Curated Hearts

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Ethan Donato has always been critical about love at first sight. That is, until it happens to him. One day on the bus to school, he sees a new girl and feels like the universe has sent him the love of his life. The problem is, she doesn’t want to be the love of his life. Alyssa Clark just moved to a suburban town in New Jersey from her home in New York City. After her mom experiences a devastating job loss, the two of them move in with a young Aunt Hannah, who’s more like a sister to both of them. Alyssa just wants to survive the rest of her senior year of high school so she can move back to the city she loves while preparing for her career as a songwriter. She has no interest in making friends, or in finding love for that matter. So why is there a boy at school who seems so determined to break through her solidarity? Set to playlists created by Alyssa, this charming tale follows the ups and downs of young love and facing the future. Go to the author's profile to listen along on Spotify.

Romance / Other
Mallory Wynne
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"Curated Hearts" Playlists

Follow along to the soundtrack of Curated Hearts. Visit the author's profile here on Inkitt to access a link to Alyssa Clark's personal Spotify profile. Playlists will be made public as they are mentioned in published chapters. Be careful not to skip ahead! You may come across some spoilers. There's already one spoiler-free playlist available on Alyssa's profile: check out "Alyssa's Picks."

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