to be pretty | 2018

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: epilogue :


That was the time now.

Ember, no matter how hard she tried, could not sleep.

She had said goodnight to Alene two hours ago, and knew by this time, the blonde would be asleep, and she didn’t want to trouble the girl.

But she was so bored.

Ember couldn’t help herself when she snuck out of her room, being as quiet as possible, grabbing her bike, and beginning to ride to the other girl’s house.

When she arrived, a wave of guilt brushed over her. Of course, it wasn’t the first time she had done this, and it would most definitely not be the last, but that didn’t stop her from feeling bad.

Until she saw the golden eyed girl, of course.

She had this growing feeling for the other girl, that was sparked the day she had been given the mirror. They had been friends a few months before that day, but her feelings had changed from there.

It was new. And it was beautiful.

Ember climbed up to the window of Alene’s room, sneaking in as quietly as she could.

Alene was on her side, facing away from the window. She was wearing an oversized shirt and short pyjama shorts, her face at rest.

Ember smiled, climbing into the bed with the girl.

“Alene” She whispered.

The quiet whisper was enough to wake up the blonde with a small amount of shock.

When she met Ember’s face, a smile reached her lips “Hey” She murmured in her morning voice.

Ember grinned “Hi” She involuntarily brushed a strand of hair from her girl friend’s face, before retracting her hand when she realised what she had done.

Alene pushed her deep blush aside, taking the raven haired girl’s hand “What’s up?” She asked, trying to wake herself up.

“Go back to sleep, I just wanted to be with you. I couldn’t sleep.” Ember whispered, laying down next to the girl.

The two shared no more words, only making themselves comfortable in each other’s arms.

Their feelings lulled them to sleep, in happiness and serenity.

To understand the journey these two had been on in the seven months they had begun to get to know each other would take more than that time of deep psychoanalysis. The two girls had never had someone such as each other. A best friend, someone who could always be relied on through every day that passed.

They shared stories of their childhood in late nights, spent long days in the hot sun, and hours over coffee and lazy chat.

Alene had discovered the feeling she had for Ember on one of their many expeditions, four months ago, to the beach. That day, Ember had begun to collect shells, and all the blonde wanted to do was laugh, with a mumble of ‘I love you’.

Her shyness may have been conquered to an extent, but her vanity, her ‘superior beauty’ complex she had created at the sight of Ember, made her incapable of speaking those words that day.

Which meant that she would have to be content with the gentle touch of the raven haired girl on through her hair, instead of the lips she so desperately wished could meet hers.

With her love, Alene had been teaching the other girl how beautiful she was each day.

Notes, roses, poetry.

Her methods may have varied in forms, but they each worked.

And without even trying, Ember was able to make Alene feel the same.

you’re the golden girl, Ember had whispered softly with a laugh one afternoon when the two were getting ready to go to the movies.

Alene had grinned so widely her nose crinkled, i’m the what?

golden girl. just look at you. your hair, your eyes. it’s beautiful, Ember hadn’t met Alene’s gaze after those words.

and you’re the glowing girl with galaxies written across your cheeks, the blonde had whispered back.

These words resonated within their souls, scaring away dark thoughts and holding onto precious moments like shells washed up on the beach.

In moments such as these, where the two found themselves in each others arms, the world seemed at rest.

And slowly, but most definitely surely, the glowing girl and the golden girl would fall in love.

Because they would help each other know what it was like to be pretty.

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