to be pretty | 2018

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THE room was illuminated with only soft light as she brushed down to the tips of her hair. The water flicked out to the floor, painting dots of aqua on her black bedspread.

She twisted the strands up, clipping them against her head as she tightened her bathrobe again. The silk brushed against her skin, the feeling soothing her as she sat down on her bed.

Her eyes met with her mirror as she assessed her appearance, taking in the colours in which she was donned with from birth.

A gentle knock at the door brought the girl from her reveries “Come in”

He mother entered the room, handing the girl a box “There was a present for you at the door, Ember”

She looked curiously at the package, her eyebrows furrowing “Thank you”

The woman left her daughter with the gift, a small smile on her lips.

Ember unravelled the bow which decorated the box, removing the lid. Confusion masked her face once again when she saw nothing but a mirror and a letter inside.

She took the gifts, meeting her curious gaze in her reflection.

She opened the letter, reading through the pages, her mouth lip-syncing each word.


the very meaning of you name is continuing through, regardless of your conditions.

embers can light fires as soon as they reach for the hand of kindling, lapping against dry leaves.

your soul is a fire, unchanging, burning with passion.

yours tears should never dampen your flames, ember. to remind you, i wanted to give you something i always found beautiful.

forever glowing,

~ alene

Ember was still perplexed by what the blonde meant, though her heart was blushed. She had never known such sweet words, not even from those who were meant to love her.

She lifted the mirror, inspecting it closer.

A gasp left her lips when she noticed a small engraving to the side of the metal holding the mirror.

in case my poetry lacked clarity, the beauty is you.

it has always been you.

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