to be pretty | 2018

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: final note :

i have never in my life believed i was effortlessly beautiful. for maybe a moment in a couple of days, in a couple of photos, i thought differently.

then i realised i was wrong.

this story is about my own vanity, with characters playing my own beliefs of beauty.

to be golden is to be precious.

to be glowing is to be strong.

i am neither.

but so many people i have met, people i haven’t met yet, people i will never know, are golden. they are glowing.

and they don’t even know it.

destroy your vanity, my loves. write the truth.

i am golden.

i am glowing.

i am beautiful.

trust me, none of those words are incorrect for you.

you, and each and every person you will ever meet, is as complex as our galaxy.

there’s a reason we’re made of star dust, and it’s because we should be viewed as beautiful.

so here’s to you. beautiful, unique you.

vanity is strange. don’t let it hurt you.

c’est la vie. aime tes jours.



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