to be pretty | 2018

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EMBER was not like most girls, especially when it came to photos of herself. She only ever chose pictures which were in groups to post, and never focussed on her own image.

The few exceptions were not the common type, either. There was no attention grabbing caption, begging for someone to comment that she was beautiful or they were there for her if ‘she needed to talk’ with the pathetic ‘xx’ marking of a stranger giving the attention to a girl who needed it to breathe.

There was no ‘aw, thanks gorgeous x’ after a sweet comment, or a ’no, your pretty!′ where most people question the literary capability of high-school students on social media. The wrong your/you’re was the least of the problem, though.

The fake sentiment was so evident in each message.

Ember, however, was not like that. She was articulate, funny. She replied to people she cared about with genuine comments.

Alene scrolled past the hundreds of pictures which everyone seemed to post about their lives.

Her eyes scanned over the photos, jealousy rising in her chest. Alene had been so quiet her entire life that she had never really become close with anyone she had met.

She was always alone. And always lonely.

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