to be pretty | 2018

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GO fuck yourself” She mumbled, slamming the locker to trap her image inside the mirror that hung on the metal.

She took a deep breath in and out before she turned, her lungs practically collapsing at the vision in front of her.

Across from her self built cage stood Ember, the embodiment of beauty. Aphrodite would blush at her title in the same room as Ember, the red shadow stealing away that very title to a mere highschool girl.

Ember had gorgeous dark skin, that complimented her radiant smile, paired with coffee brown eyes that resonated warmth and love. Her wavy black hair was something a girl would only ever dream of.

The girl turned away from the beauty as soon as familiar pricks pinched her eyes.

She walked away as quickly as she could, holding her books tightly against her chest.

Words pooled in her head as if her own unshed tears were falling in letters.

They told her what she wasn’t, how she was, why she would never be what she wanted.

Her own words taunted her, poked at her insecurities, whispered her fears in quiet rooms. Her heart was beaten by her head’s caresses of carelessness.

Her eyes met with her reflection as she reached the door of her next class, beckoning one question.

What is it like to be pretty?

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