Becoming Luna

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+18 Its your choice to make..;) "Liz!?" I heard Nate whisper near my ear. "Wake up."he whispered again but this time from the crook of my neck. I could now feel a hand moving from my side to my belly, putting pressure on my skin. I could feel kissed on my neck, could feel the heat and moisture of a mouth on my skin, moving lower and lower slowly and lightly. Stretching my body and growling lowly i turned my body around, laying on my back, "What are you doing Nate?" I said, sleep and tiredness dripping from every single word i said. Turning his head up to look at me while moving lower to my right nipple and taking it in his mouth, he moved his right hand up from my belly to the other and started massaging my left breast, murmuring "I want you." While continuing on giving attention to my now hard nipples. I moaned lowly when he bite down my nipple and turned my head to look at the clock on the night stand, the whole room was slightly light but it didn't seem like it was yet the time to wake up. "Its 3:24 Nate" i said, slightly frustrated becuase of him waking me up this early. "So!?" He brushed it off easily and moved his right hand lower on my bare body, "I want you." He said again while reaching my clitorîs and starting to rub it in circular motions. Moaning at the sensation he cut me off and pressed his lips on my own, hovering over my body at the mean time.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter one


This book is about Lizzie, a strong woman that has been through a lot despite her young age, that has to overcome the new culture that she is introduced to by her mate, Nathaniel.

Nate, a strong alpha, is known to be vicious but when it comes to his mate, he is a loving and understanding man that is even willing to sacrifice himself for his soulmate.

The story begins with their first encounter and shows you how hard it might be for a human to enter and adopt to a world that she never even thought existed.

As the story goes, lots of events from the past reveal themselves throughout Lizzie’s actions and behaviors and is bound to strengthen their relationship even more.

Read to find out what happens next!


“You just have to keep it together for 4 more hours and then you’re done .. 4.more.hours !”
It was all lizzie could think of to comfort herself that day on her way to the cafeteria around the corner from her office.
It was such a messy day and she couldn’t wait for it to end!
At first , she realised that she’s left her journal in her room at the dorms and she was already half an hour late , so there was no chance that she could go back and get it..
After that , when she finally made it to the office , she was greeted with her super angry supervisor looking for her and demanding the journal!
And now for her break she was craving for some coffee and found herself in the cafeteria..

Lizzie’s POV:

“You just have to keep it together for 4 more hours and then you’re done .. 4.more.hours !” i was whispering this while waiting for my much needed coffee!

“There you go honey!” Lisa said with a smirk on her face while handing me my cup that i always use which has been capless for an entire week now..
I have no fuckin idea where ive lost its cap and now ive got to deal with my soon to be cold coffee. Could this day be any worse?

After chatting for a while with Lisa about my terrible weekend and the worst ways to have your week started which i simply experienced all of them in one day, i was good to go but right when i turned around i bumped into something as hard as a wall and as expected, had my whole caffee spilled on myself..

I was wearing a nice >you can say dark but not that dark!< ripped jeans and a white blouse which two of the top buttons of it were undone and a sweater on top which was creamy and cozzy along with my favorite coat which was navy and white sneakers.

At least thats how i used to look because now im left with a brown stained sweater and a red face showing utmost anger!
“WHAT HAVE I DONE TO YOU? WHY DOES ALL OF THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN TODAY??” It was an angry whisper which im sure everyone whithin 2 feet away from me heard it..
I was both angry and sad.. i felt like i couldnt take it any more..
My job which was supposed to be the best job ever became an absolute fucking nightmare for me after nicki (my former supervisor) was laid off last week, and now i was left to tolerate this “so called woman” which was a nasty wisard inside out..

After taking a good look at my now soaked sweater, i was waiting for a response from this wall of a man but didn’t get any.

Does he not want to apologize for this?
Or is it me that has to do that?!
Ughhhhh, i dont even know..

After a couple of moments of silence, my curiosity got the best of me, so i decided to take a look at him.

He was a well built guy with a nice style, his height was the first thing that i noticed and surprised me. He was at least a foot, or even more, taller than my 5′4 figure.

His brunette hair was pushed up messily. His eyebrows sharp and clean, his eyes a deep blue and his eyelashes long. His lips were plump and pink, so damn inviting and manipulative, so manipulative that compeles you to stare the more your eyes linger there. His skin is a pale white that im sure every woman envies.. or at least i do.. His face is also so damn good sculpted, he has a sharp jawline that makes you wanna pull your hand up and cup his face. It just fucking looks like he just walked out of my wildest dreams if im being honest.

After drooling for about half an hour by just looking at him! I realised that he, is also checking me out, he’s just staring down at me, without saying a word, with surprise and care in his eyes..
Wait a minute! Care?! Wow he must be a creep! But nonetheless a HOT on at that!

I know that i have to say something right now but nothing comes out..
So i just clear my throat to stop him from gawking! Not that i wasn’t doing the same a moment ago!

The voice that i make is like a wake up call for him..
He suddenly looks aware of my state and looks so guilty all of a sudden.

“OH, im really really sorry” He suddenly says.

Sweet jesus!
He’s voice is so husky and deep..
I feel like i can only have a small orgasam with that voice all alone!

“Its..its okay. I wasnt paying attention..” i stutter and look down.

“Would you like a refill then?!” He asks while tilting his head to the side. I can only imagine a freaking smile or a smirk on his face..

“......Sure.” i let out with a sigh and look up at him.

He gestured for my cup and i reached my hand out to give it to him. The tip of our fingers touched for a second, which im sure he did it on purpose because of that breathtaking smirk on his face when he was about to turn to lisa and ask for a refill, and it was like fireworks inside of me that lightened up. I swear to god it has never happened to me before.. at least not after i realised that im SO OVER guys and all the bullshit they bring on with themselves..

I was stiffened physically and was feeling such an overwhelming pleasure on the inside ..
What did he do? Was it just his touch that made me feel this way? Its crazy!! Is it even possible to happen?! I dont think so, but I know for sure that ive been out of the game for so long that my body was probably reacting crazy and thats just least i hope the last part is true..

“So you’re having a bad day princess?” The stranger says while reaching me.

Ugh..princess?? really??

Right when i was about to open my mouth, Lisa answers for me.
“Bad couple of days really! dont you worry though, i think she can use a good company to get over it.. You know what?! you guys can go ahead and order whatever that you want , its on the house .” She says.

“But i got to go.. that little wizard is going to chop my head off.. so THANK YOU but you need to be quick with my coffee ..” i say to her while glaring at her to stop whatever it is that she’s doing. Although, I have no idea why but it felt like a stab get right into my heart after i said the words.. maybe its because of knowing that i may had an opportunity to connect with this God and im about to miss it because apparently the whole damn world hates me..

“Oh you dont have to worry about her ..
She took off 5 minutes ago while you were drooling over this lover boy over here!” Lisa says and winks at me.

Wow , she DID NOT SAY THAT RIGHT INFRONT OF HIM ..OMG!! IS SHE CRAZY?? Im sure that if looks could kill , she would be long gone by now by the surprised and angry looks that ive been giving to her ever since she started talking!

“Which i may add , is really rare and i never thought that this day would come.. so thats why im giving you two this option to sit on that table and order anything on the menu, ON .THE
. HOUSE .” She unfortunately continues.

Could she make it more awkward than it is now?? Im going to kick her butt tomorrow..

The sound of him chuckling made me look back at him and i turned red when i saw the amusement swirling in his eyes.

“Oh dont laugh! you think i didnt notice the way YOU were eye raping her too? You were as much drooling over her if not more ” lisa comments with a sly look on her damn face.

So i wasn’t making shit up in my mind!!
Im kindda relieved and somehow turned on by that!

Getting out of my high, I also note that he looks cute when he blushes! And he’s doing just that right now because of Lisa.

“Okaaaaaay, so shall we?” He finally says while turning to me and begging me with his eyes to save him from lisa’s frank comments!

I was hesitant for a second while looking back and forth towards him and lisa .. but by looking at him for the third time and seeing that scared eyes of his, i nodded and turned back..
I felt so damn aroused by just looking at him that i just had to get away.. what surprises me the most though, is that its not just physical as always!! It feels like something much more intenseand intimate.. i felt like i wanna drown in his presence EVERY DAMN SECOND and not wanting to let go..not wanting to be away from him.. to be freed of his aura.. and it scared the hell out of me..

I was heading towards the only available table pretty fast but felt awkward for a second and had to make sure that he’s following, so i turned back and after my very sudden move, he froze for a split second. Just standing an inch away from me and looking deep in my eyes.. he was looking at me in a really intense way and i just found myself fore playing how it would feel like to stand on my tiptoes and just kiss him right there.. i wondered about how it would be like to have my whole body pressed to his and my hands all into his hair..

When i finally knocked myself out of these crazy thoughts, i realized a split change in his face..his eyes..they were pitch black and his nose was a little pinker now..
Wow.. is he real??or is it my subconscious playing games with me?!

I had to clear my throat AGAIN for the both of us to gather our shit together and it seemed like it took him out of his fast enough..
Shaking his head, he gave me a crazy nice smile which made the butterflies inside my belly go crazy and gestured for me to go on..

I nodded and turned back , but it wasn’t just turning back and i made sure of that! I turned around on one knuckle and it was so fast that made my messy ponytail and my hair move with it and spread my scent over the whole place!! That used to be my fave move when i used to manipulate guys for fun and the vixen in me wants to do that with him..!

After i sat down, i looked back at him and mentally high fived myself with seeing how he is just standing over there.
i gave him an expecting look which said “what are you waiting for?? come sit the hell down” and after blinking twice, he did so.

“’m Nathaniel by the way..” he said right away after sitting infront of me.

“And.. I’m lizzie. ” i introduced myself with a smile.

Wow, Liz, you really are sucking at this..

“Its REALLY nice to meet you lizzie.. and again , im genuinely sorry about the sweater..” He apologized and pointed to my sweater.

“Oh..yeah..thats okay..”
Well, ive completely forgot about that!
I really hope that my blouse survived that accident..
So i stood up and took off my coat and started pulling my sweater off. After shaking my hair and putting it into its place i was ready to sit back down on my chair but before i could do that i was welcomed with a clenched jaw and some weird noises from the guy sitting infront of me and to my very surprise the guy that was staring directly down at my boobs!

So i followed his black eyes and saw the disaster going on down there!
About half of My bottoms were open ..till the middle of my belly..exposing my lacy white bra that im glad i chose today to wear it! And half of my fairly shaped boobs and also abdomen..

I did not expected THAT! So i shifted uneasily and did my bottoms as fast as possible! And then sat back down with an embarrased look on my face!!

I dont know why but i resisted the urge to look at him again and that was when Louis, one of the waiters, came along with two menus in his hand and a crazy big devilish smirk on his face.. Louis is such a funny guy and we always had fun together.. even looking at him made me feel better and want to laugh at te incident, but right now, im just hoping that he shuts his mouth and doesn’t comment on it..

“Here are your menus..” he said looking at me only and keeping that stupid smirk of his on his face while i just glared at him and took the menue from him harshly..which earned me a chuckle from him too..“thanks for the show by the way” he said while winking at me..

I knew he’d have to open that mouth of his..
And then before i could respond i heard a sudden snap of glass shattering..and turned to looke at the guy infront of me, Nathaniel, which i wont call him that anymore, with a broken glass inbetween his hands.. and clenched teeth..and death glares towards poor but also deserving Louis !
Well, he looks like a psycho, but that sure put Louis back into his place , cuz he flinched a little after and said “I’ll be back to take your orders.. and ill have someone to come and take the pieces of glass on the desk..”

“That wouldn’t be necessary ” Nate said while looking at me and obviously trying to calm himself down..and i guess it worked .. cause now he was starting to ease into his position.
And after less than a second Louis took off.

“What was that for? ” i was confused and im pretty sure he could see it in my eyes.

He didnt say anything but his eyes stayed on mine , so i just shook it off and didnt say anything about it and looked down at my menu. right when i left his gaze it felt like a stab in my stomach but i wanted to keep my court for some reason so i started looking for something to order even though i could feel his eyes on me which was so awkward for someone as insecure as me..

“Why are you ignoring me?” he said out of the blue.

“W-what??” Is he crazy!?! what the heck in going on in that head of his??

“You heard me.” He says matter of factly.

“And why would i do that?” I already knew the answer.. i was afraid.. afraid of what was going on and what it was bringing along..i was afraid of getting attached and then having my heart broken ..

“You think im going to be a mistake or maybe just a fling .. and thats not what you want.. but im not gonna be any of those things .. ”

yeah thats what all the guys say at first..
I thought.

“Im not like that,” he said, “im not just saying this to get your attention..”
or get into my pants

“OR getting in your pants..” and then he chuckles

Am i going insane? what is going on??how did he..??

“How..How did you know..what-” i try to ask him but he interrupts me,

“What you were thinking??” He says with a smirk on his gorgeous face!

“Um..Yeah?!” Duh!!

“Well i dont wanna confuse you now with the whole truth but i think you have to be aware of the fact that i CAN read your mind because of some bond that we have ” he says and my mind goes to all the things that ive been thinking about lately. Is he really telling the truth? And what the heck is that bond that he’s talking about? Its so cheesy to think of having any kind of bonds with a stranger.

“Its not cheesy.. well at least not after you hear the whole truth about me..and us..“he said.

Holy jesus.. so im not going to be able to even think straight infront of you?
i say in my head to make sure that he WAS in fact able to listen to my thoughts ..

“Well you can always block me from your thoughts, but i wouldn’t do that for kindda enjoying listening to you to be honest! ” was his answer to the unspoken..

“So..did you guys choose?” Louis came back and said it while taking the glasses into the small bucket he was holding.

My eyes were open wide from what was happening and i looked at Louis with the same look , which made him confused and as a result made me laugh ..and then we both started laughing at the same time for no reason! It was that easy with him and i loved it.

“Well, I’ll have the ..” i was starting to say but Louis interrupted,

“Same old pancakes with a little bit of chocolate on the side and a glass of , and i quote, not THAT cold , milk .. right?“Louis finished for me.

“Yeah!” I say with a toothy smile.

“And for..“he was about to say while turning to Nate but stopped mid sentence..he looked so damn furious for some reason and was making some voices like animals..his chest was moving up and down rapidly and he kept he’s eyes on me, like he wanted to possess me somehow.

“the same..” Nate says without wasting a glance at Louis .

Louis gave me a WHAT THE HECK?! look and left our table immediately.

“I dont like him..“Nate said right after with a now even more husky voice.

“Why not? He’s one of the best guys i know.” I ask in a nonchalant way.

“Thats why.. you clearly have strong feelings towards him..and i DONT LIKE IT” he says through his clenched jaw while staring at me with his black eyes.

“Woah Woah!! Dude , We just met less than half an hour ago.. you’re not allowed to judge my friends and friendships. Not only now but any time at all..” i glare at him while saying it.

“Dont friend zone me.. i know that you feel this strong connection between us and you DEFINITELY cant deny it cuz i heard you thinking it too..” he said and continued, ” believe me, Im trying so hard over here, and i wish you could see it. with someone in my position, its so hard to let your mat-, well to let you be near any guy like that..” he continued and he looks and sounds more annoyed than before.

“Thank god we weren’t making out or anything..!!” i joke while looking down at the table with a WTF IS GOING ON expression. And then i immediately heard his intense breathing and looked up at him, this time his face was crazy red with anger and it did scare me a little.

“Im having a really hard time controlling my- myself.” He says to me like he’s asking me for help.

I reached my hands over the table and said “um.
Is there anything i can..” and that was when he took my hands and made me skip a fucking heartbeat.. what the heck is going one?? am i growing butterflies in my stomach?? or maybe fireworks?? its all so strange.. what he can do to me with just a simple touch..

After a while, his breathing was getting more stable and he kissed the palm of both of my hands and placed his cheeks on them.

So awkward..

“Um..” it was uncomfortable for me and i wanted to put my hands away, but he protested and then opened his eyes which now where back to blue..

“Can we just stay like this for another second or two?“he asks desperately.

“Um..yeah..” if it was any other guy doing such a thing like this, i would be long gone! But he somehow got me attached to him, even though i barely know him it feels like i can trust him..
And he also is hella hot so im not complaining!

Before letting go of my hands, he sniffed them and put another kiss on them both.
And right away Louis was at our table which for the first time ever irritated me.

“Here you go..“and before leaving he frowned and looked at me in a way that said ‘what are you two doing????’ And that was my wake up call, i couldn’t be doing this.. it wasnt right.. not for me.. so i stood up immediately which made him stand up too with his scared eyes looking at me and wanting to find a reason behind my action.

“Um..i..i cant do sorry but i have to go.” i said to the creepy hotty and rushed to the door.

“But- wait! ” i head him say from the table but when i reached the door handle he already had his hands on it to open it for me.

“Nate .. You should go..
Go enjoy your pancakes or whatever..” i tell him with panick rushing in my veins and opened the door, running down the street. All of the alarms in my head are ringing and i cant calm myself. I just need to get away. I need to get away from him.

“Why are you leaving me? Did i come up too strong? did i do something wrong? im so sorry if i did.. i won’t do it again.. just tell me what it is..” he says desperately and takes my wrist into his big hands to stop me from going further. My wrist seemed like a piece of hair in a giant’s hand compared to his.. it was ridiculous how small my whole body was compared to his..and for some reason it was such a big turn on for me while scarring the hell out of me more for now.

I just took a deep deep breath and looked at him in the now blue eyes of his, “You didnt do anything wrong..okay??..just..just please go..” i said while all that was going inside my head was,

Please..i dont want to be attached and i cant be with someone like you.. i cant.. just please leave me alone..

His eyes became glossy somehow and he was bewildered, it was like he’s trying to find the right words but he was failing miserably.

“Come with me for two to three hours.. ill tell you everything about me ..and.. and then you get to choose..whether you want me in your life or not.. and i promise if you say no.. you wouldn’t have to see me again..” he finally lets out. It seems like those words that came out of his mouth were both for me and also him daggers thrown in our souls.. it was so damn painful and intense.. it was blinding me so i just managed to nod and then looked up at him again.. to see how he was feeling now..
His expression was like he was about to embrace me because of nodding my head.. but didn’t.. im sure i wanted that too, but it was probably for the best that we didnt. So i turned back to get inside the Monae’s cafeteria but he squeezed my wrist in his hand and when i looked back at him he just shook his head..

“Not in here.. come on.. lets go..” he said and gestured to the black car parked next to me and let go of my wrist and opened the door to what i assume was his car..

I didn’t say anything and just got into it.
Before starting the car he looked at me in an assuring way.. i really needed that and just gave him a halfheartedly smile and looked at the street..

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