The Wilde Ones

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You Asshole


Fuck. It’s so hard to not be with her all the time. She's so fucking addictive. And when she said those three magic words, I knew she was it for me, the one. I’ve never loved anyone like I love her; it kind of scares me. In a good way.

When Matt said she could live with me, in that moment I knew he trusted me with his sister. And he is wrong to. I would never hurt her, but I am fucking her. I’m betraying his trust. But I love her.

We’ll have to tell him soon. We just have to find the right time. I knew that when we both said ‘I love you’ that means we are both ready to tell him. But tell him how?

After Axel, he’s particularly protective of Alex. Not to mention I’m his best friend. I text her that I’m coming to her room after a shower, and she texts me back saying, ‘good, bout time’.

That's my girl. She really is. I'm so fucking lucky.

I throw on my sweats after my shower and head out and over to her side of the house. Sneaking around is so much more difficult since there are more people here. I wish her room was closer to mine.

I lightly knock on her door, as not to disturb anyone else, and her petite figure yanks me into the room, carefully shutting the door behind me. I grab her face and start kissing, moving my arms to slide up and down her little body.

She jumps up, wrapping her legs around my waist and pulling into me. I then throw her onto the bed and start removing clothing. I undo her shirt and rip off her skirt as she takes my sweats off, our bodies almost bare. I kiss her all the while and leaving a trail of kisses down her body, getting lower and lower.

She means everything to me. I hope Matt will see that when we tell him. I will do anything to protect her. Truly.

I wake up with her in my arms, still left smiling from our night. She wiggles restlessly and moans a little, which turns me on. Her piercing blue eyes begin to open and she smiles sleepily as she glances up at me.

“Hi,” she says softly. She turns to look at the clock, then back at me. “It’s four. No one will be up. We should get some breakfast together.” I nod, sitting both her and me up.

She rolls off the bed and I can’t help staring at her perfect little ass as she glides to her closet. She picks out a tank top and jean shorts and holds them up to me. I grin at her, and she takes that as ‘hot’.

She told me Axel used to control what she wore, every single item of it. She's sort of in the habit but it's now to get my opinion. I tell her every time that I don't care what she wears. She would look fucking hot in a burlap sack.

I watch her slide her clothes over her curves and crawl back on the bed. I put my sweats back on and swing her body over my shoulder. She squeals a little, trying to not wake everyone up and when I put her down, she playfully whacks my arm and walks out of her room.

I follow like a lost puppy. Her lost puppy. She owns my heart now.

I start making her breakfast, making eggs and avocado on toast for us both. Her mom’s family has expensive taste in food. It was not my idea.

They all seem nice, and I think Alex is getting along with them pretty well. Lisa is constantly smiling at me, flipping her hair and batting her lashes. But I have a girl already. And Lisa is way too young for me. Alex is only a year older but she's mature for her age. And legal.

Placing the breakfast in front of Alex, I peck her lips before getting my own plate and sitting opposite her on the counter. We play footsie while eating, her giggling making me want to do again what we did last night. I could never get tired of hearing her laugh. She's so adorable, in a hot and seductive way. She doesn't even try.

After finishing breakfast, we watch a movie on the couch, her perched in my lap as we watch. When it is six o’clock, we hear movement in the house, and decide to keep a little distance just in case. The rest of the family gather for breakfast, and we sit with them.

“Why have you two eaten breakfast?” Caroline, Alex and Matt’s mom, comments.

“Kai helps me bring up dad when he’s passed out on the floor. We’re used to waking up early,” Alex answers, smiling at me before dropping her eyes to be more discreet.

“Maybe it’s because they kept each other up,” Scott mutters, and everyone looks to him.

I see Alex suddenly grow nervous and I become tense. Shit, this is not the way for Matt to find out. Not now. I just hope Scott doesn't know what he's talking about.

“What?” Matt questions. Shit, shit, shit.

“They’re a thing, right?” Scott says, confused at why everyone is so shocked.

“No, why would you think that?” Matt almost yells.

“They’re always the first ones up. I saw them kissing yesterday and he came to her room last night. I’m pretty sure I heard a few noises I didn’t want to hear,” Scott replies, that fucking asshole, and everyone look to us.

Fuck. Time to come clean, I guess.

“You and my fucking sister?!” Matt yells, and Jackson tells Lisa to take Tommy out the room.

Matt gets up, as do Alex and I and we both back away from him cautiously. I shield Alex with my arm, moving around the table. He wants to kill me. I'm sure of it. And Alex will never see light again if he had his way, keeping her in his over-protective cage so she is completely safe.

“Matt, we were going to tell you,” Alex pleads but Matt’s fury looks deadly.

“You,” he yells, pointing at me, “are fucking my sister.” This is not how we wanted it to go.

As he steps closer to us, I nudge Alex back and take a step forward to take the blow to the head from Matt. Jackson restrains him, locking Matt’s arm behind him. I feel the blood gushing from my nose but the punch isn’t strong enough to take me down.

Alex rushes to my side. I see her blue eyes overflowing with hurt and sadness and rage. She holds my face in one hand and examines the damage with the other. I sense she’s about to swing at Matt so I hold her back, lifting her off the floor and over my shoulder.

“Lex, calm down,” I whisper to her when I put her down in the corner. Everyone in here witnesses her attempt to hit Matt, and they fear she’ll try again.

“He hurt you,” she growls, staring daggers at Matt, blinded by her anger, all she sees is red.

“Beautiful, look at me.” Her glossy sky blue eyes snap to me, and instantly, I see her relax a little. “I’m fine, he deserved to take a swing at me. I love you, Lex. Calm down, please.” And she moves to hug me, clutching onto my waist as I put my arms around her petite body.

She breathes, composing herself and turns to face Matt. Matt storms out the room, muttering that he needed to go out.

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