The Wilde Ones

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Mommy Dearest

Both boys laugh as I almost hurl myself off the plane in a dash.

Laugh it up, boys. Fucking assholes. But I love you still, Kai.

At baggage claim, Matt picks me up and threatens to throw me into the conveyor belt if I don’t stop yapping. I curse under my breath as he puts me down and pout, looking over at Kai.

He just chuckles and puts his hand on my lower back without Matt noticing, then slides his hand lower to grope my ass. I squeal a little which makes Matt turns to me, and Kai removes his hand as if it were never there. Still, it's as though Matt is blind to my interactions with Kai. Kai does barely anything to hide it, staring at me with his googly eyes.

Or maybe that's me. I'm the lovesick one. Does he love me back?

Wallowing in self pity as I trail behind Kai and Matt, I can't help but watch Kai's ass.

It's a hell of an ass. I need help. I'm falling too hard for him.

A car comes to collect up, I ask why, and the man replies, “I am their driver, of course.” Of course. Of course they have a driver. I would expect nothing less.

I glance over at Kai with a 'pissed off' expression, tongue pressing against my cheek. He reaches for me as Matt is busy helping the driver put the bags into the car.

"Kai..." I whisper, warning him.

"I'll protect you, beautiful. Always," he states, pecking my cheek discreetly before moving away.

Approaching the mansion I’m guessing is their house, I hold my breath in anticipation and also hold back the roll of my eyes. A beautiful, well-kept couple exit the house holding hands, followed by a little boy, an older girl, and an even older guy. The guy looks to be Matt’s age or a little younger but older than me.

One half of the couple is our mother, who wears the widest grin I’ve ever seen as we all step out of the car. She lets go of Jackson, I guess, and hurtles over to us, hugging me with a fierce grip and then Matt. She drags us over to the rest of the family, Jackson greeting us with a welcoming smile, the little boy jumping up and down, the girl smiling sweetly and the older boy just glaring at us all, his eyes stopping at me for a while before rolling his eyes.

Great. Another grumpy boy. The amount of testosterone in the house will suffocate me. I can tell by the way Kai glares back at the boy for rolling his eyes at me. He's so sweet...

“Welcome! Darling, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you. Wow, you’ve really grown,” my mom exclaims and I hear a scoff from the older boy. Jackson scolds him and turns to me.

“Hello, you must be Alexandria, I’m Jackson, you can call me Jack. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he says, holding out his hand. I shake it politely, taking in first impressions of him. I think I like him, I think he is a good man and treats my mom well. “And you,” he declares, turning to Matt, who finishes greeting our mom, “must be Matthew.” And he holds out his hand again which Matt shakes.

Jack’s attention then falls on Kai.

“This is Kai, my best friend. He lives with us in LA,” Matt explains to our mom and Jack’s. Their lips make ‘oh’s and then smiles, shaking Kai’s hand.

“We have plenty of room,” Jack remarks, “and these are my children from a previous marriage.” He turns to his children and gives them a look.

“I’m Tommy. I love planes,” the little boy announces. He wears a little pilot costume so it all tracks. I hold back a giggle and smile widely at him which he reciprocates.

“Lisa,” the older girl says bluntly.

The older boy sighs and says, “I’m Scott.” He looks at me with a bored stare.

“Okay, well, it's so nice to meet you all. We're family after all,” I reply politely. I don't know if I can keep up this sickly sweet facade. It's just so that my mom will definitely pay for Matt's tuition. This trip must go relatively well.

"Scott's a junior and Lisa's a freshman so you'll all have the fact that you go to high school in common. I really hope you'll get along," Jack explains with a warm smile, hugging my mom to his waist.

“Brilliant! You’re going to love staying here!” my mom cries as they all usher us inside.

“Scott, Lisa, can you show Alex her room? She’s staying over your side of the house. Matt and Kai, follow me and I’ll show you to your rooms on the other side,” Jackson orders. I frown at the fact Kai and I are in different sides of the house, but it’s just a week.

We share a passing look and I pout at him. He winks with a devious smirk, and I know I'm in for trouble. We just have to be careful.

I follow Scott and Lisa up the stairs and we pass endless rooms. How rich is this guy? Who does he defend? Rich criminals? Mafia bosses?

“You live in LA, that’s cool,” Lisa comments, smiling at me.

“Yeah, I moved there for my sophomore year this year from Arizona,” I reply, trying to be polite.

“You’re not a junior?” Scott asks, with a hard look on his face. His face is a permanent scowl.

“No,” I counter.

“When you start high school in the new year, I’m going to be made to help you because your brother won’t be there,” he whines.

“I’m not moving,” I state forcefully, stopping in my tracks.

“My dad and your mom were talking about it,” he retorts. I didn’t tell them about dad; I want to keep living with Matt and Kai after all. I made sure neither of them brought him up either.

“Well, I’m not,” I say more calmly, trying to gain composure. “What do you two do around here?” I ask, changing the subject.

“I do swimming and horse riding,” Lisa declares and I raise my eyebrows. I didn’t know anyone who actually did horse riding. “Scott’s too cool to do anything,” she says viciously. I scoff.

“So you’re one of those types,” I mutter and Lisa giggles.

“What do you do?” she asks.

“I’m head cheerleader.” And Scott scoffs at this.

“So you’re one of those types,” he comments, throwing my words back at me. I laugh, which throws him off.

“I am actually. The blonde preppy cheerleader. I should just update my status to basic bitch right now,” I say, laughing at myself.

I’m insulting myself so he doesn’t have to do it and he can’t even be bothered to laugh with me. All he does is scowl, whilst equally looking confused.

“Here is your room,” Scott grits and storms away.

“Don’t worry about him. I think he likes you,” Lisa laughs, wiggling her eyebrows. I laugh with her as she leaves.

I am not staying here, no matter what. I like living with Kai and Matt, not just because it’s with my incredibly hot boyfriend who I enjoy fucking and cuddling with in secret. I get freedom over there, and a chance to live life independently. I am not moving.

Being called down by my mom for dinner, I take a seat at the massive table, which has eight plate settings. Kai sits next to me when he comes, followed by Matt sitting next to Kai. Jackson sits next to Matt at the head of the table, with my mom next him on the other side. Lisa sits next to my mom and Scott who is facing me. And Tommy sits on the other side of me and Scott.

One big happy family... or not.
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