Let the Tears Fall

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Chapter 7 - All This Way

Jennie POV:

Jennie POV:

I woke up in Jimin’s bed thinking of Yoongi. I wondered if he truly loved me but those thoughts are dangerous. Why am I still drawn to him? We shared just one magical night. Not counting when he was drunk, he has tried to stay away from me. He cares about Jimin, but I’m making it hard by always being around. I need to stop going to Jimin’s so he can have his space back. It’s the least I can do. I want him to be happy without me.

I heard movement from the other room and a muffled “ouch!” I was glad he was up cause I was debating peeking into his room to see if he was okay.

What is wrong with me? I have to stop. Spending more time with him will only make me think of him more. Why did he have to say he wants to sleep with me? I walked out of the room looking for Jimin. Yoongi came out of his room nearly crashing into me with a glare. He’s angry and hungover.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” He said with a hoarse voice. “Now I’m late for work.”

“Sorry, I didn’t know you work today. Have a good day,” I said as he flew out the door. He didn’t answer. I didn’t even get a chance to tell him about my audition.

I was running late also so I kissed Jimin goodbye and he wished me luck in his sweet, cute way kissing the tip of my nose and the top of my head.

I was really nervous about the audition. I didn’t want to be rejected again. It’s so hard when everybody else is so good.

All morning I practiced with Hobi. He was so encouraging and sweet. Hobi had gone to get coffee for us and I got really happy when I got mine. Yoongi had drawn a smiling sun on mine and wrote sorry for this morning on the cup. Maybe he doesn’t remember about last night and the stolen kiss we shared.

It was finally getting time to leave for the audition at 11:00 am. I called Jimin to see if he could go but he wasn’t able to get off of work. This made me sad but at least I had Hobi with me. I was getting more nervous as we finally arrived.

Hobi and I were given numbers after they had taken our information. I sat down next to him and started looking for my clothes. “Oh no!” I suddenly realized I didn’t have my backpack with my change of clothes.

“What’s wrong?” Hobi asked with concern.

“I left my bag at Jimin’s house!” I replied.

“We can’t leave now cause we will lose our place,” said Hobi. “Can you call someone to bring it to you?”

I thought for a moment and Yoongi came to mind. “Yes! I’ll call Yoongi.”

“Hello,” said Yoongi in his gruff voice on the phone.

“Hi, Yoongi. This is an emergency. Can you leave work and bring me my backpack I left at your house? I really need it for my audition.

The line was silent while Yoongi thought. “Sure why not. Where are you?”

“Oh thank you, thank you! I will text you the address. Please hurry!”


As soon as he hung up Yoongi ran to his manager. “I need to leave it’s an emergency!”

“What? What emergency?” His manager asked.

“I can’t explain now,” Yoongi replied as he grabbed his helmet and started to leave.

“You can’t just leave right now with all these customers! I may fire you, you know!”

“Sorry!” Yoongi shot back as he left. He hoped his manager wouldn’t really fire him. I can’t believe I’m doing this. She is nothing but trouble. But who am I kidding? I would move mountains for her.

When he finally got there the scene was too familiar. Dozens of hopefuls were waiting around for their turn to impress. It was important to do your best but also be memorable. He really hoped he was not too late. He found her sitting next to Hobi their heads together whispering to each other. He immediately felt jealous. It was like somebody threw a bucket of cold water at him and his head hurt.

Then she turned her head toward him and gave him a huge smile springing to her feet she came toward him and gave him a huge hug. This was worth it. He thought.

“You made it! Thank you!” He handed her the backpack unable to hide his smile. “You came all this way. Can you stay?” she asked nodding her head yes as she walked away.

He nodded his agreement.

Yoongi went and sat next to Hobi as said boy stared at him. “You really like her don’t you?” He asked.

“What’s not to like?” He answered in his gruff manner. “I’m just doing a favor.”

When she came back she looked even more beautiful. How is this possible? He thought. “You look great!” He said to her.

“Wooooww!” Hobi said in his loud voice making her embarrassed.

This made her feel so happy and confident. Just then they called her name and it was her turn to shine. After it was over, her feet did not touch the ground. The reviewers had loved her and Hobi’s performance and asked her to sing a song as well. Thank goodness she had practiced singing also. They wanted to sign both of them! Hobi was elated too. When they stepped out Yoongi saw them hugging. Again he had a pang of jealousy.

He walked up to them expectantly and asked: “Well how did it go?” Their delighted smiles spoke volumes.

“We need to celebrate tonight!” The three of them jumped up and down as they hugged each other.

“Yoongi can you take me to Jimin so I can surprise him?” She said.

“Ok! Sorry Hobi you don’t fit on my bike.”

“It’s okay I want to go home and tell my family! I will see you guys tonight at the club!” He said as he left.

They walked to the bike together looking like a cute couple in love. Which was not far from the truth. Jennie put her hair behind her ears as she looked up at Yoongi. He placed the helmet gently on her head.

He wanted to kiss her so badly. Instead, he hopped on the bike as she climbed on behind him and put her arms on his shoulders. He turned his head and placed a kiss on her hand and they rode all the way to Jimin.

Or so she thought.

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