The Wilde Ones

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Face the music

"We're not going to talk about this?" Kai hisses at me, seeing my care-free composure. I can't let him see how I am affected by that kiss; I can't let him see how affected I am when he's standing here, looking all hot and bothered. When he's angry, his muscles tense, only accentuating them and makes him all the more desirable.

We stand in the kitchen, still in our bathing suits, in this heated moment.

"There's nothing to talk about," I reply nonchalantly, trying to keep my voice steady and even. He scoffs at me, placing a hand on my waist and pulling me closer to him. Now, with our bodies touching, our eyes locked, our heartbeats both in quick rhythms, I want to do all types of things with him. But I can't.

Pushing him away, I watch his lips smirk unexpectedly, his eyes gleaming.

"I knew it!" he exclaims, edging close again, backing me into a cupboard and putting his hands on the wall on either side of my head, so I am trapped in. "You want this," he whispers right against my ear, his lips nipping at it.

"Stop..." I mutter, breathless at his proximity to me. 'Stop' came out the opposite of what I intended, turning both me and him on at the same time. I am weak at the knees, feeling the liquid pool into my underwear.

God, what is he doing to me? This cannot happen.

"I mean it, Walker," I state, my voice stronger than before, pushing him away with all my might. But my strength doesn't nearly match his and he remains unmoved and more determined, him moving closer to me than he was previously.

"Are you sure you mean it, beautiful?" he whispers seductively. I feel his hot breath on my face as he brings his lips to hover over mine, almost touching, teasing me.

This is his plan. He wants me to give in. He wants me to lose control. I begin to remember my ex exactly like that, wanting me to live on impulse and be free while still controlling me. Contradictory, I know.

Matt enters the kitchen, and immediately Kai breaks away from me, still sexily smirking at me as he moves to sit on a chair. I sit beside him, knowing that I could only manage to say this if we weren't alone.

"I don't want this. We can't do this. Fuck with someone else, Walker, because you can't have me," I whisper so Matt can't hear. My serious tone is hopefully conveyed to Kai and I stroll away, hoping he wouldn't come after me and try to break the control I am on the edge of losing. It can't be like before.

I avoid Kai for the rest of the weekend at the lake-house, too scared that if I am in a room alone with him, I will lose myself completely. He's aware of that too. Which is why he so desperately attempts to find me around the house.

Travelling back home, I realize I haven't even thought about my father, whether he'd be alright, and start panicking. Upon arriving home, seeing my dad's lifeless skeleton of a body sprawled across the floor in a daze, I kick him to make sure he's alive and then headed to my room, hearing him shout, "fucking bitch!" as per usual from behind me.

Nice to find he hasn't changed in that short little trip. Some things never will.

Now Monday, I fear seeing Aiden again. After what I did. After what Kai did. I didn't want any gossip about me when I came to the school as the new girl, but it was a lost cause because of Matt and Kai.

But at least before, I don't think they were saying anything bad. Now, I am the bitch. The tease. The fucking wild animal, just as my name suggests. I wouldn't have stopped, neither would Kai, which makes it all worse. I lost control and someone got hurt. A tale as old as time.

I dress in some blue jeans paired with a black bardot top, and some tan healed boots. I see Kai's eyes flicker to mine on the drive to school but I quickly look away, hoping he didn't notice the desire in my eyes for him. Eyes are the windows to the soul, as they say, and I don't want him seeing into mine.

I keep my head down, running into school and to my looker without a word to anyone. I feel the stares but I keep moving until I get there. A tap on my shoulder makes me nervous, as I turn to face whoever it is.

Stop being such a wimp, Alex. They might actually be scared of you.

Aiden. And boy did he look messed up. Both black eyes with cuts and bruises all different shades covering his entire face. The guys behind him look fearful and wary of me, and I realize that they are afraid of me, all of them. I was right. From what I did. What Kai did for me too.

"I wanted to apologize for what happened on Friday," Aidan begins, scratching his head looking anxious. "I was drunk off my head and I'm so sorry for acting like that, I don't know what came over me." When I stay completely silent and stunned, he carries on, "I just really like you and got carried away when you said you didn't like me like that. I hope we can be friends."

He puts his hand out for me to shake. His hand is trembling, and I get the idea that someone has made him apologize, maybe Kai. I shake his hand, wanting to forget about my falter in control and return to normality.

I turn away from him as he strolls down the corridor, only to be met with Laurie, Madison and Elizabeth.

"Aiden's face, I heard you did that," Madison begins, actually smiling.

"Yeah, I went crazy for a second," I say and she chuckles.

"Dickhead football players like that need to be put in their places," she continues, now grinning at me. I feel we are actually getting along for the first time since I arrived. "Look, I know I've been cold to you. Laurie keeps saying that you're cool and after what you did, I think so too. Some guys are pigs and it's good to have each other's backs. So, party, tomorrow night, my house, your birthday, how about it?"

I look to Laurie to see her smiling at me, excited and nodding her head so that I will say yes. I agree, of course. I am turning sixteen tomorrow and I just want it to be drama free.

How likely do you think that will be?

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