The Wilde Ones

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Birthday surprise

"Alex Wilde!" coach announces to everyone as we end practice. Me, captain of the cheerleaders. I can just feel the daggers from Madison's eyes into my back. It's fun to be part of a team, so I'm happy. But it means coming to practice everyday and leading it, talking to my brother about pep rallies and football games, seeing Kai and Matt and Aiden every time I cheer.

Shit's gonna get real.

"I know that I'm not a senior but changing up the status quo once in a while is a necessary. Let's be the best cheer team in this school's history!" I announce and all the girls cheer enthusiastically asides from Madison and Elizabeth. She's throwing me a birthday party, and now she hates me.

Good going, Alex.

Making my way out of the changing rooms, I'm dragged into an empty classroom. Again.

"Walker, what the fuck?" I cry, yanking my arm from his grip. How many times is he going to do this? Someone will eventually see and start rumors I don't want spreading.

He stands there, hot and sweaty from football practice, now running his hand through his hair as he stares at me with those dark eyes.

Don't fall into his trap. Please...

He moves closer to me, as usual, backing me up into the wall and trapping me so I have no way of escaping with his brick wall of a body in front of me and an actual brick wall behind.

"You've been avoiding me," he hisses in an angry tone. His fury only makes me want him more, seeing how passionate he can be.

I stare into his eyes, unwavering, trying to show a little more dominance, even though I'm not in the best position to be claiming control here.

"I've just been busy." He scoffs, bringing his finger to my chin and caressing my cheeks, drawing little patterns. "Kai," I warn, knowing I am going to do everything in my power to keep control. But if that power fails me...

"You're so beautiful," he whispers, his lips now almost touching mine. "I can't keep away from you anymore." I push him away, now struggling against his body as I was just on the edge of giving in and kissing him.

He wants to keep pushing me, to keep testing my limits. He wants me. But I can't do this.

"Leave me alone, Walker, I'm warning you," I say in a confident tone, even though I am shaking inside.

"Or what?" he says, backing me up against the wall again and pressing his body against mine. "Or what?" he whispers in my ear.

I punch him in his rock hard abs which actually makes him groan in pain, but I know that it wasn't strong enough to really hurt him. He chuckles at little, then peers up at me.

"Or that, huh?"

"Or worse." I reply, opening the door.

"Happy Birthday." And I don't look back at him; I just walk out. I know he'll be at the party; I just have to avoid him.

"Hey, Madison," I call when I reach the car Madison, Elizabeth and Laurie are standing by. "Look, I'm sorry about the whole captain thing. I know you wanted it."

She sighs a little but I feel her energy changed from practice. Rather than fuming, she is now disappointed.

"I don't have time for it anyway. I'm glad you got it," she says and I just nod, smiling politely at her. "About the party, ride with us, you can borrow my clothes and help us set up. I'm known for the best parties around here; I get popular people from other schools to come as well. And hot college boys."

We get in the car and I peer over at Kai who is staring intently at me as usual. I ignore him, letting Madison's car drive me away from his 'destroying my core' gaze.

"Now sixteen, you can bet your virgin ass that you'll get laid tonight." I blush, bowing me head, looking into my hands in my lap awkwardly. "Oh, fuck," Madison exclaims, gazing at me. The other girls do the same. "Someone at school?"

"No, it was last year, with my boyfriend," I mutter, still fixated on my hands to avoid their awed faces.

"Shit, I'm older than you and you have sex before I do," Laurie comments.

I loved him though, my ex boyfriend, and I don't regret it. I still have feelings for him, but he's in my past. Kai is here now, and I need to stay away.

Once we get to Madison's house, or should I say mansion, I realize she really is the popular high school girl cliche. I think it is quite charming actually, going to school with real classic stereotypes. I am starting to like Madison actually; she's pretty cool.

After eating and chatting a bit, setting up the music and food, Madison leads me to a room filled with presumably all her clothes. There is too much to take in. I wonder how she remembers all the clothes she has to have an idea of what she wants to wear each day.

She picks out a beautiful crimson red dress for herself, matching it with red boot stilettos. Then she pulls out a stunning short silver dress and hands it to me with silver heels. The dress hugs all my curves when I try in on, and accentuates my thin waist. It is a gorgeous dress, and I thanked Madison for letting me wear it.

A little after nine, the first guests arrive, people I didn't know piling into the room, and by eleven, hundreds are here, including Matt, Kai and their friends, and Aiden, Kyle and their friends. I see college guys and guys from other schools. Madison is right. She sure knows a lot of people.

"Wow, there are some hot guys here tonight," Madison exclaims, strolling over to me with Elizabeth and Laurie, excited.

I hear a big crowd gather by the door as someone steps through, all the guys greeting whoever it was. They are popular then. The crowd parts for the figure and he appears in front of me. My breath hitches. I stand in shock.

"Axel?" my voice manages to let out.

"Hey, baby, happy birthday," he announces, confidently and now all eyes around us are on us. I see Matt looking concerned to my left with Kai looking confused, probably at 'baby'. Aiden's face drops too and the girls next to me begin to whisper.

"Who the fuck are you?" Matt questions, storming over to my side protectively.

"I'm her fucking boyfriend," Axel declares, cups my face with his hands and kisses me passionately. He breaks away from me, leaving me in a more paralyzed state than before. He has changed; he seems clean now, free of the drugs. But his kiss is the same as I remember, still hot, and possessive.

"Ex-boyfriend," I mutter, but loudly enough for all of them to hear. I worry about Kai, whose body has been overly tense the moment Axel walked in. He hasn't said anything or done anything, trying to remain in control.

All I can focus on now is the fact that my ex-boyfriend has just walked into my life again. Shit.

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