Love Hatred

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New York

Sarah is packing Tiffin box of Ryan when she listens to sound of shuffling and chair sliding behind her.

"Uggh MoM!!" he groaned. Ryan hates scrambled eggs but it's good for health so he have to eat it, there's no other choice.

"Finish it fast. You have a bus to catch." At which Ryan rolled his eyes.

"Will you stay at Alisha's after school? Stacy isn't well today. She called in the morning." Sarah expectantly looked to which he nodded.

Sarah then come around the table & checked his bag one more time to confirm if he had everything he might need.

Ryan rolled his eyes at it and internally groaned. He speak 'cause he couldn't able to control it.

"I'm not a toddler mom"

"Hm so?" Sarah asked and Ryan shake his head like this would explain anything.

"So stop checking out my stuff"

"I'm your mother son and who told you 'stuff' word" Sarah asked to change the topic.

"And I'm a young boy who can do his work on his own. And for your satisfaction Tanya told me"

"What else she told you?" Sarah asked looking with a raised eyebrow at his son who is stuffing his mouth full like he is on a mission to swallow down fastly.




"Chill mom I'm a big guy now" Ryan said in a relaxed tone while finishing his breakfast.

He sometimes got tired of telling her that he is big enough to take care of himself.

Sarah prioritize Ryan and his happiness for everything & at every point in her life and sometime her too care and overprotective nature became suffocating for him but Ryan the Adult one he is well, that's what he thinks of himself, wants her mother to loosen up a little bit and enjoy her life like go on a date have a boyfriend.

But Sarah is Sarah and she can't risk to fall for someone because now that Ryan is involved in the picture. It's not easy for her to ignore his discomfort just for her sake of happiness.

It didn't mean she is living a boring life huh!!


So here it is that she do dating a little but try her best to avoid serious relationship as much as possible. And honestly speaking she have never met anyone whom she even considered enough to introduce him to Ryan.

Why?? Maybe because of her insecurities.

After leaving Ryan at bus stop with his friends she left for work.

Entering her office she called her super cute assistant Olivia to update her of her schedule.

She worked as head accountant at Delilah Accounting Firm the infamous accounting firm of New York. She had paid her services for the last 7 years for this firm and worked really hard to earn this position. This place is like a rock & solid stuff of her trembling life. She is in great debt of Delilah for showing trust in her abilities when nobody did. Alisha helped her contact with her.

"Miss. Benson was asking you in her office at 9 and at 9:30 yo.......

Before Olivia could finish Delilah enters....


Did I spell it correct

No.. No..

She barged inside the room like she always do. Nothing new.

Ok..Here wo go sarcastic again.

Don't go shocked I know I have my mood swings. And today is sarcastic day.

Woo... hooo!!!! Ride along baby

"Ms. Benson What do I owe the pleasure from" Sarcasm is rolling out my tounge. Like her name rolled.

"Not now" looks like she's stressed. Interesting.

Olivia sensing the mood leaved us alone.

Two lonely friends.

"C'mon spill your guts"

Well me and her as you have seen not like ordinary boss employees. We are more like friends like spill your secrets out friends.

She's going to do it. You'll see.

"I'm pregnant and....." She trailed off.

"What????" I screeched. Not womanly.

"Not the time for drama Sar" she hates when I overreacte.

But tell me isn't this situation demands it.

"Hmm with whom" I inquired her to settle my build up curiosity.

"Well it's a stranger I bed with"

"Wtf" it's double dramatic.

"You can use the full form" she told in her

"But you call me dramatic." Still in shock I settled down in my seat from which I don't remember when I stood up.

"We're going to meet Brian's" so she changed the topic like she's always do.

"Ok" I said in small voice. She is changing topic.

And I need control myself

SMOOTH Sarah Smooth......

Pushing her is not a solution to this situation.I know I have to give her time so she settled down to damn earth & open her damn mouth.

"And yes you are" her voice bring me back from my la la land of thinking.

"What" I ask in confusion.

"Dramatic" she said before turning away in her heels

Now I frowned.

"She's taking it lightly and talking about me being dramatically" I murmured to myself

I can't read her all she is giving me is a blank expression.

Is she happy,confused,shocked or what??

I mean you're pregnant girl!!!!

I just hope it would be easy on her.

Unlike mine.

Not to old memory lane. Not the time for it. I shake my head.

I prepared my papers which I might need for this upcoming non expected meeting with none other than Brian

Why now??

I mean I like him. As a friend. Nothing more. But he likes me. Very Much. More than as a friend.

That's why Delilah did what she did. But I can't. I am scared to trust anyone in such manner. I can't do deep.

None of them understand.

Not my son

Not Delilah

Not Jacob. My gay friend. He is good looking guy met at a bar immediately click off.

But that's not the point. What was I saying.

I'm drifting. Again.

Somebody needs to be serious and you know the person very well.Ya Right!! ME

But now I'm stuck. With BRIAN



Door opens and here comes my pain in the ass friend walking in his own glory like this is a runaway and not my office. Graham thinks.

Let me introduce you to one and only Matt Adams. One of mine and Dylan business partner. Or should I say the best one. We met him in high school. We become friends when he save our ass from detention of three months and become our worst punishment. Friendship

WoW!! Good Old Days


Coming to the present. Why is he here??? He is a week early.

"Oh! Gosh!" Matt exclaimed like the dramatic one he is while sitting right in front of me.

I just stared right at him holding the papers in my hand while waiting 'cause he, well he is the gossip guy of all times ready to spill his guts and I 'The Impatient Bastard One' ready to throttle his neck if he didn't speak fast.

To cool myself I inhaled deeply.

"Stop throwing daggers at me" he scoffed while shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

I just shook my head and relaxed in my seat cause I know he is not going to stop.

Desperately I ask him matter of concern.

"How was the deal" I ask while looking in his eyes

"I tried to negotiate with him. But he like the bastard he is raises his demands. Can you believe he ask about increasing his partnership share. I was telling you from start he's greedy. Look he shows his true colours."he finishes in one breath.

That's what I like about Matt. He takes business pretty seriously. His bitch mode shift to business mode. I know it's a little bit much.

"Spare the bullshit. Tell me the date when that contract will be signed" I demanded

"1 week" he knows there's no room for bullshit in my voice.

I simply nod.

Door burst open and my other friend Dylan walks in wearing a black suit.

Without knocking. The audocity.

"Oops! Bitch what's up" he high five with Matt.

Ok now my office is a walk in garden.

Why?? see yourself.

I narrowed my eyes at Dylan who ignored it completely and reside himself beside 'The Gossip Queen'. Dylan just left my office and now he is back. Doesn't he have any work to do.

"Okay!! so, I met this chick at pub and we danced & talk. I feel like she's the one. She's so beautifully sexy" Matt sighed dreamily

I just rolled my eyes. Now I know why he is here.

"So what's new" I asked dryly

Dylan looks at me like I spoiled the mood.

Honestly if you ask me I'm over with all this stuff of meet greet. Nothing of this excites me. I don't know what I want but this is definitely not what I want. There is a void in my heart. I feel like time is passing and it's just me who is standing. Really not giving a shit to anything.

"Man I am serious" Matt replied in a serious tone

"So you like her. What's her name." Dylan asked like he is genuinely interested. And I am sitting here listening to this new found love story.

"Actually we made a pact to not share anything about each other and just enjoy the time. I feel like we had a connection" Matt told sincerely. Now that catch my attention. Dylan eyes grow wide at Matt announcement. And I was looking at him dumbfounded.

He what........

He is the biggest stupid. It's confirmed

Big news: Matt the bitchy bastard like a girl.

No...! no...! not!!! that he doesn't like girls. He likes them but just for good fucks. So what changes.

"You sound serious" I inquired. I have to know what's the matter.

"Damn right dude I am. She is so different but in a unique way " I frowned at the last part like what did he just say.

"Where did you leave our friend" Dylan complained Exactly my thoughts.

"New York and he'll come back to you after 1week with his girl in his arms"

Matty ginned making a promise more to himself than to us.

"Dylan I need you with me to find my girl" Matt said to Dylan to which my dear cousin nodded his head. He didn't have any other choice.

Honestly I'm happy for him. He deserves the happiness and if that girl make him happy he will have her. I'll make sure of it. We are three best friends who had each other backs.

"Don't come without her" I fist bump him and Dylan clap on his shoulder.

Looking at the time I frowned. I have to meet my dad. Before my assistant buzzed I get up from my seat grabbing my coat from it.

Both my idiot friends raises their eyebrows looking my way.

"Father's call. Gotta go." They both nodded their heads in understanding.

And continue their bickering updating each other. Heads up that's what they call.






Do I want to throw them out of my office?


Can I throw them out?





Don't ask why

I just shook my head. And start walking my merry way out of my office.

Father set an appointment. Not in office but at home. I'm just hoping it's not what I'm thinking it is.

Long day ahead.

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