The Wilde Ones

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The Lake

Friday night. I hadn't had a night like that in a long time. I am scared and ashamed, having to show my face in school on Monday. I wonder what happened to Aiden's face also. Actually, there's no need to wonder when I can just look on social media, but I'm too nervous. What if he had to go to hospital? Kai went in hard and I didn't hold any punches.

Shuffling into the kitchen, I notice a broad-chested muscled figure, pacing about. Catching sight of me, I see his face light up, and I begin to walk over to him. His hand ruffles his hair whilst I see several cut and purple-black dotted all over his other hand.

Why did he have to be so sexy without a shirt on? Doesn't he know we're forbidden? He's just so tempting and he knows that. The way those back muscles ripple, the way his biceps bulge when bringing up a mug to his lips. Oh, and those lips... fuck!

"Morning," I announce to Kai, going over to grab the coffee pot. "Where's Matt? I didn't see him in his room this morning."

"He's out. We're actually planning to go to the lake-house, spend the night."

"Oh," I murmur, looking down at my feet. They're leaving me here alone with my dad.

What a fun weekend. More studying for me. Wow, that's sad. Nothing better to do than study - at least I could just the nerd title I wanted.

"You best pack a bag, then, because we're not waiting too long." I look up at him with brightened eyes to watch a genuine smile cross his face. As fast as it arrived, it vanished.

I smile back and nod, turning on my heel and rushing into my room to dress in my bikini and shorts, and to get together an overnight bag. I am happy to get away, from this mess. I feel guilty that I led Aiden on, that I used him to make Kai jealous, and then I beat him to a pulp in my blinding rage. I regret losing control; I regret a lot of things.

I hurry down the stairs when I hear Matt call to me that we are leaving. Diving into the back car seat, the car pulls out the drive and zooms off toward the lake-house.

It was Kai's house; his parents gave it to him as somewhere to stay but he found it lonely and too far from school so moved in with Matt. It was quite the sad story to be honest, when Matt told it to me. I asked, rather rudely, why Kai was staying with us. Mainly because I knew he would cause me trouble. And I'm right. Because I can't stop ogling him.

It's a stupid crush. It's not like I'm in love with the guy or in too deep. No, I couldn't be. Because I'm still in love with my ex. There are some unresolved issues there that I don't want to address.

When we arrive, I take in this glorious scenic view, the serene water calming all my anxieties and the house absolutely stunning. Kai's family had money, which is why they sent him away, because he was a pest they didn't want to deal with. And what the rich do with things they don't want, they hide them, get rid of them, send them away. Kai was and is still detached from his family. I empathize with him, having useless parents of my own.

I stand still whilst Matt dashes into the house, claiming a room, as I can hear from his shouts. But I just stand, gawping. Kai stands next to me, smirking.

"Like it?" he says in a confident tone that made my heart rate a little quicker and my breathing hitch.

"It's beautiful," I state, admiring it in all its glory. I turn to him, and he grips my hands in his, pulling me closer to him. I can tell he's no longer using his brain, so I pull away, knowing it would be bad for anything to happen at all. As much as I want Kai, it could never be. Matt wouldn't approve, ever.

"Sorry," he mutters, before heading inside, not turning back to look at me. I follow him, setting up in a room of my own and then deciding I wanted to go for a swim.

Maybe it's just because you want Kai to see you in that hot bikini... Shut up, brain!

"Where are you going?" I question Matt, whilst holding a towel in my arms.

"Gotta get some groceries from the shops, want anything?" I shake my head, furrowing my eyebrows. "Kai's here so he'll keep an eye on you, make sure nothing happens." Then he disappears out the door so fast I couldn't get a word in.

While I don't mind the fact that Kai's here, I don't appreciate Matt making it sound as though I need a babysitter. I'm fifteen, for heaven's sake.

Sometimes, it's like he thinks I'm some toddler who might drown if I'm left alone. Why did I think about drowning toddlers? Couldn't I have used a better example? I'm a psycho. Urgh!

Sitting by the lake side, I begin to take off my shorts and loose shirt, revealing my black bikini. That's when I notice Kai, already in the water, swimming towards me. He stares at me for the longest time, surveying my entire body, his eyes raking over my figure.

My eyes are up here, idiot! Wasn't that what you wanted though?

I roll my eyes. Something I shouldn't have done. Because he drags me into the water, and I feel the lukewarm water surrounding me.

"Son of a bitch!" I splash at him jokingly, only for him to return that splash. We suddenly start to get into a war, splashing each other with competitiveness. Kai grabs my waist, pulling me to him, reaching for my hands to hold at my sides to stop me from splashing him.

I feel our chests touch one another, the contact warm and fulfilling, his touch alone completing an empty feeling I once felt.

"Kai..." I whisper, lost in my daze. But the calling of him name darkened his eyes and all I can see now is pure and unmistakable lust. He smashes his lips against mine, his kiss feeling addictive and made me want more and more.

I have to stop this, right? This could not happen. This was only lust, because I've seen him shirtless many times around our house and he's just so damn attractive. We can't do this.

I don't stop him though. My body doesn't allow it.

He licks my lips, indicating he wants to explore my mouth. I part my lips and immediately his tongue moves inside my mouth, tasting me with passion and ferocity. My hands snake around his neck and grasp at his hair, pulling his head closer to me to deepen the kiss even more. I have a need for him, a need for him to have me any way he wanted.

I sound like such a slut, I barely know the guy really, but I have needs.

I hear Matt's car pull into his parking space and we both back away in an instant. Dizzied by the mind-blowing kiss we just shared, I climb out from the water, dry myself off and head back inside, without a single word uttered between Kai and myself.

I can't deny the attraction, nor can I deny the feeling I get when I'm with him. It feels right. Yet it's wrong and we both know that. This couldn't happen again, and I would try hard for it not to. But I could tell from the look in his eyes when I pulled away from him that he wanted me just as badly, maybe even more.

I don't think he's going to stay away anymore. I think he's finally lost the control he had, but I need to fight to get my own back.

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