotions she felt when she realised the fact that she was pregnant. She was scared & confused, a betrayed soul and in so much pain. If it's not because of Alisha's (her best friend) support she doubts if she could to make it this far. She had almost decided for abortion but Alisha at the right time put some brains in her little mind, make her realised gravity of her mistake of taking a life which was so unlike of Sarah.

A girl who scared to hurt anybody was ready to kill her own child and she blames that bastard for it who had ripped her soul apart. She despises him to this level that she hate to spell his name out aloud.

But unfortunately for her, he also happens to be the father of her son. Now she hated herself that how she stoop so low to even think of loosing Ryan for forever, how she become so cold to even think about it. She still feel guilt about it.

Cold shivers ran down spine as tears wet her soft pink cheeks. She's looking straight towards nothing just meddling in her thoughts.

She was still in deep flow of emotions completely unaware of her surroundings when small warm hands touches her wet cheeks wiping away tears from her face. Coming to her senses she realised she was crying and standing in front is his handsome son whose brows are furrowed, tensed blue eyes holding so many emotions staring at her face. Before she react, Ryan ask her in his sad voice

"Why mom?"

"Why what?" Sarah nonchalantly ask him

"You know you're crying right. Tell me if I am wrong. Who hurt you. Just tell me the name." He asked her raising his voice like the overprotective son he is.

Sarah admired the concern of Ryan. But there are time when his concern laced with fury, that obnoxious behaviour of Ryan which he do sometimes, reminded her of his father everytime. She knew too well how to handle this side of his behaviour.

Sarah smiles at his son and asks him

"So how's it?"

"What" Ryan ask in a confused manner

"The Game" She answered

"That's not the answer of my question?" He countered

"What was your question, son?" She ask him pretending to be unknown.

"You know what I am asking mama. And I also know why you are doing this." Ryan replied cool manner.

"Well then, why need to answer when you have a mind reader with you" she replied with a polite tone without losing her calm composure

He is curious enough to ask again.She knows his son too well. Before he did. She needed to come up with a strong lie.

"Let's head home then" Looking at her watch she told him plainly to avoid previous conversation

"Tell me first why and then I'll come"

She knows he is stubborn, not going to let her off the hook easily. Damn him. She caused under her breath.

"Well, this book makes me cry" She literally high-five her brain to come up so quick with a convincing lie

Ryan ask in his curiosity "What is in it?"

"Well it's about a struggle of a soldier in battlefield and other emotional stuff..... You adult problems" she is glad she remembers what the book's about.

Ryan is not buying it. He is 6 year old but not a fool. He knows when her mother is lying and right now she's is doing it. But before he interrogated her. His friends came to talk to him.

Sarah is happy that his friends came unintentionally helping her settling her appearance by buying her some time. She is not good with lies and she knows it. Unlucky for her, even her son knows it she shows the signs like not making eye contact her face become pale.

On the other hand, his son unaware of her mother's turmoil tried to look convinced to her at her fabricated lie. He loved his mother and tried to ease her mood telling her his tales of locality and school and watching her listening to him intently.

He got this feeling that she don't want to talk about her moment of earlier. So he tried his best to put smile on her lovely face. Because of his attractive personality and matured understanding he sometime act like an adult.

Ryan have seen his mother struggles to meet their needs, and he never like her tensed face. He knows when she silently cries sometimes at night beside his bed thinking that he is asleep. She seemed scared but of what and of whom piques Ryan interest. He know nothing about it but he would like to find about it.

Ryan never ask any question about his father he understand that she is uncomfortable to talk about it but once when he asked his mother she brush off the subject saying that he(father) is far away from home for work purposes, but Sarah tend to forget that his son is not like normal small kid who can be distracted with a lollipop. He knows that his father noninvolvement in their life must be for some serious reason. He is determined to find out about it if not now then maybe somewhat later.


Graham is busy in back to back meeting at his headquarters, with the sole intention of acquisition of this new company. He wants nothing but to heed as much success as possible. Because business gives him the sole objective to live. He has no worth-living-motive right now last he remembers.

But business was never a choice given to him it's a responsibility he had to obey who coincidentally he loves too. Being the heir of London family whole business ought to be his, maybe the only thing he is grateful to his father.

Standing here in his office looking through full length glass admiring the view London offers he started thinking about himself, his life choices and the impact they made on him.

Graham knows that he is not a saint. He had made his share of mistakes, personally he don't regret any of them mostly but the one which always stirred feeling of repent in him is marrying that stupid bitch Stacia. She has always been nothing but a bitch in the cover of astonishing beauty always an admiration to the sight.

He always thought she was perfect to be his wife, always so elequent, rich in manners and raised with an attached regal family name alternatively perfect for his reputation. But the shell of the cover soon fall after their marriage. How he had been so stupid to not noticed this earlier. He is pissed at himself the most to let her waste his 5 years of time.

Stacia started showing her true colours, her constant pretensions for attention started getting on his nerves.

Now Graham had enough of her. That's why he had sent her a divorce notice before he was leaving from New York. This 5 years of charade has taken a toll on him. He can't bear this so-called "Stacia drama" anymore in his life. He just want some peace in his personal life so he can fully concentrate on professional one.

He wants nothing but to be free from this unwanted relationship, but that's not what Stacia wants. She wants to hold that fame comes along with London name. She doesn't care a shit about him and Graham is well aware of it.

But what she don't know is that when Graham London wants something he always gets it. He had always been this way. And now if he had decided that Stacia is going to be out of his life then she will be very sooner either by hook or by crook. With this determination he get back on to his desk to his only loyal wife which is his baby business.

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