The Wilde Ones

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Stay in control


Grabbing his wrist, I feel him calm down completely in my hold. My skin in his feels so right, tingles running through my entire body.

"Alex, hey," Aiden says, spotting me in the crowd of people. Kai stalks off, for good reason. I know standing before me now would be the ghost of Aiden Sanders if I failed to calm him. I know Kai can exercise restraint, but when it comes to other guys being around me, he fills with rage. I could understand it though, I am the same. Though I feel jealousy is to play here. "Walker just looked at me with his killer look but walked away. I guess I'm allowed to stay. Something to do with you, I'm guessing?" He smiles and I smile back.

"It was a tough sell to Kai, I'll be honest, and try to avoid Matt if you can." I laugh noticing Aiden's nervous face. But honestly, I would be nervous if I were him too. Kai and Matt are ruthless when they want too, having grown up with Matt and witnessing Kai return all hours of the morning with red raw knuckles.

He leaves to the drinks table after offering me some, probably to get shitfaced along with all the sophomores here. Asides from me. Alcohol and me don't mix and will never again. I need to stay in control of myself.

I sneak away from the loud bustle of the crowd and find a nice quiet corner to catch my breath. The smell of sweat, beer and faint marijuana is intoxicating.

"Maybe you should go to bed," a voice suggests. I'm about to clock them around the head for being so crude when I glance up to find Kai. "You seem tired and I would feel better if you were safe."

"Safe? Nothing is gonna happen here, Walker. Why are you so worried anyway?" I ask with my arms folded over my chest. "I still haven't drunk anything and not going to any time soon. Stop worrying about me and drink something yourself."

"I'd rather watch you," he replies, in a deeper voice, stepping closer to me. He watches me as his chest comes into contact with my own, completely removing the gap between us. "I can't let you get hurt ever. You're too innocent for that."

"Innocent?" I scoff with a slight smirk. I'm not offended, more amused at the statement. "You can't stop me from getting hurt. It's always happened."

I place my hands on his shirt-clad chest and gently push him back.

"Drink something, Walker. I'll be fine," I assure him, kissing his cheek in an impulsive move and shuffling away.

Holy shit! I just kissed him. Sure, his cheek, but we all know where that leads to. Next I'll be pregnant and my life will be ruined because I made an awful mistake. Everything I worked for, for nothing! Calm down, shit! He's got me way too worked up.

Aiden steps in front of me, blocking my exit upstairs and away from it all.

"Dance with me?" he asks, holding my waist as Kai just did. I just nod, following him as he guides my hips with the music. "You're beautiful, you know that." I blush a little, smiling at the comment.

I fear I may be leading him on, although the guy I want is someone I can't be with. I pull away from his hold, feeling guilty. Not only did I feel for Kai, but I wasn't ready to be with someone just yet, not after Axel, my previous boyfriend. We were in love, but I then moved away. I still have feelings for him too, him being my first love and all. And I fell in so deep with him.

"Something wrong?"

"I... don't like you like that, I'm sorry." He looks at me for a minute, and I see the lust in his eyes, the want for me to be with him.

He chuckles humorlessly. I witness his expression change, turning nasty. "You little tease!" he yells, loud enough for others to hear. This is where drinking gets you. I know that look; I'm in trouble. "You flirt with me all the time and now you're not into me. Wow!" I am taken aback by the tone of his voice and back away from him more.

I wouldn't say I flirt with him all the time, or really any of the time. We hung out a couple of times. That's all. He's scaring me now.

Matt comes into view, and heads my way. I let out a quick sigh of relief because I know he's in sight.

"I didn't mean to. I was just trying to make a friend," I say innocently.

When I auditioned for the cheerleaders, it was the sophomore guys I appeared to dance for, even though I danced for Kai. I don't push away from the guys when they talk to me and flirt, trying to get a reaction out of Kai. I used them, I used Aiden just to make Kai jealous, I guess. Drama magnet, I know. This is on me.

"A friend? I call bullshit." He edges closer to me, and I can feel the heat radiating off his body. He's mad, madder than I thought he could be. His face comes close to mine. "I bet a little slut like you loves the attention I give you. You can't even do something for me?" he whispers seductively.

I gather what he's insinuating and try to pull away, but his grip on my hips only tightens.

"Seriously, babe, let's go somewhere." All of this makes me feel weak and powerless, his grip even tighter that I am sure it would leave a bruise by morning. This is all so familiar to me. And I hate that. That is what I ran away from.

He begins dragging me outside, heading towards to car. No one had really paid attention to our conversation after his outburst, too wrapped up in themselves.

I'm now worried as he snakes his arm around my waist from behind me. I feel him grope my ass a bit and I stop dead in my tracks. He pulls me to keep me moving when a muscled figure, out of nowhere, leaps at Aiden like a fucking tiger, sending Aiden to the ground. The figure pounds his fists into Aiden's face, the screams he makes like music to my ears.

Sick, I know. But the dude just tried it on with me. Ever heard of consent?

I am not at all drunk, so nowhere near drunk enough for any of this. I want to chug a gallon of any alcoholic drink right now, making me forget what I am seeing, Kai beating the shit out of Aiden. But Kai is staying true to his word. He's keeping me safe.

"Shit!" Matt shouts, coming up from behind me, rushing over to the scene to pry Kai off of Aiden. My rage and need for revenge blinds me and before Matt, Kai, Aiden or I even know it, I leap as Kai had on Aiden, digging my fists into his already pulped face.

Before, I felt I deserved it, for leading him on, for letting him think he was more to me, but now all I see is red. I no longer feel the guilt that had possessed me moments ago, relentlessly punching and barreling my fists into his face until I feel strong arms wrap around my waist to now yank me off of Aiden.

I look back to see I'm in Kai's arm and I begin to feel more at ease. My mind's so exhausting it can't even think any suggestive thoughts. Only comfort from Kai's protection.

I look to Matt who is stunned into silence, yanking Aiden off the ground, bringing out Kyle and telling them both to go home.

"Let's call it a night, yeah?" he says to us, furrowing his eyebrows. He heads back inside while we are sat on the ground, Kai's arms still around my torso.

I watch everyone start to leave, some with each other, some alone, all a little if not a lot drunk. Kai and I make our way inside too, and begin cleaning up with Matt. We do this in silence, all knowing this is not the time to air what happened. I steal glances at Kai, who appears to be doing the same but nothing is said between us.

I only know it's going to get a whole lot more complicated from here.

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