The Wilde Ones

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Party games

"Son of a bitch!" I push Matt's shoulders when he walks through the door, and he stumbles back into Kai. They both smirk a bit before walking past me to the sink to get some water. "When people started to turn up and music would be turned on, then would you tell me? Or did you plan to tell me when cleaning up after so you could force me to help?"

Matt stares at me for a moment before answering, "One, you can't go because there is alcohol and you're fifteen. Second, I don't have to tell you anything with the attitude you have on you." Kai smirks at Matt's words which only infuriates me more. I, of course, wouldn't touch the alcohol, but no one is stopping me from coming to a party in this house.

"I live here, dumb ass. You can't keep me out," I shout, clenching my fists, trying to calm myself with various mantras I got online.

Learning to deal with temperament issues and addiction, I used the internet a lot for it, deciding no one could help me but myself. I didn't need anyone to finally get my life back on track and no one is going to change that now.

Matt holds up a key in his hand, dangling it in front of me, then clasping it back into his hand and shoving it in his pocket. "Your bedroom door key."

My face grows pale at the thought. "Illegal. What if there was a house fire? You can't do that."

Matt seems to contemplate my words for a moment, peering over at Kai for a second opinion.

"I'm serious, you know. If something happens at the party and we all have to get out of the house, guess who'll have the most difficulty getting out from locked inside her bedroom. And that's not an impossible idea. Parties can get out of control. I'm not dying over your need to control me."

He lets out a sigh, and I know I have beaten him. But I was serious; I could get hurt, and I know he doesn't want that. If anything, he wants the complete opposite of that, even if it means sucking all the fun out of my life.

"You're gonna help us set up and clean up." Looking over to Kai again, I observe their faces to see a worried look flash over. "Alex, these parties can be... wild. I don't want a young innocent girl like you getting hurt. These guys don't mess around." I cringe at Matt's word 'innocent', knowing I am anything but. "I can't babysit you the whole night so you need to be responsible. Stay in sight of either of us, make sure you are surrounded by one person or more. You can easily get cornered in a quiet space."

Matt drones on whilst I tune out, nodding to pretend I'm listening. I have been to parties before; I know how they work and I know the rules. The 'don't leave your drink unattended rule' is an obvious one, which also no longer applies to me, as I will not be drinking. I don't want to slip back. I have to stay strong. And I have plenty of strength.

"Are you still listening?"

"Yes, I am. Don't worry, I'll be fine," I say, slightly dazed. Kai shakes his head a little.

"I highly doubt that," he comments before heading to his room, probably to get changed. I sneer at him as he walks away.


Alex can't stay out of trouble. It just isn't her. I haven't even known her for very long but she easily picks fights, whilst also being what every guy wants. There is no way that tonight, she will be 'fine'. I feel her sneer at me from behind at my comment, and I chuckle to myself. I have to keep my eyes on her at all times. It won't be too difficult, seeing as it is her I can never take my eyes off of.

I dress in a black shirt that fits tightly around my chest, wearing some black jeans for pants. I hate that I'm subconsciously dressing for her, to impress her. I know she'll be wearing something that Matt and I certainly would never approve of in a million years. I secretly hope she's dressing for me too.

The girl has her moments of kindness and compassion, as well as easily being the rebellious and outspoken bad girl. She has both sides, which only makes her more attractive. That temper though. I could only think of one person that could match hers, and that was mine.

I watched that glass slice right into her hand; not even a tear could be seen her face. I didn't want to be turned on when I was helping her wipe up the blood on her hand but anything she does just seems to have an effect on me. I'm drawn to her. I just hope that something obscene doesn't happen tonight.

I start by going to get the drinks out from our secret hiding place with Matt when Alex walks him, taking my breath away in an instant. Her sexy black dress hugging the beautiful curves she has and the dress falling mid-thigh so I can take in her bare legs. She put some lower heels on, which I think is a good idea - if she does have a drink. I notice my staring, and quickly avert my eyes, hoping Matt doesn't catch me gawping.

"Fuck," Matt says, turning back around from Alex to the cupboards.

"Can I help?" she asks in her heavenly voice; she sounded like an angel dressed like the devil.

Matt looks back over at her and grimaces again at what she's wearing, but he knows he can't stop her. No one can. However, then I watch her peer over at the bottles in our hands, and her eyes flick away, avoiding even looking at the alcohol.

Maybe she is a good girl after all. Too innocent and obedient to have any alcohol? Somehow I doubt that, but she is fifteen. I have to keep reminding myself of that, to not let myself get carried away. She acts much older than her age, I sometimes forget.

"Can you put these chips into bowls then?" Matt says, sounding slightly pissed at all of this, his little sister looking so grown up.

I had no idea he'd be so protective of her when he told me her and their dad would be loving here. I was fuming about an actual adult being in the house, another pathetic parent telling me how to live my life. But their dad was far from that.

Between Alex and her father, she treated him like he was the child. She gave him the attention and love whilst he gave her the attitude and disappointment. Matt hadn't mentioned either how amazingly hot his sister was.

It would be weird if he did, wouldn't it?

One look at her and I felt an ache.

She busies herself doing her task, and I smile at her, seeing her small form moving around the kitchen. Fuck, what is she doing to me?

When my mates start arriving, I make sure I have an eye on Alex at all times, knowing she'd be subject to a lot of their flirting. Matt made it a point to tell them that she was off-limits as well.

The party is now in full swing, people grinding against each other, the music blasting through the house and the heat beginning to fill the house. My eyes are on Alex though, who is talking to Laurie and even Madison. I seem like a stalker, I know, but her safety is important to me.

I am impressed that she hasn't yet touched a drop of alcohol, although I have witnessed many guys offering her some, and even Laurie with no motives, but she refused. She's actually listening for once and I can't help but proudly smirk at that.

Madison stalks over to me, her skirt higher than Alex's and less sexy. Madison tries too hard with me and I'm just not into her. I wasn't really then, and now, I am certainly not. I have eyes for one; a girl I know I can't have.

"Hey, sexy, wanna dance?" she whispers, trying to be seductive but all I hear is desperate. She can be a bitch, but she deserves someone who actually wants her. She is very beautiful and could get any other guy in here, but I want Alex.

"I'm fine, here," I state, bluntly and she moves away in disappointment. She could tell in my voice that I didn't want to talk to her so gave up easily. Then the angel catches me staring, and moves my way.

"Trying to catch me out, Walker?" She smiles genuinely at me, taking a sip from a cup I watched her put water into when she was fed up with everyone telling her to have a drink. I grab the cup out of her hand and gulp some down, just to make sure.

"Maybe." I smile back it her, returning her cup, which indeed held water.

"Madison looked quite disappointed. Break her heart, did you?" She says jokingly.

A couple moves behind her, trying to get through, which brings her closer to me, her hand now on my chest. I bring my hands to her waist to steady her as they are passing. She looks up into my eyes with remarkable beauty that makes my breathing hitch.

For the longest time, we stood, staring into each other's eyes. That's when I see them at the door. Boiling my fucking blood. The sophomore football players. Aiden fucking Sanders.

I let go of her waist, charging over to them, preparing to send them so far away from Alex they'd need a fucking map. But a little hand grabs around my wrist, pulling me back with force to face her. She cocks her head to the side and frowns.

"Just let them be, please, for me." And that voice calms me down immediately, my anger dying out feeling her hands with mine.

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