The Wilde Ones

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Forgive Us


Matt will never forgive us again. I knew that when I knew we would be something. But he was out of line.

I understand he's upset, but he should think rationally. I love my brother, he's the best thing that could have happened to me. I went to live with him, and I could finally get back to being myself and living healthily.

"Alex," my mom says, looking at me sternly. "I would like to have a word."

My mom ushers me away from Kai's embrace and out of the room. Kai had taken me to my room to calm down, and we sat there with me crying in his lap. I hate breaking down, I promised myself I wouldn't do it, but the look in Matt's eyes, it sent chills right to my core. I felt pure fear in that moment that he would never talk to me again.

I send a little smile at him from over my shoulder and allow myself to be dragged to another room. What is this about? And just need Kai right now.

"What the hell were you thinking? He's two years older than you, and your brother's best friend. Haven't you learnt your lesson already?" she yells at me and I'm taken aback. She is being way too harsh and has no right to judge me.

"You don't know me, and you don't know Kai. It is none of your business whether we are together, and if you can't accept that, I don't think we can have a relationship at all," I rant, my eyes fixed on hers. "I'm in love with him, mom." Her expression changes from hard to contemplating, a look that held hope of our future relationship.

"You're young, sweetheart. I don't want to see you alienate your brother over a boy you barely know." I begin to interrupt but she stops me. "Anyway, it doesn't matter now, you're living with us."

"No, I'm not," I state firmly, which only makes her expression hard again.

"Matt will now go for the idea, to keep you away from Kai, and you're 16, technically I'm your legal guardian, one of them, and you are staying here." I feel my anger rising to new heights, a feeling I've been dreading. I've never seen so much red before; I work to calm myself down from it.

"I'm not staying here. I'm going back with Matt and Kai to California and I'm going to be with Kai," I state even firmer, the heat in my body fueling my need to punch something, to let it all go. "I'm talking to Matt about this."

"You're welcome to. He's in the garden. I've already spoken to him, and he agrees that this is the best place for you," she replies, and ignoring her, I storm out of the room, seething.

Fuck, I would have punched her right then, but I held it in. I can't lose control.

I find Matt in the garden as she said, perched on an ancient wooden bench, his head in his hands. Hearing my footsteps, he looks up and scoffs. Cocking his head, he stares at me intensely, and I see the hurt and betrayal in his eyes.

Hesitantly, I move to sit next to him, a little on edge for fear of what he might do. His temper isn't quite like mine, but he can be aggressive when he wants to.

"I'm sorry you found out like that," I begin, but pause to find the right words.

"Oh no, you were just gonna continue sneaking around behind my back. I can't believe you are that stupid. I mean, after Axel, I thought you would be wiser but you chose him," Matt starts to yell, and it is clear he would only become more agitated.

This conversation needs to happen though.

"Matt, I love him." At this, he scoffs again, this time turning into a snort. He shakes his head, chuckling in a nasty way.

"You don't fucking know him, Lex. Not like I do. He was my best friend. He lived with me for a while before you got there. He brought back tons of girls. It's funny, ever since you came, I wondered why he didn't anymore. I guess I know why, probably fucks them out of the house," Matt replies, still chuckling in the same way.

I look over at him, sending a look of pure disgust. How dare he suggest something like that? Kai wouldn't cheat on me; I know him too well.

"Well, I can see you can't be reasoned with right now, but I'm not staying here, let's get that straight," I state firmly, rubbing my eyes to destroy the tears that threatened to fall.

"You're staying. It's for the best. Clearly I don't know what's happening with you at home, and therefore, I'm not the best person for you to live with. With a house full of family, they'll surely keep an eye on you," Matt responds, a wicked look on his face.

I have never seen Matt so spiteful before. It almost scared me. I didn't know he could be like this.

"Matt, you can't do this. Fuck, it'll be like living with Axel again, no freedom." He gives me a look which reads 'I don't give a fuck anymore' and then he sulks away, leaving our conversation unfinished.

But I guess it was finished because by the time I got back inside, Matt had packed his bags and was calling Kai down for his bags.

"What the fuck?" I shout as the family gather in the foyer.

"Language, young lady," my mom scolds me, but I completely ignore her, focusing on Matt and his suitcases.

"I'm not fucking leaving without her," Kai cries, coming over to me and wrapping his arms around my waist to hold me tight against his chest. I feel a little safer in his arms, but it's short-lived when Matt yanks his arms away from my body.

"Then you're stuck. You have to graduate, you even have a scholarship waiting for you in California, and that fight that could win a ton of money and set you up for your future. On the other hand, you can stay here, finish up at a high school you don't know, you'd have to find a place near your precious little girlfriend as you won't be welcome in this house. I'm certain my mom will make sure of that, and you'll be unhappy. I would say it is a no-brainer, Kai, but the decision is yours, I guess," Matt explains, a wicked smile tugging at his lips.
Kai just walks back over to me, and kisses me on the forehead.
"I'm staying," Kai declares for everyone to hear.
"No, he's not," I state, making his eyes meet mine. "You're going back, you have to. I love you, I'll wait for you." His eyebrows furrow and I watch this go round in his head.
"I love you too, I can't just leave you."
"Kai, I'm fine, I guess. It's just two years, less even, then I'll leave, finish out my senior year back in California when I can't be controlled anymore," I say, sending a disgusted look over my shoulder to my mom and Matt.
I begin to kiss him with passion, making sure Matt definitely notices what we have. I kiss him as though it'll never happen again, even though I know that we are meant to be together.
And Kai kisses me like he never wants to leave my side, like he never wants the kiss to end. And it almost breaks my heart. Almost. Almost until he utters, "I'll wait a hundred years for you. I can wait less than two years."
He pulls away from me and collects his bags. Matt gives me a horrible smirk and leaves with Kai. A tear escapes and I try to rein in others, but a few more slip out, wetting my cheeks.
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