Love Hatred

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New York

Sarah's PoV

Upon entering the reception area of "Stone Enterprises" me and Delilah was asked to wait for 10 minutes which was weird cause Mr. Stone never let us wait

No. no. not me I mean Delilah as they are child buddies & he is very well aware of this woman habits like how she hates waiting and at this moment right now, Ms. Benson aka Ms. Impatient is pacing around the reception area, throwing daggers at that innocent receptionist who is squirming in her seat after every 10 seconds under her gaze.

So before my dear boss explodes I took her hand in mine and dragged her to sit beside me while giving an apologetic smile to the poor receptionist.

Now the task in hand is to plot ways to distract my dearest boss before she kill someone. She is so difficult sometimes.


The most recent news she shared or more likely announced this morning comes to my mind but it also made me anxious to ask her more about it. I know it's not the best time. We haven't even informed Alisha about it.

But curiosity is killing me every damn second and before I die from it It's my right atleast to know that man who makes my best friend commit sin, not mine her words. I mean Delilah is so smart planned and calculative so unprotected sex on her part make me more interested to know the specimen who bewitched her in his charms.

Someone's shaking my body and a hand wave in front of my eyes snap me out of my reverie.

"So who's he" I blurted out the first thing come out of my mouth. But now there's no time for backout, I have to complete my mission of 'finding the secret man'.

Yes I have to.

"Who's who?" She asked annoyingly in a dumbfounded manner like she doesn't know who I am talking about.

I gave her my best don't-fuck-with-me look, narrowing my eyes at her.

"Okay ok" she raised her hand in surrender. She knows when to not fuck with me.

Did she really think she can get away with it like she always does. Well no way sweetie, not this time.

"I met him at the pub where I go usually exactly three weeks before. He is actually kinda different" she speak the last line with a soft smile on her beautiful face like she is revisiting an old memory lane.

"What do you exactly mean by 'kinda' different" I ask her seriously by raising my one arch eyebrow. My only speciality.

"I don't know. It was not boring and not predictable. I must say he literally was an asshole bastard but I don't know somewhat sweet also." she sigh thinking deeply looking down at her fingers.

I just stared at her for a minute the words she just spit out seems so different coming out of her mouth.

I held her hands in mine and squeeze them in an understanding manner and ask her the most important question nagging me all this time in the back of my head.

"Did he know?" I have a feeling that I known the answer but still I just hope that it's not what I think it is.

In response to my question Delilah laugh lightly looking straight into my eyes like she was expecting me to ask this million dollar question.She really does know me.

"No. I don't even know his first name let alone last" she replied with some unknown emotion plastered on her face.

Like she is trying hard to use the facade of coldness to hide her true emotions of

Sadness, Anger, Confusion, lonliness.

This is one of the rare time I have seen her with that look. The last time was when her father expired 5 years ago and left all the responsibilities of the whole firm on her young shoulders.

It's like she is feeling the same loneliness. She rarely let anyone inside her walls to see this side of her. The weak side that's what she calls, but we all have our bad days. I know it's difficult for her but I feel happy that she trust me enough to let me in.

Delilah is very strong woman, she had worked damn hard and earn the success for her father's firm for which he would be very proud of her.

Both Alisha and Delilah are very dear to me. I just wished they both get the best of this world.

I squeezed her hands lightly to tell her silently that I am always here for her to which she smiled slightly in assurance.

"We can fi-"

Before I could finish my sentence, from behind me a familiar sweet voice approach us

"Delilah darling! What a pleasant surprise" turning around I found Mr. & Mrs. Stone

Delilah covered her expressions immediately and move to greet them with a polite smile


It surely does." She hugs and places kissses on both of their cheeks. "Now I know why that idiota made me wait." I just shook my head at her silliness.

Mr. Benson laugh loudly at the nickname Delilah used for his son. He is really a jolly person.

Turning their attention towards me they greet me with their bear hugs and ask about Ryan.

"When are you going to visit us with Mr. Smarty pants" Mr. Benson teased lightly.

"Very soon Sir" I promise them with a light smile. Delilah stared at me intently

"No formalities dear" Mrs. Benson replied with a soft smile. She is very elegant and refined lady.

"Exactly my thoughts" Ms. Boss said with much arrogance.

After bading our goodbyes with promises of meeting again we paved our pays separately. Delilah held my arm and drag me to the lift without waiting for receptionist instructions.

This is not the right time to argue with her.

After reaching to the 30th floor Delilah walked ahead of me at a fast pace and burst inside the room of CEO aka Mr. Stone without any knocking. What we get is-

"What the fuck" a loud booming voice- that's the first thing my innocent ears heard but I couldn't able to see anything cause my view is blocked by Delilah's back. Nevertheless being small have it's own disadvantages.

Coming to a side the scenery I got is slightly disturbing for my innocent eyes.

Mr. Stone is with a woman in a little compromising situation. Actually that's an mild way to put it. His blue shirt is open from the top to the mid like it's in process of tearing apart, the black haired beauty's red lipstick is completely smudged, her pink skirt had rode high enough to give a fair view of her thighs, both of their hair are rumpled badly. Looks like they were making out before we barge into their privacy. Oops....

"That's my line you idiota" Delilah screeched in not lady like manner and started throwing papers at him taking from my hand and me being me, not involving in their fight.

The back haired woman was also smart enough to take it as her cue to leave, leaving these two idiots under my care.

They are running around the room like kids fighting for their favourite ice cream. Who can say they both are CEO of such big companies??? Trust me, I can't.

I stifle my laugh the whole damn time because I am not interested to get caught by them and became a part of this marathon. So, I choose a spot behind the corner.

10 minutes later

We are now sitting around the mahagony desk in a silent treatment and Ms. Boss is glaring at Mr. Stone. The whole time he is checking the documents we want his signature onto, he is possibly avoiding making eye contact with any of us. I understand it's awkward for him but the thing I don't understand is the behaviour of Delilah. It's unsettling, she is dodging his every question like he is a parasite she hates. It's so unprofessional.

"I am going for partnership" Mr. Stone dropped the bomb.

"What??" Delilah ask surprisingly. I was dumbfoundedly looking at him. This bombarded news has actually caught our attention.

"Yup" Mr. Stone answered in a calm manner laying in his chair like we are talking about weather not of his prime family business which he is about to put in partnership.

"Look if it's some kind of prank Brian I would suggest you to not- no...." Mr. Stone started shaking his with a smirk on its face. Delilah just stared at him.

"I have made my mind" I know it's waste to question him

"You got to be kidding me." Delilah huffed and roam her right hand on her hair roughly. She did it when she is stressed.

"Did Uncle know about your stupid ass decision" she is using another tactic to get to him and stop him from doing something he regret later.

"He is one who want it as soon as possible" he replied nonchalantly.

We looked at him shocked. Wait...What?

"But why? I mean it's not like Stone Enterprises need it" The first time I voice my thoughts in this hot topic.

"That's the difference Bellissima, we don't need it, but we want it. My father wants our business to expand and you of all people know our funds are not sufficient for that level of growth." He pointed his fingers in between both of me and Delilah nad continued "We need another hand, a strong financial backup so we utilise their investment in our growth plan." I nooded my head in understanding.

"Look Delilah I was also not in support of his decision but when I think deeply it's not a bad decision at all. We all wants the best for the company." he pointed his sharp gaze to Delilah making no room further argument.

Delilah hummed in agreement which I was shocked at first then glad that I don't have to witness another banter of theirs.

"So I guess you might have already look for prospective investors" Delilah stressed on the term investors knowingly.

"Yup" he plopped the word 'p' a little high.

"And may I know about them Your Majesty" Delilah asked sarcastically with a bow of her head for dramatic effect.

"No you may not" I furrowed my brows at his answer while Delilah give her what-the-fuck look. I know he is intentionally getting under our nerves.

Years of working together with both of this incorrigible creatures made me understand to never ever speak in between their nosey talks. Yeah, it does feel like a third wheeler.

"Because it's a surprise for you, no- no actually all of you" he immediately stands from his seat stretched his body, put his blazer on and start to walk around the table to come towards Delilah who is not even looking at him. Bad mood huh.

" Relax cara mia you can grace them with your charms next week"

"What do you mean by charms" she stood in front of him and hit his arm in response to which he shrieked not so lady like.

"Yo!! crazy woman Really that's what you got?" I mentally rolled my eyes at him.

"Wait... Next week..,. who is coming next week." Delilah inquired

" Really fast!!! Slow Brainer Good Job" he patted her shoulder

Darling boss pointed her finger at him "Don't tell me you have made a deal already"

"You really think of me that low. That's the last thing I expect from you Cara Mia" I'm trying to control my laughter at Delilah expression and I swear he can be a hell of a good actor.

"I'm glad then that I surpassed your expectations" Delilah retorted with a smug look on her pretty face

"Now tell me who is coming next week"

"The investors"


"And as I have told it's a surprise for y'all. So I'll see you both next week, because I'm out now."

Before Delilah torture him with more questions. Mr. Stone was out of the door.

"Bastardo" she curses loudly. We can her his laughter from the hallway.

I collect our signed documents and nudged Deli to made way to elevator.

"What do you think about this partnership? I mean you were very quiet the whole time." Delilah asked

"You mean during your fight" I shake my head at her" Well honestly, I am as shocked as you. I really not seen this coming" I gave her my honest opinion

"Me neither"

"Yeah! I can guess that from the pissed look of your face." I laugh lightly reminding her reaction and at first Delilah stare at me emotionlessly but then laugh lightly.

We made our way out of the building and wave to George, personal chauffeur of Delilah. He is a middle aged french man who is working for Delilah as long as I can remember. He is a very kind man who had worked for Delilah's father also and I can see he deeply cared about her well being.

"He is an idiot" Delilah grumbled & scrunched her nose in disgust after we had sit in the backseat of the car. George have raised his eyebrows from the front mirror.

"I am sorry"Delilah expressed guiltly afterwards. She is switching her moods lately. Very Often.

"For what?" I asked confused.

"You know about th-that." She raised her both eyebrows as an indication and I'm clueless what is she trying to imply.

I scrunched my eyebrows as the bell ring in my brain"Oh about that it's completely fine" I thought she is apologizing for his friend's behaviour which is actually so strange for me I mean it's not new for me to see Mr. Stone playboy affairs. He flirt with me too, except today which is kinda strange.

Hold up, Deli apologized I looked at her shocked.

"What." She is perplexed from my shocked expression "I know it hurts you to see him like this. And even though you know him professionally but still you're woman with needs. I know he shouldn't have done that. " she said sympatheticly

My mouth is hung open at her blabbering. What the hell. Is she lost her damn mind at another universe. Oh! No it can't be she is too lazy for that.

"Hold up lady. First of all Mr. Stone can do anything he want it's completely his business"

" Don't act like it don't effect you" she reprimanded

"Professionally it surely did but Personally No, it didn't"

"It did sweetie. I thought we're friends and after all this time you'll come out & accept your feelings to me. But guess what I was wrong"

"Cause you are wrong. I don't have any romantic feelings for Mr. Stone. Look deli I understand you want good for us but you have to stop playing matchmaker. If it meant to happen it will happen. You can't force people to like each other" I finished my speech in one breath.

Hopefully she sees that I seriously don't see him in that way.

"Ok if that's what you think I'm not going to push you but still think about it" I want to say that there is nothing to think about but if she is dropping the topic then it's better to just give in.

"Ok I will"

"That's why I love you more than that bitch" Cause will never give in and we both know that.

"Deli" I scolded her with and slapped her arms lightly. "Ow it hurts"

From the front George laugh lightly

"Really George Now you too." I exclaimed to which they both laugh.

"I just hope that you both have the same expression when she get back to both of you for laughing behind her back"

"NO" they both replied in unison. I laugh loudly at their horrified expressions.

"We're here"

"Com'on let's meet the witchy bitch" Deli chirped.

"Seriously" I playfully glared at her while getting out of the car to meet Alisha at our favourite Barista.

"Hey! Ola Bitches" Ms. Fashionista grabbed everyone's attention in the large room while greeting us with her high pitched voice.

I cursed under my breath and Deli runs into the arms of Alisha like they are some long lost friends meeting after a war when they just have met a day before. They both are impossible.

"Hey! Sweetie what's up" Alisha greeted with a bear hug crashing my fragile body in the process

"Can't breathe" Alisha chuckled releasing me from her tight grip.

After taking our seats and placing our orders, we started discussing our so-called life problems which is definitely never ending after that both Al and Deli gossips a little about celebrities, really their favourite past time activity.

While we were having a good time Deli thought this is right time to drop the bomb

"I'm pregnant" I choke on my own saliva

"What the f**k" the first words come out of my dear childhood friend's mouth

"Oh! Yes I am going to be an aunt" Al cheered loudly where I was just gawking at her expressions.

Deli's cheeks are red. Wait Is she blushing. Impossible

"Don't you want to know the story?" I asked curiously

"Sweetie knowing Deli for almost half my life. It must be a one night stand gone wrong. But that's not the point, I am so happy you're going to be a mum, Deli. I'm so happy for you. I will design his or her clothes. If it's a girl then I will give her pointers about dating. Honestly, I want you to have a girl. if it were twins much better I will be their besties more like a cool aunt to them. And You know....." She was blabbering all in one breath as if can't control her happiness. Well, I guess that was easy.

Deli and me share a look saying is-she-alright. I touch her hand to check her body temperature, which was normal against my better judgement.

"Relax Al. You're not preparing for an exams" I tried to stop her blabbering

"You seems more excited than me, plus normal and weired" Deli groaned loudly.

Alisha laughed and said

"Stop being a crying baby."

"Oh! I got it that's why you are being so grumpy these days."

"Yeah! I guess you are I mean I am having a lot of mood swings. I don't have any control over my emotions. Yesterday I cried in the middle of night because I craved for ice-cream and there wasn't any, so I called Sarah to get me one."

"And let me guess Sarah get you one immediately. But still you're better than Sarah." I immediately got tense at Alisha's words.

Sensing my reaction Alisha immediately regretted & changed the topic immediately by demanding Delilah to spill the beans and not miss any detail related to her sperm donor. Alisha's words not mine.

Delilah's face turns beet root red. But she knows there is no where to escape now 'cause when Alisha wants something she always gets it.

So for the next one one hour we listen to the whole adventure of Delilah pregnancy.

After which George dropped us at Alisha's home where I picked my baby boy playing with Alisha's neice Stella, a 5 years old sweet brunette beauty. Her parents died in an accident when she was just 1 year old. God's acts are sometimes so difficult to understand.

Good grace, Alisha adopted her officially and is raising her as mother, for which I am really proud of her. Stella is a real beauty and can capture anybody's heart with her cute heart shaped face and adorable personality. So I can't question my boy crush over her which he denied everytime being asked. But Alisha is Alisha she used to tease him a lot. I mean it, A lot.

"Oh! My!! Is this my home" I came beside Alisha and see the view and examined the beautiful painting completely destroyed on the floor with pieces of glasses here and there. Oh! My God.

"Ryan did this" Stella speak in her cute voice boredly and point her pinky finger at Ryan who was breathing heavily.

Ryan's black hair was all messed, his blue eyes were dark with anger. He got anger issues as genetic gift.

"He is throwing another tantrum" she said with coming towards us on her tippy toes.

Stella is really courageous just like Alisha and never got feared of Ryan anger issues.

When Ryan's eyes meet mine his entire body immediately relaxed. He run towards me and hugged me tightly. I can see he is guilty of his actions already.

I looked at Alisha and mouthed her "sorry" she mouthed "it's alright" and called her maid to clean the mess. Again I mouthed "we will talk later" in response to which she give me a nod. She is always so understanding.

I pick Ryan in my arms which he accepted and put his face in the crook of my neck. I can feel he is embarrassed.

I made our way out of Alisha's house and enter my home which is just beside her home. By the time I put the keys on the counter, I heared a light snoring. I carried Ryan to his room and place him in his bed carefully. I made my out of the door after tucking him and kissing him on his head. I looked at my son innocent face like it wasn't just one minute ago this same face was burning with anger.

The tiny frown on his face made me wonder what had happened that made him snap. He never loses his temper that easily. I just hope everything will be alright. I really love my baby and seeing him sad and in pain hurts the most.

I don't remember when sleep took me in while I was busy thinking about today's event slouching on my comfy sofa. Ufff.....Very Tiring Day.

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