The Wilde Ones

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Meet Walker

I turn the corner, frantically panicking that I would really have a shitty day, and I crash into a rock-hard chest. Not a wall. I know the difference unlike some. Sometimes.

Gaining my composure from my dizzied state, I glance upwards to see a familiar face staring back at me, his eyebrows furrowed, his dark eyes growing darker by the second like every moment he looks at me is blackening his soul. Dude needs to chill.

“You couldn’t watch where you’re going?” he snaps, sounding irritated that I was just staring back at him. I'm almost in awe of how many words he had just spoken to me. Very unlike him. Maybe he should visit the nurse or something.

I snap out of my daze, about to reply with something others would call snarky when I hear a piercing bell ring. I grimace, the sound echoing through my head. Too much coffee, I conclude.

Kai storms past me, his large muscled shoulder clashing with my relatively small and weak one. Spinning around from the force, watching him walk away, I am left in disbelief. But I just carry on, eventually finding the principal's office. Her assistant waves me through and I wait for the principal to respond to my knock.

“Come in” she states, frowning when I enter the room.

What a great start, Alex. You already pissed off the principal because you are a stupid idiot, my mind chides.

Now my own brain is berating me. What a fun day. I must look like a lunatic, having an internal battle with myself. Amazing first impression.

She - short permed brown hair paired with stern green eyes - gestures for me to have a seat in front of her and then shuffles in her own seat, trying to get comfortable. “You must be Alexandria Wilde.” I can only nod, now becoming nervous as to what her outlook is on tardiness.

I can only assume, as any principal, it was not good.

“Your first day and you're late. Not a very good start, is it?” I shake my head, my inability to speak pissing me off. Though, it might save me from a punishment. I could be rather short- tempered. “I’ll let it slide for today; it happens again and you’re in detention. And of course, wouldn’t be in my favor which you should try to be. I have read your transcript. I expect a much high attendance."


"I don't want to hear your excuses, Miss Wilde," she interrupts. My blood boils but I just sit there, squeezing my mouth shut. "Right, now, here is your timetable.” She hands me it, along with a locker combination and a map of the school. “Ask any of the teachers if you have any problems. See yourself out please.”

“Thank you,” I manage to squeak out before leaving her office. After my dad this morning, then Matt and now this, I felt wound up like a coil around dynamite, ready to explode. My anger was something that went undiscovered, my will power barely restraining me at times.

Following the map and my timetable, I make it to second period with the rest of my class mates. They all eye the girl they haven’t seen before. It's not like I detested attention. How many people do, honestly? But this attention, when all their little beady curious eyes are on me, no one ever wants that. No one.

I take a seat at the back, acting like I didn’t give a shit being here or all the eyes on me. No, I am not a 'bad girl'. I am a regular teenager. Regular teenagers don't give a shit about being there and I doubt I look any cooler than them. People like Kai and my brother enjoy announcing the fact they hated school.

We all do. You're not special.

I bent down to reach for a pen from my bag when I heard a cough in front of me.

“Aiden,” he states, holding out his hand that I shake. “You must be the hot new girl some of my friends saw around this morning, looking a little lost.” He turns back to look at a group of guys huddled around a table at the back on the other side of the classroom, and winks at them.

When someone introduces themselves like that, I know instantly that they think they're the shit. Though, I suppose there's nothing wrong with some confidence.

Just don't be an asshole, Aiden, please. I need a friend.

I proceed to fold my arms over my chest and dead eye him for a few seconds. I bring my arms back down to sides, huffing out a little of my frustration and turn his attention back to me by saying, “Alex.”

He looks confused at first but then realizes I’m telling him my name. In the exact way he said his. Why the shock?

"Well, babe, ever need any help, all you need to do is ask," he says, confirming he was indeed an asshole with his condescending tone.

“If I need help, I know who to ask,” I say, smiling sweetly. He smirks a player smirk and so I add, “and who definitely not to.”

This time I smirk as his disappears, replaced by a scoff and heads back over to his friends. The class falls silent as the English teacher waltzes in, his back turned to the class as he begins to write something on the chalkboard. When he finally looks out to the class, his eyes catch mine and he smiles.

“Class, we appear to have a new student.” Then he looks directly at me, “I’m Mr Reed, stand up and introduce yourself,” he says, encouragingly. I sigh a little, knowing these next few days would be painful.

Why do teacher's do that? Do they think it makes being the new kid better? Do they think it makes the student feel included in the school family? It doesn't. I know for a fact, right now.

“Hi, I’m Alex Wilde from Arizona.” I hear some wolf whistles from the guys to which I roll my eyes at and take my seat again. The balls to do that in front of a teachers. Some boys are pigs.

Keep your thoughts to yourself, man. You don't need to make some idiotic sound.

Mr Reed continues with his class, consistently making sure I was following alright. And drawing more attention to me. In truth, I had already done most of the course at my last school, though my attendance was poor, but moved before completing it. Maybe I could be the nerd of the class. I've never been that before. I've always admired the smartest in the room, the one who doesn't say anything but manages to get a hundred percent in tests.

I find comfort in knowing that I, at least, wouldn’t be labelled as the dumb blonde, although I think it is already owned by Laurie Fleming. I had met the barbies of the school on the way to the lunch hall: Madison Valentine, Laurie Fleming and Elizabeth West.

All bad things come in threes. Or the best things. So that's why it's confusing. How do I stay away from threes when I don't know whether I could find a million dollars on the street or end up getting robbed? Don't be an idiot. Neither of those would happen following threes.

Why can't I ever be lucky?

My mind was straight up mental. Keeping my thoughts relatively sane was a process. Lamenting and pitying myself is something that happens constantly, though I try not to whine out loud. Or say wacky things. No one wants to be friends with that.

As you would expect, seas of students in the corridors parted for these girls.

Like Moses. Can you shut up for a second?

Madison was beautiful, with dark chocolate hair and honey tinted eyes that radiated warmth, even though she was everything but. Elizabeth was hot, her long braids flowing down her back and lips painted bright red. Laurie was the kind one, a little dimmer than the others, but made up for it in her sweetness. Where people saw a stupid barbie, I saw a compassionate light-hearted spirit. She began talking to me, which had the two other girls glaring, but I found a friend in Laurie.

I reach the cafeteria, but quickly catch onto the cliche status quo in this school. It's one of those schools. Different people sat at different tables, segregated by style and what they called ‘the natural order’ of high school. The problem was, there was no table for newbies. And no empty table.

After getting my food, I hesitate as to where I should sit, contemplating whether just to run out and eat in the restroom. But I conclude that I am stronger than that. Instead, I walk down the rows of tables, aimlessly shuffling, dragging my feet, trying to buy time before I have to sit somewhere.

“Alex” Aiden puts his arm around my shoulders and pulls me along to the jock table. I don’t really try to decline, not knowing where else I would sit. As I take my seat, the guys around me stare, the girls behind me stare, the barbies stare. “Yo, she’s trying to eat. Lay off the gawping.”

I chuckle at that, looking over to Aiden to see he was genuinely smiling at me before returning to his food and I returned to mine. Maybe not such an asshole. Or trying to get into my pants.

Aiden had a similar look to my brother - a goofy smile and that whole guy's guy vibe. He had sandy blonde hair that sat tousled on the top of his head with the sides shorter. I imagine his pale blue eyes and his entire countenance make many girls here weak at the knees, if you go for the 'arrogance is hot' kind of thing.

“So, Alex, what brings you to California?” one of the guys asks, “Kyle, by the way.”

“My brother is living here, and my dad and I decided to come here and live with him,” I reply, earnestly.

“Your brother go here or is he older?” Aiden pipes in, curious.

“He’s a senior here.” And the guys raise their eyebrows at that. “Captain of the football team? Matt Wilde?” And the guys scoff, all averting their gazes from me.

“Shit, I'm an idiot. Didn’t make that connection,” Kyle says. “When I saw you this morning, talking to Kai fucking Walker, I thought you were in trouble. Then he just went past. Now we know why.”

“What? Why?” I question.

“When Kai has that face on, no one dares stand in his path, he’ll literally beat you up until you’re spitting up blood. He doesn’t care who. I was going to step in but then he was gone. I guess he can’t hurt you, being his best friend’s sister,” Kyle explains. “Plus, you live with him now, right?”

“Yeah, I guess, but I barely see him anyway.”

“He’s probably staying away. I heard Matt saying he’d fuck up any guy trying to get with his sister when we were coming out for practice. Didn’t know who his sister was but I guess I know why he got them all to stay clear. You’re hot as fuck,” Aiden unabashedly mutters, staring at his food. I blush a little, confused as to whether I take it as a compliment or objectifying.

The rest of lunch was just small talk before we went back to lessons.

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