The Wilde Ones

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Getting back together

Kai’s glare from the other side of the room is burning me right now, as he walks back in with Matt. They didn’t know the full story of me and Axel, they couldn’t judge.

Time will tell whether I am right to let him back in or I should have told him to fuck off. I move over to Axel, holding his hand again and he smiles at me, turning me to him to kiss him. I kiss back for a few seconds before breaking it. I didn’t feel the same way about our kisses as I did when I kissed Kai. And I can feel Kai’s gaze still on me, fixated on my figure. His body is tense, so tense I’m worried he’ll burst a blood vessel.

“I need you,” Axel whispers to me, drawing my attention back to him. “I’m lucky to have you back.”

He is lucky. And maybe I’m too gullible. Love makes you blind, as they say. Or maybe love makes you generous with chances.

When the party ends, Axel kisses me goodnight, trying not to be too much, and leaves me to stay with the girls. I decided to sleep over at Madison’s, as I didn’t want to face the wrath of Kai and Matt. I know they would try to convince me to stop seeing him, even without knowing all that he has done, and then I would lose control of my temper again.

Madison gives me some clothes to sleep in and Elizabeth and Laurie stay over too, wanting gossip. Like a cute little sleepover, we all sit in a circle on Madison's bed with snacks in the middle. Madison's room is like a fairytale, all princess-like with the adorable pink makeup table and fairy lights around the room.

“So, Axel? How did you bag a college guy?” Laurie asks, raising her eyebrows suggestively.

I want to talk about it with them but I know that one of them told Matt and Kai that I slept with Axel. Did that matter? I didn’t really care if they knew anyway.

“He was a senior when I was starting high school in Arizona.”

“You, a freshmen, dated a senior? I mean, no offence but the guy looks that hot he could have any girl and he chose you,” Madison says, and I furrow my eyebrows. “Not that you’re not hot, I mean you are probably one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen but he’s three years older than you. Did he talk to you first? I want to know how you did it.”

“I...” I hesitate but decide to tell them my story. I want friends, I just won’t tell them about the bad times. “I was lost on my first day and I walked up to him in the hallway. He was smoking with his mates and I asked him for directions. Graciously, he led me to my class.”

“You went up to a bad boy senior on your first day of high school?” Elizabeth asks, shocked. I just nod my head. “I would never have done that. Probably why he was first interested in you, having the guts to go up to him.”

“Yeah, maybe,” I reply nonchalantly.

“Why did you two breakup? Was it just because you moved here?” Laurie curiously asks.

“Yeah, and we had a few problems.”

“Problems? What problems?” Madison questions, her eyes widening from the hope of juicy gossip.

Her inquiry isn't to be spiteful, I can tell. It's just a reflex I suppose. A lot of girls have it, the curious need to know something interesting, some new piece of gossip.

“Just some things,” I reply, but I knew I wasn’t going to get away with it. They all stare at me intently, giving me looks saying ‘you have to tell us’. I laugh a little, watching their expressions. “He was a little obsessive and he has quite a... dominant personality which could get a little... controlling.”

“Why are you back with him? He’s clearly here for you then, and if you broke up because he was obsessed, he still is. We all saw how he looked at you,” Madison declares, with a concerned look on her face. “Matt’s definitely not happy. What about Kai?”

“What about Kai?” I exclaim, feeling extremely defensive.

“It’s clear he’s into you, and I thought you were into him. That's why I sort of backed off, I guess. He took an interest in you and it's clear he wants nothing to do with me. But now Axel’s here so where does Kai stand?” Madison says confidently.

I try denying it but in the end, I give up. They all see it. I hope Matt doesn’t. He would never forgive Kai for that. It doesn't matter anyway, I am with Axel now.

“Kai has some anger issues. I’m a little worried,” I reply. How can I talk about Kai's anger issues when I have my own, and so does Axel?

“You and Kai. Aiden’s face got squished like a fucking tomato.”

“Momentary lapse in control I’m afraid.”

In the morning, I decide to walk back home. I need the fresh air to help me stay strong in front of Matt and Kai. They will obviously take their stabs at me and I need to be prepared. I am stronger than them, I need to remember that. What would they say? They don’t even know Axel; they couldn’t talk about shit.

“Fucking hell!” I yell when I hit my dad's head with the door on my way inside. “Looks like I’m still doing this.”

I begin to haul his body up the stairs, using every muscle in my leg. Although my dad is skinny, he still is a lot to drag around. I throw him over my shoulder, feeling him slip down my back. My grip on the back of his thighs loosen bit by bit until I almost drop him behind me.

When I feel his weight taken from me, I sigh in relief, turning around to see Kai helping me to bring him to his room.

“Thanks,” I mutter to him, trying to avoid eye contact. He is actually helping me instead of ignoring more. Though, this is rather awkward after what he knows now and how we left things.

He nods at me and then says, “no problem, beautiful. Anything for you.”

With a wink and a grin, he leaves. In that moment. I realize what game he’s going to play.

He wasn’t going to even attempt to argue with me about Axel. He was going to flirt with me to break us up.

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