to be pretty | 2018

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THREE days. It had been three days since the two girls had formally met.

Ember, out of embarrassment, had avoided Alene as much as she could. Alene, out of respect, had accepted Ember’s decision.

But Ember missed the small girl’s voice. She felt as if she owed it to Alene to explain herself, watch her golden eyed glow as she listened.

So Ember composed, and begun her search for the quiet girl.

She had never seen the girl before they had properly met, which made the task of finding her all the more difficult.

Ember spent what felt so long on the task, searching through empty classrooms and student filled lawns.

Her mission finished at the library, at the same time she’d given up. There was five minutes until the end of the last break, and there was no sign of the blonde.

Had Ember imagined her? Was she really so sad, so lonely, that she had to create someone to comfort her?

That was when she lifted her head, and met the wide golden eyes of the girl who was doing her best to stay out of Ember’s way.

Alene opened her mouth, before hastily shutting it again.

“I felt as if I owed you an explanation” Ember mumbled, rubbing her arm out if nervousness.

Alene shook her head “No, of course you don’t. You don’t know me”

The raven haired girl smiled sweetly “Well, I wish I did”

Alene did her best to hide her blush.

Ember took a shaky breath, a forced smile now replacing the honesty that had previously painted her lips “I was crying, excuse the cliché, because of my boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend. He cheated on me,” The blonde gasped softly “Because I wasn’t beautiful enough”

Alene’s deep hazel eyes stared at the girl, baffled.

“You have no idea how wrong you are”

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