The Wilde Ones

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Typical Bad Girl


It has been mandated that I attend school with my so-called siblings by Jackson and Caroline. Thus, I am going to raise hell in this school, much like in Arizona. Yet, as a reformed bad girl, reverting back would be difficult without losing myself.

I indeed own a leather jacket, bought for me by Axel early on in our relationship. He wanted me to wear it to flirt with some guy who was really into bikes. I also learned how to ride a bike with Axel. Typical bad boy and his girlfriend. At least I can find some silver lining within the shit-storm of it all.

I dress in my leather jacket, tight white top and grey jean shorts, frayed at the edges. I'm inclined to wear fishnet tights but decide they are too much for my first day.

I am going to paint a picture, create the image of a bad girl, excluding the part where I'm actually the real deal. Skipping out of my house, I head to the garage, spotting Scott polishing his baby. He treats that fucking bike like it's the most important thing in his life. Good for me, I guess.

"Scott," I declare, making him aware of my presence. He gasps a little at the sight of me, before pacing his breathing. However his eyes are still intensely fixed on me.

"Alex, you look... d-different," he states, stammering before trying to man up and look tough. Understandable. I looked like the preppy cheerleader girl when I arrived and now I appear the complete opposite.

I just smile sweetly and make my way over to his precious bike. I peer over at the workshop desk, catching sight of the keys, and then avert my gaze back to my stepbrother.

"Well, I wanted to go back to my old self, make a change, you know? Anyway, I was wondering if you'd show me around school today, point out the people worth knowing, show me classes, that sort of thing, cool?" I ask, although in an irritated tone.

I want to convey my complete dislike of him without saying the words again. I also want him to know that anything I ask of him is obligatory.

"Y-yeah, sure, I guess," he replies.

I'm unsure why he's so nervous, until I notice the blood stains on my jacket. From up close, you can see them as clear as day. The guy Axel wanted me to flirt with actually tried to hook up with me, trying to undo my jeans when Axel stepped in, beating the shit out of the guy, his blood splattered everywhere.

"You know what, I would appreciate it if you could lend me the book you're reading for English, Caroline is putting me in advanced lit, so I'm in your classes. You mind getting it?" I inquire sweetly, but my tone consists of clear venom.

He hears the underlying hiss in my voice and nods, scurrying off to get the book. I knew, even with this new fear of me, he would never let me on his bike. So, I'm just going to take it. The new Alex doesn't care about things that are important to others. She takes what she wants.

Snatching the keys from the table, I hop onto the bike, and start the engine, hearing a delectable purr. Zooming off, I head in the direction of the school, feeling the wind through my hair, the breeze hitting my cheeks with force, giving a refreshing sense to my body.

I finally manage to reach the school, after giving Scott's bike more of a spin than the school journey. I'm not going to be early on my first day. I don't want to give the impression I am some sort of perfect angel who has a rebel dress sense to fit in. I have to convince people I am who I say I am.

I just have to remember the old me, the one that didn't give a shit. It's difficult without the booze and drugs poisoning my mind. It was them that made my decisions before; I now just have to think like that, recklessly.

Rolling into the parking lot, I see many of the students stare at me disembarking, jocks lounging around their cars in a huddle, girls gossiping by the steps of the school, loners sitting on benches reading books solitary. The typical high school life.

I have seen this picture before many times in my life now. Three fucking times now. I've only been in high school less than two years.

I come in as another cliche. I guess I'm a walking cliche though, always have been. The blonde preppy cheerleader, to the rebellious blonde motorcycle-riding bad girl. Cliche upon cliche.

I scroll through my phone, unaware of my surroundings and text Kai. We have been texting non-stop since he left, although Matt has been scolding him for it. But Matt can't stop us.

Kai tells me I was missed at school last week, and when everyone was told I wasn't coming back, the girls on the team were in uproar, the boys on the football team were distraught.

I wanted Kai to tell them all it was because of Matt, but Kai wasn't spiteful like me. Kai let out his aggression in his fights, now preparing to go up against Reign in a few weeks.

I am so engrossed in my phone and Kai, that I forget where I am and surprised when I'm pushed back into my bike, well Scott's bike.

A little disorientated, I gaze up from my phone to find Scott himself, his face scrunched up like he's about to explode, face glowing red with rage and in need of revenge. I smirk at him, only deepening the rouge color in his cheeks.

"The fuck is wrong with you?" he growls at me, but it doesn't phase me in the slightest. I notice a crowd gathering around us, watching the new girl and the wannabe bad boy go at it.

"Fuck, you need to fucking chill. Your bike's fine. I did think about crashing just to get at you, but I appreciate the bike too much to do that. Anyway, I thought I should start light on the revenge before I go deeper on you," I explain, throwing the keys to his bike at him, and charging through the doors of the school, ignoring all the glares I feel on me, and the whispers in the corridors.

Just a typical high school.

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