The Wilde Ones

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Axel and Alex part 2

I could no longer afford gymnastics. I am trying to find another job quickly so I don’t have to give up anything else. I need school. Not just for the education but for the peace. I picked up extra shifts at the cafe but it isn’t enough.

Scrubbing the wasted food off of used plates in the sinks, my boss calls me to the front.

“Table 5, some guy asked for you specifically to serve him. Anyone you know?” I peer over at table 5 to see Axel’s gazing eyes fixated on me. He sits silently with a relaxed posture on the chair.

Swiftly, I make my way over to see what he wants, knowing it is more than just food or a drink.

“Hi, you asked for me?” I ask politely, smiling sweetly at him. His lips turn upwards into a smirk as he looks me up and down.

Is he checking me out? That would be crazy wouldn't it.

We barely knew each other. Only in passing. A couple of conversations. He seemed to always be staring at me when I caught his gaze around school, and then did something sexy like lick his lips or wink at me.

“I have a job proposition for you. I can see you’re strapped for cash; I wonder if you want another job?”

I think for a minute, trying to decide whether this is a trick. He doesn’t even have a job himself, I don’t think.

“What kind of job?”

“Sit and we’ll talk. But I need to know you're interested before I waste my time,” he says, a little impatiently.

“I’m still working,” I reply, pouting subconsciously. I couldn’t lose this job.

“Fine, meet me after your shift at my house. Here’s the address.” He scribbles on a napkin and hands it over to me, “I don’t offer jobs to many people, especially freshman girls.” He abruptly gets up to leave, his hands grab my hips. I feel his lips brush my ear, “see you later, baby.” And he saunters off to his car.

I had to go now, I couldn’t be rude and waste his time. And I do need another job. Even a better paying one maybe.

Maybe I was foolish. And naive. To go to this guy's house, one I barely know.

It is eight o’clock when my shift finally ends, and I begin to walk over to Axel’s place. The good thing about my parents the way they are is the fact that I have no one to answer to.

Once I reach the address on the napkin, I hesitantly knock on the door, a weak little one that I hope he heard because I am too nervous to knock again. The door swings open, and standing handsomely in his sweats, his hair ruffled, is Axel King, his god-like appearance making me weak at the knees. He moves his body from the doorway to let me inside, and his palm rests on the small of my back, leading me to a seat in his kitchen. He offers me some water and then seats himself next to me, eyes glued to mine.

“I was wondering if you’d show up,” his deep voice begins saying, bringing his hand through his hair. A smirk tugs at his lips, the corner of his mouth titled upwards.

“So, what’s the job?” I inquire in a shy voice that I wished was stronger. I am a confident person, although this guy makes me anxious.

“You go to parties with me. Simple as that.”

“You want me to go to parties with you?” I ask in disbelief. I am not sure what the catch is here but there must be one.

“That’s what I said. I have a business and I need you for my image.”

“An illegal business?” I mutter shyly, afraid of his reaction to it. I'm simply accusing him of something illegal because of how he looked. It's not very progressive of me.

He pauses for a moment, thinking of how to respond. I couldn’t do something illegal.


“Then it’s not for me, sorry,” I reply sweetly, wondering whether I had just walked into a trap. I am at his house; he’s asking me to help with illegal business and I’m turning him down.

“I’ll pay you $500 per party.” Which leaves me gobsmacked. I don’t want to do something illegal but I need this money. I think for a minute, weighing the pros and cons. He just needs me for his image. I wouldn’t actually be doing anything illegal.

“While I’m there, what would I be doing?” At my question, he smirks, and he now knows that I’m interested in the money.

“You’re my girl. You’ll socialize with people I tell you to, get them to buy from me. Appeal to the girls at the parties. Most of the time, you'll be right by my side. I’m not asking too much for five hundred, am I?”

“No,” I quickly reply.

"Are you in?” he asks rather impatiently.

For five hundred dollars a party, “yes, I’m in.”

My first party and Axel sent an outfit to my house for me to wear tonight. It is a short sexy black dress that hugs my body tightly and shows a lot of leg. Axel also wants me to do smoky eyes with dark red lipstick. Whatever he wants for $500 dollars.

I hear Axel’s car honking outside and know it’s my cue to leave. Exiting the house, I watch his mouth slightly drop at the sight of me and I know I did good. I don’t want to disappoint him; he is paying me a lot to look pretty.

“Fuck, you look hot,” he says as I enter the car. “I knew you were the girl I needed.” I blush a little, thanking him and we drive.

“Don’t let any of these guys kiss you though. They’ll want to and you’re young and weaker than them. You shout for me if you’re in trouble, got it?”

“Yes,” I mutter as I stare out the window. I try avoiding his gaze, not knowing what to make of it. When the car slows down, I began to feel the pressure, starting to fidget with my hand in my lap. I have never been to any parties. I don't even know what senior parties are like. How am I supposed to do this?

I then feel Axel's hand grab my chin and turn my face towards him. He isn’t rough, just a passionate look in his eyes. At once, he smashes his lips against mine, pulling me closer the him with his arms and lacing his fingers in my hair. He pushes his tongue into my mouth, deepening the kiss, making me moan a little. I feel him smirk at my sounds and I pull his head closer to mine, wanting more and making him moan now.

When we finally break away from the kiss, I just look at him innocently.

“You are mine,” he states before getting out the car and graciously opening my door. When I step out, his arm immediately pulls my waist to his possessively and we begin to walk up a drive.

I imagined parties to be like this but it is different witnessing the sight in person. There are a few gasps when we entered together and there are still stares.

Axel is the resident heart breaker at school and I am just a freshman. I know what they're all thinking. What the hell is Axel King doing with me? I don't really know myself.

Axel hands me a drink.

“I don’t drink,” I declare, giving him back the cup.

I am witnessing what alcohol is doing to my dad and one of us has to be the sober one.

“You do now,” he remarks, passing the drunk to me again. I see a forcefulness in his eyes but I refuse to back down.

“I don’t want to,” I whine quietly so no one else can hear.

He then roughly grabs my chin, arm still around my waist and says, “you’ll do as I say.” He opens my mouth and pours some of the drink in, then closes my mouth. Seeing my stubbornness as I hold the liquid in my mouth, he pinches my nose, forcing me to drink so that I can breathe.

I don’t like this side of him, this controlling side.

“There’s a good girl. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I just need you to listen to me, I want what’s best. You’re going to feel better. I look after what’s mine. You’re mine right?” I nod quickly. “Say it.”

“I’m yours.”
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