The Wilde Ones

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First of many

“Hey, beautiful,” Kai greets as school ends. He offered to take me to the station after school, to answer a few more questions, and it didn’t look like he would take no for an answer. But I need him there with me, to help me stay strong. “We are going on a date afterwards.”

“A date? Where?” My eyes open wide and hopeful at him with a smile. Kai is actually being sweet, taking this slow and wanting to actually know me.

“I know a place. Come on, the sooner we get this done, the sooner we can go,” he says with a smirk and a wink before getting in the car. I follow suit, strapping in.

Matt is stuck at school writing an article for the paper, so at least Kai and I can be alone. I feel bad, going behind his back, but after what happened with Axel, he’d probably never let me date again, especially not Kai. But I have to know what Kai and I have together. I think it’s the real thing.

I hope it's the real thing. My heart can take anymore.

After I’m finished at the station, Kai drives me to a cliff edge and starts leading me into a forest of tightly knit trees.

“Kai? You’re not planning to kill me, are you?” I ask questionably.

He just chuckles, gripping my hand tighter in his, and pulling me further towards the edge. Then, his footsteps cease and he sits me down in the floor as I watch rocks cascade over the cliff.

He takes his basket and lays out an abundance of food, a little picnic. It's a rather cliche date, but I love it. I love the effort he put into it, to impress me.

My eyes shoot up to his, only to see him grinning and I start unwrapping the sandwiches, starving, not having eaten lunch. Groaning at the taste of his food, I notice him shift uncomfortably. Raising my brows at him, he shrugs it off, shuffling closer to me, our shoulders brushing against each other.

Once we finish most of the food, he turns to stare at me.

“What are you looking at, Walker?” I say in a playful tone, giggling at his dazed gaze.

“You. I was right: you do love picking fights,” he counters, smirking at me.

I love the way his lips turn up when he’s amused by me, it’s sexy and charming.

"You should know that by now. You've seen me in plenty of fights and I have won," I state proudly, holding my chin up high to exaggerate.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful,” he breathes out.

“Hence the pet name?” I ask, moving closer to him.

“Yep, exactly,” he replies, his lips almost touching mine.

I move to straddle him, my hands on each side of his face. His hands move to my waist as we begin to kiss passionately, his tongue plunging into my mouth, meeting my own. I moan as little, and I feel his smirk against my lips.

Still keeping our lips locked, he gets up, with my legs hugging his waist and he slams my back against a tree. It doesn’t hurt; it’s just hot. His lips move away from mine, trailing to my jawline, to my neck and sucking at my skin. I can feel his wet tongue at the nape of my neck and intertwine my fingers in his hair.

He moves back up to my lips again, his hip pushing into mine, and pressing me further into the rough bark tree. After a while, we break to catch our breaths and he sets me down. Pulling me into his lap, we look out over the cliff to the hills. I rest my head back on his hard chest and I feel his arms snake around my abdomen.

“What would we tell Matt?” I ask, staring out at the cloudless sky.

“We’ll tell him when we’re ready,” he replies, and we fall into a comfortable silence.

Arriving home, we are just in time before Matt pulls into the drive, slamming his door shut in exhaustion. I fix him something to eat, and put it in front of him when he gets in.

“Lex, thanks,” he murmurs before digging in. “I’m going to sleep now. I’m wiped out. I’ll see you in the morning.” I nod as he trudges to his room and falls on his bed. I close his door, turning out the lights too.

I’m about to enter my own room, when suddenly I’m dragged into Kai’s.

“Kai?” I whisper-yell with a light slam to his arm. “You fucking scared me.” He pulls me into his chest and leads me to his bed, him on top of me. "Matt... he's-"

“Sorry, I can’t help it,” he whispers back, beaming back at me. He begins to move his lips against mine in a slow passionate motion, grinding his hips into mine all the while.

“Kai...” I breathe out, feeling his lips move down my body. Almost at once, he stops, his body tensing like he suddenly remembers where he is and what he is doing.

“If we are going too fast, tell me to stop, I don’t mind. But I want you, tell me if you want me,” he says, seriously. I want him in every possible way.

“I want you,” I manage to get out, before he devours me.

I wake up feeling sore between my legs but a good ache. I suppose I'm not used to consent, or feeling good after sex from the drugs and the hangover. Now, I have a clean mind and it's racing with dirty thoughts of what we did last night.

Kai’s arm clings onto me tightly as he shuffles in his sleep. I peer over the clock to read five in the morning. I turn back over to face Kai, whose eyes are now open, staring back at me, glistening with morning playfulness.

“Morning, beautiful,” he mutters, drawing my body closer to his protectively. I smile at his adorable sleepy face, he nuzzles his nose into my hair, and kisses the top of my forehead.

With Matt still sleeping on a Saturday morning, Kai makes his and my breakfast, pecking my lips as he goes. How are we already like a settled couple? I feel so safe and secure in our relationship and it has just begun.

Once we sit down, he places one hand on my thigh, and runs it up and down my leg. This time, I leave his hand there and smile, chewing down my cereal.

“I slept with you on our first date,” I mutter quietly, smiling to myself.

“Well, technically it was after,” he responds with a smirk. I smirk back at him.

It was good sex. Fuck, it was fucking perfect. Axel was nothing compared to Kai. I think it’s good I can have a comparison, to really know just how amazing Kai is. How caring he is and how much better I feel in the decision of sleepinI think because I’m falling in love with him, it makes it all the more better and hot. I’m falling in love with him.

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