The Wilde Ones

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Axel and Alex


“What the fuck are you doing here, Axel?” I exclaim, still trying to figure out whether this is real.

Axel is my first love. And he was there for me at my worst. But he was also the problem too. He convinced me to lose control, he persuaded me to live life without consequence. Axel was the bad boy. He barely attended class but still managed to keep his grades up. He’d smoke at school with his friends. Girls would throw themselves at him and he would screw them.

Until he met me...

Over a year ago

“You fucking whore!” my dad screams at my mom. “You’ll sleep with any fucker.”

“Well, I don’t fucking love you. You make my life miserable. Why should I have to stay here whilst you make this marriage hell?!”

“Then why don’t we just get divorced then? You can go tell your little boy toy that you no longer have a home, that he has to pay for you to live. You think he wants that?”

“I don’t care! It’s better than living here.”

The conversation about their divorce went like that, breaking away before my eyes. Now, it’s just me and my dad, after mom left a couple weeks ago.

I’m starting high school today, not that my mother cared. I could no longer care about her. But my dad, he drank himself silly. He’d come home every night these past two weeks, either too out of it to talk and I’d walk him up the stairs and to bed, or with a foul mood, where he’d start smashing bottles against the wall. There’d be the occasional slap to my face, but I know he didn’t mean it. He was just sad. Sad, and lonely, and depressed. And I think all I can do it be patient. Maybe one day, he’ll just snap out of it.

One could hope.

This morning, I’d be walking to school myself, and a new school at that. Not that I need anyone. I am strong on my own, I can’t rely on other people forever anyway. Best start now.

I found a job two days ago, at a cafe downtown. It’s a quaint little place which only pays a little more than minimum wage, but it’s a start. I just have to find other ways to get money.

My dad lost his job after he arrived at work spewing all sorts of nonsense, drunk off his head, of course. It is up to me now, to help around the house, to earn the money, to be a grown up. I just wish Matt was here.

I curl my hair so it bounces half way down my back and put on some mascara to accentuate the blue in my eyes. I dress in some black ripped jeans with a pink over-sized jumper on top, wrapping a burgundy scarf around my neck for the fall weather. I wanted my outfit to be cute and warm, which it is now that I have put on my boots.

The weather is cold for early september, and I shiver when I reach the school, scared of this daunting new experience. Walking up to the school, I notice many stares, fixated on my body, and guys in varsity jackets wolf whistling as I make my way inside.

I get many more glares while I stroll down the corridors and to the hall where the freshman have an assembly. Only a couple people from my middle school are here, my friends Anna and Jackie. They greet me with wide smiles when I enter and rush over to hug me. Some other guys in the hall sit gawping at us, but I ignore it and we take our seats once the principal arrives.

“Good morning, and welcome. I know it can be worrying arriving at a new school, not knowing where anyone is or who anyone is. The staff are here to help if you have any questions though. The senior pupils will also gladly help. If you go to the tables at the front, they will provide you with locker combinations, a map and class schedules. I hope you all have a good first day,” the principal declares, exiting the stage.

I hop up out of my seat excited, making my way to the tables, grabbing all the information I need and trying to get to class, saying goodbye to Anna and Jackie who weren’t in mine.

Somewhere along the way, I get lost, maybe because of my terrible sense of direction. Now, I am desperately roaming the halls, searching for a class that looked remotely like the one I am supposed to be in.

I don’t see anyone about at all. I’m not yet late at least, since we got about half an hour this morning to get our stuff and get to our lockers before class. But now I’m struggling to find everything.

I notice a figure in black at the end of the corridor, his right side up against the lockers with his back facing away from me. Perfect. Someone that I can ask for help.

“Excuse me?” I say nervously as I get closer. The guy turns around, away from the group I notice in front of him, and I’m shocked, seeing his chiseled jaw line, hazel brown eyes and messy black hair.

He appeared irritated at first, having to turn away from his friends to speak with a clueless freshman, but then his features relax and his lips turn into a smirk as his eyes rake my body. I suddenly feel self-conscious, bringing my arms to cross over my abdomen.

“Can you point me in the direction of classroom 32, please?” I then notice the cigarette he holds in his right hand, the smell of tobacco and smoke filling up my nose.

I suppose he's a bad boy. Like the ones you hear about and are told to stay away from.

I wait expectantly for him to reply and try to appear confident in front of him. He is clearly a senior, and he and his friends are bunking lessons.

He is nonetheless freaking hot. I'm not blind. But there's no way he would ever be into me.

“You know what, I can take you there, nothing better to do. Follow me,” he replies with a voice that makes me weak at the knees. It's deep and sexy.

His friends pat him on the back with smirks on their faces as he leads me away. He just stares at them, which makes them pipe down. The power this guy seems to have is overwhelming. I can feel his dominating personality around me.

“What’s your name?”

“Alex Wilde, short for Alexandria,” I say sweetly and he smiles at this, a smile I never want to look away from. It is mesmerizing. “What’s your name?”

“Axel King,” he replies, looking down at me. He is quite a bit taller than I am, only being 5′2. He’s 6′1 maybe. “Here we are.”

We stand beside the classroom I’m supposed to be in, and I watch other freshman pile in, others staring at me and Axel. The irony is definitely not lost on me from our names. Maybe it is fate.

“I’ll see you around, baby.” He turns on his heel to leave, walking with complete dominance in the halls.

Baby? I liked the way he said it to me, the way it rolled off his tongue. I like him. I am aware I’m crushing on a guy I just met but the thought of him brings a smile to my face.


I planned on smoking my way through the school day when I see this perky little blonde freshman, sexy and so fucking innocent. She wasn’t too shy to ask for help and tried fighting my dominating aura. And fuck, that tight little ass had me wanting to fuck her right then and there. It will happen soon enough anyway.

All it took was seeing her face when I knew she was going to be mine, solely mine. When she told me her name was Alex, I couldn’t help but chuckle; this girl is clearly made for me. I am going to make her mine.

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