Let the Tears Fall

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Chapter 2 - The Glow of a Star

Jennie’s pov

Once I got home, I quickly showered and got ready. I wanted to look nice for Jimin and I was excited and happy to meet his friends. I was extra careful with my make-up and choose the new outfit I had recently bought. I glanced at my reflection and liked what I saw on my mirror with the twinkling fairy lights. The soft lighting always gave me confidence, and today I needed it.

As I was waiting for Jimin to pick me up, I walked outside and looked up at the stars and wondered about the boy at the coffee shop. My thoughts kept returning to the beautiful face of Yoongi.

What if it was him I was meeting today? I shook my head. It was stupid of me to think so much about someone I’ve only known for like 10 minutes, but my thoughts kept returning to the beautiful face belonging to the coffee shop boy. His features were so cute but his aura was very masculine and sexy. I could tell he was interested in me by the way he kept looking at me and the way his hands would shake a little when he talked to me. I smiled thinking of him and instantly felt guilty, the smile falling from my face.

Jimin arrived and walked towards me with that sexy gait of his that made me melt. His big smile when he saw me had a sunny cheerfulness that beguiled and completely made me forget about that boy. He hugged me close as the sweet masculine scent of his perfume added another layer to his perfection.

The Uber driver arrived just in time. Jimin opened the door for me and slid into the seat after me. We loved being driven around so we could snuggle in the back seat and say sweet nothings to each other on the way to our destination.

Jimon bit his lip sexily giving me an approving “wow!” that only I could hear. “I can’t wait for my friends to finally meet you,” he whispered in my ear.

I smiled back feeling happy and blessed to have such a sweet and handsome boyfriend.

Meeting Jimin was such a blessing after the stress of leaving my hometown and starting a new school. We met where we trained with other dancers each with the hope of auditioning for idol companies. Jimin was already great and with his help and encouragement, I would get better.

I remember how he approached me the first time. He had been watching me intently making me nervous. I thought he was going to give me some pointers about my dancing. Instead, he walked up to me, looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Excuse me, but you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

I blushed because his was the most beautiful face I had ever seen.

Our dreams were aligned and so were our hearts. I wouldn’t be lonely anymore with Jimin by my side and his friends becoming my friends too. Although we hadn’t known each other that long, we had fallen for each other very quickly. The future looked bright and so did the present. I was determined to have fun tonight after putting in so many hours of training. The night was young and so are we.

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