The Wilde Ones

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Out of nowhere, I watch a fist pummeling through the air and into Alex’s face. I watch her fall to the floor. Instantly, I rush towards her, as does Matt and the girls but she holds out her hand in a stop position, and rises on her own to face Axel.

The son of a bitch. I’ll kill him.

After the match, I spotted Alex but she left quickly with Axel, looking like he dragged her away. I relayed the story to Matt and we both decided to head home in case she was in trouble.

Madison, Elizabeth and Laurie overheard our conversation, and wanting to make sure Alex was alright, the girls tagged along with us. Arriving in front of the drive, I saw the couple arguing. We all stepped out the vehicle but neither one of the couple really noticed us. That’s when I saw her go down.

Matt looks like he wants to smash Axel’s face in and I would happily do the same but her face conveys the message ‘I can handle it’ to both of us and we stay still, our rage still boiling within without an outlet.

“Baby, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean that. I was angry and I just wanted you to listen, and I... I... I love you, you know that. I’m sorry, I love you so much,” Axel exclaims, stepping closer to her now fully standing body. The left side of her face is bright red and looks incredibly sore.

“I know you love me, Ax,” she replies rather sweetly.

“Lex!” Matt shouts, hearing her saying this after what we all just witnessed. But she holds her hand out again, maintaining eye contact with Axel.

“I know you love me, Ax,” she repeats but her tone sounds more confident and hard. “You love me like... you love your car. You love me like you love your bike. You love me like you own me, like I’m your possession, but I’m not.”

Her tone becomes aggressive as she moves closer to Axel.

“I’m not yours, I never will be. Fuck, I was so fucking blind before. Or maybe it was the drugs and the alcohol. Shit, I think you just punched me into seeing the truth. I never really loved you. You convinced me I did, and I began to think needing you, or someone to help, was the same as loving you. I loved you like I would love my drug dealer. Nothing more.

"You slapped me around, raped me, forced me into everything, like you were my fucking owner. And I forgave you. Because you are so manipulative, it’s insane.

"It’s funny, for the first time, it’s like I can really see you, like I really know you. After I left you, you came back to me, here, spinning me more lies. You tried to hide it, right? At the beginning? But then it all got sloppy. You started to get comfortable, having me back and all. You thought you secured me again, your own little possession. But I tasted the weed. And I heard the coercion in your voice. ‘You don’t need him’, ‘you have me’, all of that bullshit. Manipulating me into having a glass of wine, that was good, I’ll admit. You always were so convincing.

"I was a great target, young and vulnerable. You preyed on the fact I was alone, and trying to pay bills and struggling and you used it. You used me. To get what you wanted. You were obsessed with me and you had to get what you wanted. You always got what you wanted.”

I watch a tear slide down her face, but her expression isn’t sadness. It is revenge.

She begins to punch his face, Axel taken aback by the outburst that he falls prey to her hits. He falls to the floor, her fists still attacking his face and the rest of his body.

“You,” punch, “worthless,” punch, “piece,” punch, “of,” punch, “shit!” His face is no longer recognizable, blood covering every ounce of bare untainted skin he once had on his face. I make a move to do something but Matt holds his arm out.

“The piece of shit deserves this,” he says, watching.

“Yeah, but she wants control, and this is her losing control. This is for her sake.”

I race over to her, wrapping my arms around her waist from behind her and pulling her back onto the ground, so she is off of Axel.

“Call the fucking police!” I yell to Matt and the girls, and Madison instantly takes her phone out.

I hold Alex in my arms, feeling her shivering body vibrate my own. Her small frame fit perfectly into mine, her butt against my groin.

I should not be thinking about that now.

I move out from beneath her to sit her up against the door of the house. Her hands, bloodied from both hers and Axel’s, and they are shaking too. I hold her hands in mine to keep them steady.

I hate seeing her like this, in so much pain. She looks into my eyes but says nothing. I know what she’s thinking and she shouldn't. She knows she could have killed him if I hadn’t stopped her. And she feels guilty, not because she almost beat him to death, but because she wanted to. I know this because I feel that way too sometimes, an insatiable rage that makes you want to destroy everything in your path.

I hear the sirens in the distance nearing and Matt drags Axel into the yard, almost at the pavement. The cops get out of the car and talk to Matt, but my focus lies with Alex. She shuffles on her spot on the floor. After ten minutes or so, I watch the cops haul Axel into the back of their car, and drive off.

“Alex will give a statement in the morning,” Matt declares to all of us. “But I have to go down to the station now and give my statement so I’ll be back in a few hours. Kai, girls, look after her.” He soon hurries off in his car.

“Girls, you should go home. Take my car and I’ll pick it up tomorrow from Madison’s,” I say, wanting to be alone with Alex.

The girls nod their heads, taking my keys from my hand and drive off. I carry a still shaking Alex inside bridal-style and up to her room. I clean up her hands and bandage them well enough for now. Laying her down on her bed and tucking her in, I move to leave.

“Kai?” I hear a soft voice whisper. I turn around to meet her gaze. I edge closer to the bed and hold her bandaged hands. “Stay with me?”

“Of course, beautiful,” I reply, before laying next to her, our faces directly opposite each other.

I move closer so I feel her breath on my face, and I remove a stray hair from her bruised cheek, tucking it behind her ear. Her eyes begin to close slowly, her breathing getting lighter.

“Thank you, Kai,” she says as she falls asleep, her cute little face still and sweet. I want to be with her, to wake up with her in my arms, and go to sleep whispering sweet nothings into her ears.

I am truly pussy-whipped but I don’t care. She’s worth it.

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