Love Hatred

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Graham's PoV

Graham entered the pub with the sole intention to release the shitload stress with a good fuck which obviously not difficult for him. He is quite aware of his handsome features and their sexy effect on beautiful ladies. Women worships the place he walks onto, they craves for his attention let alone touch his body. His soldering looks and piercing eyes knows everything.


He choose his mark very carefully and today she needs to endure all his frustration.


Well for starters -

Because he's still pissed with this whole James freaking ordeal. If that f**ker had provided bidding information somewhat earlier Graham would have won that contract for which he had busted his ass for 6 months entirely. Graham was deseparate for that deal and that f**ker knew it. But he still got the courage to get on Graham nerves. But he is not the only reason of my anger.

The main reason is my father. I don't know for how long I could able to handle myself when it comes to him. I want to have the power to control everything that belongs to me. Me. Graham London.

I have done everything a London is expected makes me officially standout to claim my legacy. But my dear father had an opinion that says 'I am still not ready'. Like what's left to prove. I'm practically handling whole of the London empire without a CEO name. I tried many ways to convince him but that stubborn man isn't giving up. He said that I'm little aggressive to takeover and that-


and till that time someone need to supervise my behaviour which he honourably himself have taken the responsibility of. Like I'm a 5yr old and not an adult who needs somebody to pamper him.

He's. Definitely.Gone. Crazy. And there is no doubt to it.

I groaned internally. I can't wait for him to hand me over whole business so that he doesn't puts his nose in my every decision. Like today for example.

But now it's high time. I have had enough of him. My patience which is very less according to my mum have already been tested enough.

By the time in the evening Graham entered the club in his same blue suit which he never bothered to change from morning. Bad Mood.

Well as expected all the eyes fall toward his way, gorgeous beauties are eyeing him up & down with their mouth open, battling their lashes to get his attention, drooling over this specimen, their hands are begging to touch this handsome hunk in front of them even just once but on the other hand men are gazing him with incredelous jealousy.

Graham walks to the bar in all his glory like a lion in a jungle without a cent of care to anyone except the two idiots he called themselves as his friends cum brothers. He sit beside Dylan on the bar stool facing the bartender.

"Thank f**king lord. Glad you arrived Princess" Matt spoke while pulling a girl on his lap.

"One Vodka shot" Graham ordered a hot bartender who is batting her eyelashes and leaning over the counter making an attempt to show her full boobs which literally falling out of her short blouse.

I gave her my practiced flirtatious smile. But internally I cringed because unfortunately, I'm not into brunettes.

For Matty sake I don't bother to reply to which he pouted.

"Low blow" now this time Dylan muttered sloppily while laughing at Matt and patting at my back like a proud father.

Ok..... so he is drunk already. And now what he need is a chick.

After taking the sip of my drink I shift my attention toward the crowd scanning it for my prey.

Girls are eyeing me up and down. Nah.. Nah... No brunette, never a redhead. My taste is in blondes. They just fascinates me enough to grab their hair while I was busy in thrusting my dick in that beautiful cunt of theirs.

Two hot blonde chicks come at bar to our secluded place and order for their drinks while giggling over some nuisance.

Yes..... nuisance in response to which I just glanced in other direction.

I take my privacy very seriously but there are some things which get on my nerves.


Girls talks are one of them

That's why I demand my own space




That's why I want women only to quench my thirst for release.



I don't do bullshits like love Relationships and marriage. They are not made for me. You can't seriously expect from a Junior London to leave all the fun and act like a f**king puppy wrapped around the finger of a woman. That's not my style. I am not looking to settle down anytime near soon. Not until I had got I ever want in my hand. And I am working the hell out for it.

Honestly right now I don't have time for relationships at all. I may or may not be look forward to it in future but that surely depends on my mother. She has the eyes for Right Lady.

My plan is very detailed and very vivid in my mind and nothing can stop me from accomplishing it.

Those two blondes have already accompanied Matty and Dylan. One of them whose red lipsticks is out of her lips to make it look plump start paving her way toward my way from around the corner but before she make any mistake my dear cousin hold her from her waist and start dragging her to our secluded VIP table. Dylan very well aware of my mood jobs.

Currently we are all walking across the crowd and that two blondes and one another brunette chick are swaying their hips walking alongside with my two assholes of friends.

I don't like idea the of them with us. I literally doubt the choices of my good for nothing friends. These girls seem like college going wearing short dresses, bold makeups just to get laid and have good time is maybe enough to drive crazy a hormonal teenager. But we're not desperate. Correction. I'm not desperate especially not for a pussy when it's without a challenge. Easy is not my way.

Never have been never will be.

I use chicks for my own needs then discard them just like that. Maybe that's why I used to famously known as player. Heartbreaker.

But now I need to change my image. My old way are too public for my own loss. To make my dad convince so he let me takeover. I have to pretend to be someone which he deseparatly want me to be.

I do have maintain low profile. Change my ways just the way he wants me to be.

A moaning sound bring me back to reality. I snapped my head to see the source is a brunette who is dry humping sitting on Dylan. He has a thing for brunettes like mine for blondes. But I'm not to watch porn when I can be into one.

So I bothered my ass to stand and go to the lobby to get a clear view of real beauties. I mean yeah blondes for some fun and not someone clingy desperate whore.


What's this I couldn't able to find anybody who could stand on my standards.

From my peripheral vision I see someone entering the club but what caught my attention was a familiar face.

Someone blonde with a black short dress up to her mid thigh &

Sexy legs


A temptress

Hot sexy drool worthy curvaceous figure and a gorgeous rack

A smile tug at my lips...not genuine but a sinister one

It feels like I got my water to quench this thirst, my desires, my needs

I don't know why but she made me feel like we have something to settle..... Maybe that's why we met again

I'm curious if this stranger remember me. Who am I kidding. Abviously she does afterall I know she was catching glimpses of me when I was on my phone talking with that douchebag. But the thing disturbed me is that why she didn't approach me. Maybe she lacks confidence to do it. I admit I was not in my best mood at that time. I might snap at her if she did anything silly at that time. But the thing shocked me is that when I was getting her up & down she shrug off her shoulder like I have some disease and she's not in mood to be get infected.

I was staring at her beautiful face while she was leading toward the bar with her friend. She sat on the barstool and give me a complete view of her back. She had a white creamy skin which is turn on for me, her slender neck is giving me invitation me to grab it in my hands roughly when I f**k her from behind. Hmm... So good. She had curves at the right places. I want to lick that shell at the back of her ear. I was in my erotic fantasies admiring the view her creamy skin is providing at the same time she turns her head backwards like she feels someone's eyes on her.

And I got the full view of her angelic face. She had light blue orbs high cheekbones plump lips and from what I have seen earlier I can say she had a petite figure of 5'4. Around I guess. Being standing at one floor above I can clearly enjoy her movements. Her black short off shoulder dress give me a full view of her cleavage which is making me hard. Rock Solid Hard.

Damn. This girl is arousing me just from afar. I might burst out if she come close.

Who is she??

Her eyes were roaming here & there like scanning the crowd, then she bend her delicate neck upwards

A little bit more baby



and that happen which I want to happen. Her light blue orbs connects with my icy blue ones. We stare at each other like daring to look away. There's fire in them. But we both couldn't able to remove our eyes. I know How can somebody resist me. It's more like a statement than a question. I smirk.

Her eyes roam from my face to my toes. Oh! so she is assessing me. Good for her eyes. There is a magnetic effect her presence held on me and that is so sexy. It's a strange pull but it feels so adventures and fresh exactly what I need.

Her blue eyes held my eyes and we both stared at each other. She stirred some unknown emotions in me which are unexplainable.

I start climbing down the stairs not removing my eyes from her. Realising my move she quickly turns backward toward the bar. So my kitten wants to play. Two can play the game.

Well guess what kitten

Cheers to me darling!!

Cause I got my prey for tonight.

Sarah's POV

"No No I'm not wearing this

Look yourself it's too short, my butt cheeks would be visible." I shook my head at my this dress I'm holding.

Alisha just give her I-am-not-hearing-any-excuses look. It clearly gives no room for discussion. But I still try my luck.

"This isn't me." I whined, heaving an exasperated sigh thinking million reasons to give my dear friend of not wearing this slutty dress.

"Exactly my point." Alisha said while smiling like she hit a jackpot.

"What do you mean??" I asked while knitting my eyebrows, getting interested in understanding her point of making me do this oh-so-stupid makeover.

"I want you to not be yourself today. Change babe. Change" she emphasised the word change while pushing me towards the room.

"I don't need to change. I'm fine by myself." I grumped like a child.

"Yeah. Whatever makes you happy sweetie, but you're wearing this tonight." She spoke with finality.

"How can I?? This is too revealing" I turned towards her to talk her into not making me wear this, but looks like I'm not having any.

"LOOK AT ME. Straight in my eyes. I want you to make a change in yourself. And this makeover is the first step of a fresh start. See now as your good, No. No. Great friend I am going to lead you how to loose your Ms. Virginity style & become Ms. Bold & Sexy ." She is giving me her favourite pep talk while holding me from my shoulders.

And I on other hand just nodded her head, cause I am tired enough to argue with her anymore. I mentally rolled my eyes at her and goes to washroom to freshen up.

Well looks like I'm going be a little bold today. Not a little, actually Much. Arguing with my BFF is not going to take me anywhere.

She My BFF is a fashion designer and is a freelancer. She is great at her job. When I say great, it means no doubt great. She is outspoken, lively and my childhood best friend. After my mother's death she is my only family.

Alisha yeah that's her name. I hate her for make me do this. But I still wear this unwanted dress half-heartedly. I stood in front of mirror. Well, I had to admit myself that I look hot & sexy. But still this isn't me. Slowly I got meddled in thoughts of how much of my life have changed because of this special friend. I entered my life like a tornado and stayed with me making it more havoc.

But I love her.

She is actually more great in person. Beautiful both inside out. She treats me like a small sis. She protects from those assholes bullies in kindergarten. Yeah we have them at that time too. That's the the first time we met. She told me I look like her sister who died in an accident at a small age of 2 yrs. And she got a protective instinct for me.

Well she helped in many difficult situation of my life like my first heartbreak in which I got cheated by Ricky. I don't why I did forgive him and Alisha never supported my decision. He was my first and last boyfriend, for 3yrs we have been together. I can't just let myself getting angry on him. I have to forgive for my own sake. Our bond is not that same like old times, but I'm hoping we'll get there. One Day.

Alisha is a strong willed girl, but I'm not like her. I have very less people cared about me, even thought what Ricky did was wrong but I can't a person who genuinely care for me. He apologize to me multiple times for his mistake, he still feel guilty and I can see that in his eyes.

When Alisha understand my view point she forgave him eventually.

Alisha's free spirit can lead to destruction sometimes like We had spent a night in jail because she spewed mouthful of curses in her drunken state at an on-duty officer. But still it was one of the most adventoures night I have on my list.

There are more also.

Her parents are lovely. I still thought if she's adopted. No joke, I'm serious.

Her whole family treats me like their daughter. Sometimes she takes that seriously and complain that they love me more than her. Me and her parents and her siblings laugh at her misery, but soon she tagged along with us and laugh her ass off.

I have my high school time living with them. If I get married someday in near future. Her father would walk me down to the aisle and she would me my bridesmaid. When I share this wish to them they were ecstatic about it.

Great na. I know it is.

And one more thing she made me learn curses also. I have become proficient in most of them. No.Actually some.

Oh! Yeah! Coming to the dress

I like less revealing clothes. And this dress which is clinging to my body like a second skin is definitely far from my taste. I don't like unnecessary attention. And this dress is the perfect invitation for that.

I heared

"Come from your la la land and wear this so I can do my magic on your innocent face"

Why she thinks me innocent? I mean yeah I haven't date many guys after Ricky.


Cause I was building my career and honest answer is I was having trust issues after all of that.

I don't flirt cause it's not my fault that I don't know how to. Alisha tried to teach me but it's useless cause I laugh every moment she does try those flirtatious lines, at last she lost hope.

She shake me again calling me from my zone out mode and asking me to wear the black stilitoes she selected for me. These are going to be the death of me.

I wore those death heels and Alisha does her magic on my face not considering my request of light makeup.

She made me turn to the mirror to look at myself. I gasped loudly. I can't even believe this is me. I look hot & sexy. Damn girl.

I looked wide eyed at Alisha to which she just winked. Like she knew about my response already. She started dragging me outside our apartment then outside the building complaining about the manger who is being an ass and not maintaining the lift who is out of order for last 2 days, to which I agreed that he is an ass.

We hailed a cab and she became busy talking with her friends who we are going to meet in the club. What was the name. I can't remember. Whatever.

I started looking outside the window admiring the view. I can't believe that this is me. I have rarely let Alisha do my makeup. Why. It's not like she's not good. It's just me who feels little self conscious in makeup, like right now I'm fidgeting in my seat. I love being my natural me. No offense to makeup. I'm just a weirdo. I guess.

We arrived in front of big jet black building on which in a big bold letters were written BIANCO . Cool as Alisha described because sound of music blaring can be heard outside of this big wooden doors separating two different zones.

This is a new club but still gathered enough crowd that people are standing in line to get entry. I was about to step in the line when someone's hand hold my arm near my elbow. And I know the touch before to question it. Obviously Alisha.

She dragged me inside the club, and I got confused when the guard let her inside without asking for anything. I mean I know one thing for sure that we're not VIP, and our name was definitely not on the guest list.

When Alisha released my arm I give her a confused and curious look to which she just shrugged her shoulder, like it's no biggie.

I too shrugged my shoulders in response to her passive attitude. I don't know why I got this gut feeling that she's here not just to celebrate my job selection and this itchy feeling is not cool. Something's up. Definitely.

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