The Wilde Ones

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Axel 2.0?

“What did Trevor say to you?” Scott questions when Trevor had finally left the table.

Trevor possesses a surprising resemblance to Axel that sort of makes my stomach twist, but I don’t feel disgusted by. Of course, I am going to keep my distance; I guess it is something about those types of guys that I’m drawn to. The bad boys. Even as a cheerleader.

“None of your business,” I hiss at him, flipping him off and ignoring him.

After finishing afternoon classes, I head to my locker, to see Trevor standing by it. And since Trevor is standing by it, everyone else seems to be backing away, turning on their heels and strolling in another direction or the other side of the hall.

“Stalking me now?” I retort, smirking at him.

“I’m just waiting for my girl,” he replies and I roll my eyes at him.

“Not your girl,” I state firmly, nudging him out of the way to reach my locker.

He chuckles darkly before saying, “right, you have a boyfriend. A fighter no less. What a coincidence.” I look at him accusingly, and he narrows his eyes at me.

“You think I’m lying? Why would I lie?”

“Because your boyfriend happens to be a fighter after I tell you I am, perhaps to scare me a little. If you do have a boyfriend, he’s probably some jock. Friends with your brother? Your cover story sounds cliche. What year is he in?”


“Exactly. My age, a fighter, you’re probably gonna say the best just to scare me a little.”

I cock my head to the side, wondering why he had thought about this so much in depth. He’s even beginning to sound like how Axel did at the start, jealous of every other guy and obsessed over what I would say to him, whether I was lying, wanting to know everything about me to control me.

But I don’t want to back away from Trevor, which scares me. I definitely never loved Axel, but that didn’t stop me feeling something for him, a strange connection. Trevor and I have the same thing, but this time, instead of changing me into a match for him, I am an equal already.

By the time we were near the end, Axel had made me strong, a real bitch, also constantly high and drunk, but he actually helped me. Thanks to him, I am no longer naive and innocent. I can recognize bad guys, and know not to become too invested. But nothing can stop me from hanging with Trevor. He is good for my rebellion too, even just looking at him, you can tell he’s a bad influence on anyone, even the devil himself.

“What’s his name?”

“Kai. And we are very happy together as he is real.”

He continues to stare at me with curiosity and suspicion but as I walk, he walks with me. Once we get outside, I realize my ride was Scott’s bike, and now I don’t have anything.

“So... I kinda stole Scott’s bike this morning and drove that to school. But, I’m without a ride now...”

He looks at me with mischief in his eyes and smirks, leading me over to his car. He opens the passenger side for me to slide in, and then gets in himself, not bothering with a seat-belt. I roll my eyes as I put my own on and he peers over at me.

“You may be, but I am not suicidal. Not doing your seat-belt is just plain idiotic. Plus, you also seem like the type to drive like a maniac,” I exclaim.

Axel always did drive like we weren’t really in the car and it was just one of those simulated games.

To my surprise, Trevor puts his seat-belt on, starts the car and drives out of the lot.

“I’m a good fucking driver,” he mutters and I smirk as he continues to watch his speed because of my words.

I wasn’t used to people doing what I said. Axel was always giving the orders, Matt constantly talked down to me, and Kai, he treats me like we’re on the same level, until he bosses me around when he thinks I’m doing something crazy. Honestly, I don’t mind being bossed around a bit sometimes, as Kai does, but there is a balance, I don’t think Axel ever understood that.

“Do you know where you’re going?”

“If you’re living with Scott, then yes,” he replies.

I keep silent for the rest of the drive, feeling his eyes flicker to me from time to time.

After a while, we come to a stop outside my ‘home’ and I can spot Caroline peaking through the windows at us. I smirk before turning back to Trevor, whose looking at me lazily. He nods and I say goodbye before he drives away, saying he’ll pick me up at eight for the fight.

Going inside, I throw my jacket on a chair and stroll into the kitchen, where Caroline awaits with suspicion in her eyes.

“Kai’s been gone for two minutes. That Trevor is bad news. He hangs out with Scott. I don’t want you around him,” she declares. Just at that moment, Scott walks in, reaching in the fridge for some bread. “Your sister got out of Trevor’s car just now. I asked you to keep an eye on her.”

“She stole my bike this morning. It’s not my fault she didn’t have a ride,” he states, looking over at me.

Fuck, in this moment, I want to wring his neck. The anger is bubbling inside of me. It hadn’t yet exploded because of my newfound outlet of being bad. Energy went into that. In truth, I am the preppy blonde cheerleader, not the rebellious bad girl. Well I could be both, I had proven that before, but I want to be good. Bad is a challenge, and for me, a good challenge.

“You stole his bike?” Caroline screeches accusingly. I just groan, flipping her off. “When did you learn to ride a bike?”

“Axel,” I state curtly and her expression changes at the mention of him. I didn’t blame her for what happened, but I knew she did when I told her, and that is something I can use.

“That jacket? Why does it have blood on it?” Scott asks. Caroline’s eyebrows raise in surprise.

“Well, Axel, again. He rearranged some guy’s face. We were in some messed up shit.”

My response made them both tense for different reasons. Caroline because of Axel, and Scott because he is scared of me a little.

Then, I think it will be interesting to mess with them, make them more wary of me, so I say, “actually, come to think of it, it could be Aiden’s blood. The guy tried coming onto me, and I have an insane temper, so I was actually rearranging his face. I was wearing that jacket. And when I beat the shit out of Axel when we broke up. He had just punched me, and I was so angry, I started pummeling his face until every inch of it was stained red with his blood. So it could be Axel’s blood.”

I could be Axel’s blood to be honest, he had gotten me the jacket so I wore it out and I wore it when I was beating him up too. Their faces look stunned into silence and I chuckle to myself, taking an apple from the fruit bowl and heading to my room.

I need to get ready for this fight, I plan to do some fighting myself while I’m there.

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