to be pretty | 2018

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BEING alone wasn’t always the worst fate to be suffered by a sad human soul. Alene could actually find herself fascinated by new things she couldn’t have imagined to know in the time she spent by herself.

If it weren’t for this ultimately curious mind she had, she wouldn’t have found some sort if life within raw metal.

It was unusual, that she could admit, but she couldn’t help but to be so alarmingly enticed by the way she could carve, bend, perfect the smallest of things.

It had started off terribly, like most attempts at creativity. She came home with a giant gash running down her arm from where the carving had spat back up to her and dug through her skin.

But by the end if the week, it was worth it, as she held her first artwork.

Now she could do so much more. She created roses, bluebirds, beautiful things.

Her latest piece was a necklace charm, one she had thought of when she wasn’t paying attention in class.

Watching her imagination in front of her gave her more than she had ever felt with anything she had ever tried to gain some kind of feeling.

She could see so much encapsulated in the metal, even though it was just a flimsy piece of shit that could break so easily.

She related to it more than she would ever admit.

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