Love Hatred

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Sarah's POV

"Oh! My! God! I am going to be late" Sarah exclaimed. She hate being late.

"What's the matter with me. Hurry up Sarah Fast"

Sarah coming out of bathroom in a robe hastily picked her pencil black skirt and choose cream plain shirt along with it, well it will work for her 5'4 petite structure she thought.

After getting dressed she combed her pretty blondes in a tight bun.

Hurriedly she put on her black heels and leave her apartment before calling her bestie bye who is a night owl still sleeping.

Morning hours proving itself to be the most busy time making it difficult for Sarah to catch a single taxi.

She groaned internally when the taxi no. 8 passes her without stopping.

"Now I am going to catch this one for sure" her voice sounds determined.

Fortunately for her this next taxi stops. She open the door to enter but not before a passenger enter from the other side. Now Sarah is literally pissed off and not in slight mood to show her kindness and let this taxi go. So without giving another thought she entered the taxi.

"Oh..k so two of you?.... Where to??" the middle aged taxi driver asked.

"23 Broadway" we both speak at the same time, me and the other passenger whom I haven't even spared a glance yet. I can see from my peripheral vision that he is giving me death glares from the moment I have entered the taxi like he'll rip my head apart of I didn't step out of the taxi. I don't dare to look his way 'cause he is making me feel uneasy.

Seriously the way I can still feel his stare making my heart pounding hard enough to come out of the ribcage. Is he angry that I sit without almighty permission. I mean Chill man!! it's just a taxi.

I know it's rude to enter into an already booked taxi. And in this case it looks like he loves his privacy way too much. But I'm in a hurry so what can a girl do. Sorry dude but you have to bear with me.

Taxi started moving after and nervousness also started getting best in me not because of this weired guy but for my first job interview which is with none other than 'The freaking London Towers'. I'm going to work for them I still can't believe in my eyes that this all is real.

London family is the richest family in England well obviously after the Royal family. But still they own almost half of the estate in London. And I Sarah Wilson is going to work for them. Well yeah, I need to pull the brakes to my hopes right now, I still have to clear this interview, but you know a girl can hope like my dear mother always said to me.

Being starting as an accountant in the biggest firm of England is not a small thing I know that, and I have worked hard for it from school to college.

I know I can do this and I am going to mark my name on it. With this I am feeling good, like really good. There are many people who will be there for this interview. But I am a strong contender and I'll nail it. I kept repeating this in my head. I'm fighting my fears but suddenly there's a voice out there stronger than my inner one.......

"What the fuck did I tell you about that hm....." a deep stern voice said.

This drift my attention to the source of the voice which is none other than my side passenger.

I can see only his side face not complaining about it after knowing how rude he can be. I don't want him to know I'm lookin his way and caught her attention. So I observe him from my peripheral vision.

Well good grace if he's not handsome, his nose is one of like greek gods. What! I am saying dude!!Like seriously did I say it. I mentally slap my head. I'm staring at him and talking shit when I need to mind my own business.

But he had caught my attention and I keep glancing at from him moment to moment. Oh boy! He is definitely a sight to watch.

His chiseled jaw is ticking continuously, his shoulders are tensed while he is ruthlessly barking orders on phone. He is wearing a blue suit which is definitely good for the eyes. His body language is reeking power displaying his dominance.

I don't know whether he is scares me or attracts me because there are uncertain feelings some goddamn tingles rising in my body, just listening to his deep husky voice is doing something to my stomach. My throat become dry. I need water. Damn him!!!!

"No you don't fucking show me your mother fuckin face from now" he hissed.

"Not what ask why" he spat making me flinch.

"Cause you're fired." he chuckled darkly.

Oh...k did this dude seriously fired someone on a freaking phone call.

Now that shit show got on my nerves Boss!!. How can you do this!!!.

My first guess is that

maybe he is someone powerful who likes to dominate people working beneath him like

An arrogant asshole a rich snob feeding his hunger of power by rebuking others.

But again who I'm to judge I don't know shit about him and I am surely not going to find out. I have my own life problems & not in mood to invite another and this man is dangerous territory. So, I stay put and silent my curiosity.

I need to concentrate on my goddamn interview & not on this chit chat with my brain about this hot guy. Duh!!

Taxi came to an halt as it stop in front of a tall building from the window I can see we're at 23 Broadway.

After parting with the taxi I glance at my taxi partner. He is cursing loudly in the phone while stepping up stairs of "London Towers" and there are people rushing around him.

Oh! No! No! Mother load Jesus why???




1st question that ping in my mind

Did he work here? Or just on a visit.

If he did work here then he must be at some serious high designation, which make him my boss or maybe my boss's boss whatever I know I have to stay away from him as far as possible.

He is freaking dangerous. Never in my life have I ever met someone whom I strongly feel the need to repulse.

Keeping those stranger thoughts aside I stepped inside the building and awed the beauty of the building feeling thrilled by looking at the commotion surrounds me. Then I turned towards the young pretty blonde at the reception table and come to business

"Hey!"closely after reading her batch "Nora right" I smiled.

"Yes. Hi to you too miss" she smiled.

"So how may I help you" she is really good looking.

"Actually I am here for the interview of assistant accountant position"

"Your good name miss" she asked

"Sarah Wilson" I replied

After looking at the her desktop she replied"Yes, Miss Wilson your interview is scheduled at 10:15 am with Diana Williams. I will call you when it's the time till then you can wait in the waiting room at the back"

I thanked her then.

After taking a seat she took a deep breath. She's on time and this helps her cool down her nerves that everything is going to be all right. She start checking around the area and admired the interior of the room just like the building. Everything is lavish and spacious, from floor to the ceilings, big glass doors to the furniture, walls are a perfect combination of white & dark grey showing the richness of dominance, they have everything so pitch perfect. No doubt London Towers had every best thing in their buildings.

Nora called her name and she get up from her seat to the reception table

"You can go to 27th floor and then take right to the HR department. Take the lift to your left"

"Thanks a lot Nora. You really are a sweetheart" I smiled at her

"Anytime Ms. Wilson. All the best for interview."she smiled back.

After getting to the 27th floor I proceeded towards the HR department. I introduced myself and was immediately called inside an office for interview.

After 3 hours she was out of building and reached for phone in her purse to check on her friend for lunch they together plan at their favourite diner. She is excited to talk to her. After three rings Alisha picked her phone and asked immediately

"So did they take it or not"

"What" Sarah asked confused.

"Oh! Idiot I mean are they smart enough to select you or not"Alisha muttered irritatedly like Sarah is stupid enough to not understand her words.

"Actually they......just that..... you know what..... they" Sarah is taking time intentionally earning a groaning sound from Alisha.

"Oh! Sweet mother Jesus! Stop getting on my nerves and Speak up fast lady"Alisha must be rolling her eyes Sarah knows her well enough. She has always been the impatient one.

" Oh..k.... so it actually went great. I nailed it. Interviewers were so impressed that they select me immediately" Sarah exclaimed happily while strolling down the footpath..

"Oh! Yes!......Oh! Yes! My bestie got selected. Oh! Yes!..... Oh! Yes

You know that you're a gem Sarah. They would be idiot if they don't select you."Sarah heard Alisha heaving breaths like she has happily jumping up & down. Sarah giggled at her friends silliness.

"7:00 pm got ready we're going to PARTY" Alisha announced loudly.

"Ok.... ok yup we will go to this new pub you're talking about lately" Sarah suggested.

"Yeah Ya that one. So do wear your big girl panties 'cause we're going to party." Sarah laugh hard at her friend's excitement.

"Ok then talk to you later. Love you" Sarah parted with her friend.

"Love you more sweetie. Bye" Alisha replied.

Sarah entered the diner ordered her food and is happily enjoying her over the top moment. After talking to Alisha she understands that what's worth is to share your happiness with your loved ones. And Alisha is one of it. She's like her bestie cum sister. They're literally joined like by hip impossible to pull apart.

Graham's POV

I still can't believe when my father called me to put that idiot James back at his job. I mean how can he told me to do it when he knows it's all because of that idiot that I couldn't get major information after a fuckin hour.

Barging inside my office standing beside my desk I turn and angrily put my fists on the table I start leaning towards the desk and heave deep breath and start counting






After some hard time, I placed my ass on my big armchair and buzzed my intercom like I'm going to break it.

"Why on earth my coffee is not at my table" I growled

"S-sir I...i-t's just coming" my new assistant stuttered. I changed my secretaries like my damn clothes. I don't remember if this one is no. 8 or 9 in this past week.

There's a small knock at my door I called loudly to the pain in the ass to come inside, a tall brunette come inside hurriedly and after placing my coffee she sccury outside.

Nobody is even e of the word efficient in this company. I have already made my mind that I'm going to change whole structure of London enterprise once I placed at CEO, that's for sure. I want the best and I'll make sure I'll get it.

I hate when anybody tried to act smart with me and have their own way like that pathetic James did but the thing irritates me more is when somebody tried to boss me like my father did today. It's like he don't trust my judgements. He ordered me in his curt voice leaving no space for argument to rehire that lazy shit.

Suddenly my office door open. I don't spare a glance 'cause I know who can enter inside my privacy without caring about their glorious life.

"Oh! It's an honour to have your presence here Mighty Prince!!" an irritated sound spit.

Here we go again.

I look straight into his eyes and our staring game start. Dylan my best friend and cousin is only one who can stand my anger. He knows me too well that I hate him for that. He never bulged nor look down like right now he came strolling here as if he is in a park and not in my office which most of the staff called lion's den, well I don't complain that it's a complement for me after all.

"I'm not in a mood" I calmly replied not in mood to go through an interrogation.

I am still pissed and trying to rein my temper. Judging my appearance Dylan give me knowing look. He knows very well about my temper.

"What did my sweet uncle do to you this time" Dylan asked while sitting in the chair in front of my chair.

Look this! this! is what I am talking about he knows it like he always do.

"He interferes in my decision" I paused. "Again" I emphasised the last word implying the importance.

"Tell me something new 'cause you don't just seem pissed you seem baffled. And Start from the beginning." he said amusedly. Like this is funy

"Hmm....My car broke down and I end up sharing a taxi with a woman" I told him the truth while leaning back on my armchair

"A woman or a hot sexy woman" he asked with a wicked smile and raised his eyebrows.

"Yeah! that I mean a beautiful sexy woman." I almost agreed to him Can you believe she didn't even spared me glance" I told through gritted teeth. Frustration is getting best at me.

"That would be a huge blow for your ego dude!!" He laughed hard making me frown.

"So let me get this straight you're pissed 'cause you couldn't able to put your hard dick at rest and you put that anger on that plump."he ignored my glare and continued

"I know that James is an idiot but man he's loyal and you should consider it before firing him." he stated like it's a fact and I shouldn't challenge him because if I do, this topic will continue back and forth which I'm not in mood of.

"Well maybe precisely. That's all" I agreed involuntarily.

"I know you don't like it but I'll take Uncle side this time. Think about it bro." after saying this he went to the door leaving me with my thoughts.

"And I'll see you in Blanco at 8" he said before leaving without turning.

I still can't able to come in terms with Dylan but it's not the time for all this. Let's get down to business.

I need my schedule. So I buzzed my secretary.

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