Let the Tears Fall

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Their hearts came to life the day they met but were they meant to be? Maybe it should all stay a dream. They were three aspiring idols stuck in a love triangle of friendship, betrayal and desire. The book is told from the girl's pov unless otherwise stated.

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Chapter 1 - The Spark

It was closing time at the Crème Cafe where Yoongi works. The customers had finally dwindled and he had almost finished cleaning up. Yoongi couldn’t wait to get off this afternoon. He was excited because it was open mic night at the club he and his friends like to frequent and he was looking forward to surprising them with his new rap. His friend Namjoon, known as Rapmon by his friends, was going to be impressed, he thought with a smile on his face. Actually, he was more excited to see his reaction than anyone else’s. Rapmon and Yoongi sometimes worked together on their music asking each other for feedback, but lately, he had been working so much he didn’t have time to meet up with his best friend.

Tonight the whole crew from high school was going to be there and Jimin said he was bringing his new girlfriend to meet them. It’s about time we meet the mystery girl since he talked so much about her saying she was a dancer like him and so talented. Yoongi lived with Jimin but both were so busy with jobs and school that lately they rarely saw each other even at home.

He was just getting ready to leave when a customer came through the door.

“Sorry we’re closed,” Yoongi said as he looked up from his bag putting his phone away quickly. He flicked his newly bleached blond hair out of his eyes as he looked up at her.

“Oh please, I just need to charge my phone so I can call an Uber,” she explained. “Is there any place I can charge it?” The pretty girl looked up at him expectantly, pleading with puppy dog eyes.

They stared at each other for a few moments and then Yoongi spoke up, “Ok, give me your phone and I will put it to charge.” As he reached out to grab it he said, “I don’t have much time cause I have to be somewhere, but I can’t say no to such a pretty girl.”

“Thank you,” she replied, glancing down from his eyes to his name tag. “Min Yoongi,” she said with a bright smile. “I’m Jennie. Nice to meet you.”

Yoongi thought not just pretty, she was just his type, with a laid-back sexy style, long hair, and sparkly eyes. “Sure, no problem, Jennie,” Yoongi answered tilting his head in a flirty way trying hard to charm the charmer.

As he wiped the counter, he looked up at her from under his wispy bangs and grinned when their eyes met again.

“Would you like to order something while you wait?” he asked.

“Just water, please. I’m sorry for taking up your time. Is your shift over?”

Yoongi walked back to her with the water. “It’s no problem. Do you live around here?”

“Not too far, but I go to school around here at the dance academy down the street. It’s closed now so I appreciate you helping me out like this.”

“So how come I haven’t seen you around here before? Do you not like coffee?”

“Oh, I love coffee! One of my friends usually brings it to me. I’m notoriously late you see. I love to sleep,” she said with a suppressed giggle.

Damn, she’s cute, Yoongi thought. “I see we have a lot in common.”

They spoke for a while forgetting that they waited for the phone to charge. He asked her about her dancing and found out she loved to sing too. She shared her dream to become a pop idol and how she secretly wanted to have the swag and style of a rapper.

Yoongi’s heart skipped a beat hearing her say that cause that was his own dream. A dream he so longed for that he was afraid to put it into words. He wanted to reassure her that it could happen.

“Your dreams will come true, I just know it,” he said pointing at her and making her heart flutter. By the look on her face, he knew that moment she really believed her dreams could come true.

Just then her phone vibrated. “I’ll go get it,” he said and turned around.

She watched him with interest as he walked to the back of the shop.

Suddenly he got the idea to put his number on her phone as a cute way to let her know he was interested. He did so quickly as he walked back to her and handed her the phone. Their fingers grazed momentarily and he could swear he felt a spark. He could literally hear her heartbeat or was it his own pumping madly in his chest.

“Ahh thanks, you’re a lifesaver, Min Yoongi,” she smiled making direct eye contact, “I have to go, bye!”

As she turned to leave, Yoongi said, “Stop by sometime and I’ll make you a great cappuccino.”

“Ok! I think I can wake up early for that,” she said looking over her shoulder giving him a flirty little wink.

Yoongi stared back unable to speak. Oh, shit! he suddenly remembered he was in a hurry. He grabbed his helmet and keys to leave the shop the pretty girl coming to his thoughts again. If she texts me tonight it means she liked me and I will invite her to the show. The thought of her there watching him made him excited and nervous.

I should have just asked her. I’m such a fool. I should have been brave. How often do I meet someone so lovely that likes the same things I do?

When she got in the Uber, Jennie looked at her phone. She was surprised to find there was a new contact, Coffee shop boy, Min Yoongi. She opened the contact and there was his cute face looking up at her. What a charmer, she thought.

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