Let the Tears Fall

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Chapter 10 - Before It's Too Late

The next morning Jimin woke her up as he was getting ready to go to work.

“Jennie, you asked me to wake you before I go.” He leans over to kiss her forehead as she stirs from her sleep. She blinks her eyes and smiles raising her arms to wrap them around his neck. He lifts her up gently holding her close as she nuzzles her face into his warm neck.

“You smell so good,” she says in her groggy voice.

“I made you some coffee,” he says letting her go. Jennie grabbed the warm mug and took a sip letting the delicious aroma engulf her. She puts the mug down and stretches happy that she has the day off. Jennie follows him out to the living room and sees Yoongi’s bags and things by the door.

“Why is Yoongi’s stuff here?”

“He says he can’t live here anymore and is planning to leave the country. This morning he asked if he could give his room to Hobi.” Jimin looks at her startled reaction. “Did you guys fight? When did you see him?” Jimin asked.

“Last night in the kitchen,” she said.

“He didn’t tell you he was moving out?” Jimin asked.

“No. But he told me you are not happy. Are you unhappy with me?”

“Nonsense! Don’t listen to him,” Jimin said desperately wanting for things to be better between them.

“Don’t pretend everything is good. Are you unhappy about anything? About Yoongi?

Deep down Jimin knows what he has to do but it’s really hard to let go. Jimin pauses and thinks about how to say it. “We really should have had this conversation sooner. I just didn’t want to lose you. I’m pretty sure I have lost my best friend because he fell in love with you. I’m afraid of losing you too. Do you love him?”

“Honestly, I don’t know. You don’t understand, Jimin, we don’t talk. We avoid each other cause we feel bad about what we did. Last night was the first time we talked in a very long time. It wasn’t good.”

“How did you feel when you saw him last night?” He asked.

“I was annoyed. He makes me so angry. We fought.” Jennie paused and looked down. “Then he kissed me.” She replied slowly.

Jimin pressed his lips into a line.

“You’re not telling me how you felt.”

“I can’t. I don’t understand it myself.”

“He still loves you and I think you should stop avoiding your feelings. See him today or you will regret it.” Jimin shrugged his shoulders as if he was giving up. “I don’t want to be your second best. Go see him before he leaves. I don’t even know if we should be together anymore. I’m not happy and I’m always angry cause you don’t feel mine anymore. I can’t forgive him anymore,” he says his voice cracking.


“Jimin, I don’t understand are you breaking up with me?” I cried.

“Yes, I think it’s for the best.”

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