1. To All Eternity

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Cara Holland is a rich, beautiful person with a broken family. She has the kind of life everyone wishes they had but she is broken and during the last year of her college, her grades fall. So the dean decides to get her a teacher who will help her. Her and Ace Reid, her teacher work really well together. They fall in love and start a beautiful relationship. Behold not everything is perfect. Not even their relationship. It gets strained as she leaves to Los Angeles for a year for her work in modelling. Will they be happy? Will true love flourish? Spoiler- Not your typical Teacher-student relationship where they have to hide and will get caught eventually. They won't. PS: This book is a part of the series- Our love.

Romance / Drama
Jenna Stomphson
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Chapter 1

Cara walked out of her brand new car, a Ferrari; her dad brought her last weekend. People stopped what they were doing to look at her.

She walked into her school with her brand new Hermes handbag swinging in her arm, her Stuart Weitzman clicking as she walked, her short Prada skirt paired with her white plain full sleeve Ralph Lauren, her perfect looking perfectly highlighted dark hair flying in the wind, leaving her trail of Chanel perfume as she walked in.

Everyone awed her. They adored her, no matter where she went. She was a celebrity to them. She has been popular ever since she was in primary school and she was used to it. No matter what she did, the attention followed her. Cara thinks it is because of her dad’s money but she is wrong people adore her because she is so beautiful and looks like a perfect model. They want to be her.

“Cara Holland’s here,” she heard everyone say. She looked around and found everyone close to the walls to let her walk in. She rolled her eyes and continued walking.

“Hey Cara,” her friends, Lauren and Bethany said walking up to her. They have been best friends ever since they were little. Their parents were business partners so they practically grew up together but it always looked like her friends were scared of her.

“Hey guys,” she said smiling with her Northern Irish accent, showing her perfect teeth and just then Heather Williams, a person Cara couldn’t tolerate came up to her with her group of minions. Cara wanted to help her and give her fashion advice on how her bleached blonde hair doesn’t suit her, how her make-up was too much for her and how her clothes weren’t her style.

“Look who’s here. The college’s bitch Cara Holland is here,” Heather said in her annoying high pitched voice and her minions laughed. Heather secretly envied Cara and everything she has and was constantly trying to be her.

“Look who’s here, the wannabee, Miss I-don’t-even-know-her-name,” Cara said and everyone laughed. Cara pushed Heather’s shoulder as she walked but turned around to say something to her.

“Your hair, make-up and clothes don’t go well together. Hope you realise that soon,” she said walking away. Everyone in their right mind knew not to mess with Cara. You mess with her, you will be destroyed.

They went to the restroom to check their reflections and everyone in the washroom left as soon as they saw Cara come in. Cara was indeed beautiful. She had tan skin from her two week vacation to Hawaii, green eyes, 180 cm height and a great body. People would die for her body and her skin. She barely wore make-up to college and yet she looked gorgeous.

Her friends went to the library since they were free but since Cara had class, she entered her lecture room and everyone stared at her. She was late to class and everyone had been waiting for their teacher. Everyone waited anxiously as to whom she sat next to and her eyes and landed upon the only seat that seemed to be empty and walked up to the seat.

People looked at her as she walked up and hoped the seat next to them to be empty the next time Cara wanted to sit somewhere. She opened her laptop and chewed on some gum while she waited for her teacher to come.

She realised she had forgotten her pen to take notes so she had to ask someone next to her. She looked to her left and saw a Jock sitting and staring at her. He winked at her as soon as he saw her. Cara was like the basic rich/popular girl you see in every high school movies but she wasn’t the one who slept with everyone she saw. She wasn’t a whore and people respected her for it.

She looked on her right and saw a girl too looking at her but she was smiling.

“Hey, can I borrow a pen? I forgot to get mine,” Cara asked and the girl couldn’t believe that Cara was talking to her but she managed a nod and turned to search for a pen in her pouch. She brought out a pen and handed it to Cara just in time as the lecture began. She took down notes, got bored, went on her phone and soon the lecture was over.

“Thank you,” Cara said handing the girl back her pen.

“You’re welcome Cara,” the girl said smiling brightly, as if Cara had done this girl a huge favour and Cara walked out of the hall.

“Hey Cara, guess who’s the head of the cheerleaders? That’s right, it’s me Heather,” Heather said going up to her and Cara rolled her eyes. Cara’s friends were back and were next to her. Everyone started surrounding them hoping to get some drama before they go to some class.

“Oh! Really? Congratulations,” Cara said and Heather’s smile disappeared.

“Aren’t you offended?” she asked and Cara shook her head.

“No, Why?” she asked and Heather got her smile back.

“Because the most popular girl always gets the head cheerleader spot,” she said and her minions laughed with her.

“Oh no! It’s not my type to jump around guys with pom poms in their hands. The boys running for me, cheering for me, that’s more of my type,” Cara said patting her cheek before walking away. The boys were hooting for her as she did so.

“Hey Cara, will you come to my party tonight?” Alex Martin, the guy who always throws the best and exclusive parties asked her going up to her with his group of friends.

“Oh! I don’t know about today Alex,” Cara says and Josh Flynn, her ex goes to her.

“Oh come on Cara. You know we promised everyone you were going to be there. You know they will be disappointed,” he said making a fake face and Cara wanted to punch it. Cara broke up with him because he was seen getting sexually very close with some other girl at a party she was hosting and that triggered her. Everyone at her college thought he was stupid since he got the hottest and most sought after woman and he was going to cheat on her. He was considered a fool.

“I don’t know about the others Josh. It looks like you will be disappointed if I don’t show up,” Cara said and people surrounded again. They loved drama.

“Oh! Me and my girlfriend will be disappointed,” he said and it was supposed to piss her off judging by the look on his face but Cara laughed.

“You have a girlfriend? Poor girl. I don’t know what she sees in you,” Cara said and everyone cheered her for the roast.

“The same thing you saw in me,” he said and this time the cheering was in his favour.

“Well, look where we are standing after it. Hope she realises her mistake soon enough like I did mine. Don’t let her go even for a minute or else she will find someone way better than you and will leave you for him,” Cara says and he went quite and said nothing after it.

“So Cara will you be there?” Alex asked her and Cara smirked.

“May be, maybe not,” she said walking away from him but she could hear him excited after she left.

Cara had today free after two more classes so she went to one of it, bunked the other and drove back home. She never liked coming home since she had no one to love her. Her mom died when she was 16 years old and her dad has been dating women of Cara’s age, which pisses her off.

“Hey honey,” her father, David Holland appeared coming out of a room and she went over to hug him. She loved her father but he was never around the house enough.

“Hey dad,” she said just as he kissed her cheek. He was only 20 years older than her since he had her when he was 20.

“I would love to stay back love but I have to fly to Arizona for a meeting,” he says and she looked so sad. She would have cancelled her going to the party if her dad told her that he was going to stay back.

“It’s alright dad, I have a party to attend anyways,” she says trying to hide her disappointment.

“Enjoy love,” he said walking out of the house and Cara sighed.

She went to her large room and started to get ready for the party she was going to today. She decided to wear a tight short black dress with deep neck and thread tied in it. She wore her killer high heels, put on some make-up with glittery eye shadow and red lips. She looked smoking out.

“Where do you think you are going young lady?” someone said just as she was about to walk down the stairs to get into her car, looking fabulous. She turned around and saw Christine Morris, her father’s fiancée standing near her dad’s room, dressed in expensive night clothes.

“I am going out,” Cara said calming herself. She hated Christine because she could see that Christine was a gold digger and had trapped her father in her trap. Christine was old enough to be Cara’s older sister but she was going to be her step mom.

“Looking like that? And with whose permission?” she asked crossing her hands over her chest and Cara was getting mad.

“I am going out the way I like and my dad approved me going out,” she said and Christine stared at her.

“Well I am going to be your stepmom and I say you can’t go out,” Christine said using her so called “power” over Cara but Cara knew what she was using it for.

“You were never my mother, never will be, let alone my stepmom. Watch me go,” she said walking out her house and drove to the location. Everyone was already drunk but they knew what they had to do when they saw Cara. They moved aside and let her in.

She was greeted by people and her friends. She took her shots, got drunk, danced around and her eyes fell on Josh who seemed to eating a girl’s face out just as he saw Cara and Cara burst out laughing. She decided to go up to them.

She tapped on the girl’s shoulder and they broke apart with the girl’s eyes going wild seeing Cara talking to her.

“You are Cara Holland. I am so sorry. I wasn’t kissing him,” she said to Cara but Cara laughed again. The girl thought that Cara liked her ex and was going to kill this girl for kissing him. Love

This made Cara laugh like crazy.

“Oh sweetie, kiss him all you want. I came here to tell you that you can do much better than this douche here,” Cara said walking away. That was all needed for a girl to tell another girl about a guy and they would know what kind of a guy he is.

Cara partied some more until it was getting too late. She drove back home in one piece, got changed and fell into her bead, hopefully no Christine barging into her room to lecture her and that is what exactly happened. Cara fell into a deep night’s sleep after a long tiring day.

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